Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Agenda

Typical Saturday house tidying...

Sewing lotsa binding strips together....

for these!

Use those frozen bananas.....banana cake in our future today!

Cut and finish the edges of a VERY LARGE piece of linen for a new project start.

How do YOU finish the edges of your linen? Serge? Zig Zag? Tape? Pinking shears? Inquiring minds wanna know because this will be a long project and I don't want the edges fraying on me!

Some butt time in my future today....the magazines are rolling in the door and I haven't had a chance to look at them! Time to edit the stack!

Need to make a dent in the Blackbird Designs baskets trimming....

AND get spend some quality time with Ann Rayner!

Not necessarily in this order! ;o) What's on YOUR agenda for the day? Hope you have a great Saturday!



KsMaryLou said...

Ooooooh that teal fabric is gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

I zig-zag my fabric for cross stitching, especially helpful with smaller pieces where every little bit of extra fabric is needed for framing. Also by zig-zagging the edges I don't have those little bits of linen ending up every where and making a mess.

We get to put sealer on our new driveway this morning, if the sun comes out and dries things out that is. Fun, huh?!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Holy Cow!!! You can do all this in one day?

Melissa said...

I zigzag my fabric. What is the new start going to be?

Catherine G. said...

Wow! All that in one day is great! Inquiring minds want to know what the new start is!

Deb said...

Whoa Kim, you're making my head spin with that agenda! But what great things to do - with the exception of the dishes, of course.

I prefer my linen untouched by anything since I work on a scroll frame, but if I was working in a hoop or in hand, serging would be the binding method of choice.

BTW, what is the new stitching start going to be???

Kathie said...

incentive to clean the house so you can sew and read the rest of the day, sounds like a plan!
ok so whats the book about from the fine arts musuem of san franciso...looks like a quilt on the cover..

Ellen said...

If my machine were working, I woudl zigzag, but since it isn't working, I whip stitch over the edges.

Littlebit said... know you were lazy and went to Panera. LOLLLLLLLL! I am anxious to hear what you will be doing with that piece of linen..don't we have an overlock stitch on our machine? That's what I use, if anything at all. Since I don't use a hoop or scrolls or anything, I hate it when those long thread of linen creeps out of the main fabric and I have to stop what I'm doing and cut it off..MM