Thursday, October 08, 2009

Another Thrifty Thursday!

I'm so glad it's Thursday! And of course that means time for another Thrifty Thursday post!

Yesterday...after work....I decided to stop off at a local G'Willy's on the way know, so I have good blog fodder for Thursday! ;o)

I did spend a little over my normal $10....I think it was $12.72 this time. But I think once you see what put me over the norm, you'll understand why I was a 'big spender'! ha!

Some great finds this week! I LOVE that red glass vase! Two buckaroos! I LOVE it. I think it might be my new knitting needle holder! and the right...great picture frame! 75 cents! It's wood and I LOVE that molding pattern! Of course I will most likely paint it black...I'm thinking maybe once I stitch Ida Mae Crow she might look pretty darn good in that! I hope she will fit!

I loved the Johnson Brothers blue & white china was a little spendy at $1.50 but I was in the mood, so what the heck! And do you see those two caYUTE little cups? Japanese pottery pieces....and they were $1.00 each. I was just going to get one, but decided to go ahead and get both that they had. Because.....look!

Not a matched set...but isn't it just comical how these pieces all blend! All Japanese pottery! The two cups on the left I picked up on an earlier jaunt..the goblet I picked up in Omaha with Paulette..and now yesterday these other two were added to the collection!

So I know you're doing the math right now....thinking what the heck. Well...these items are all sitting on top of this!

The FIND of the week! Heck..of the month for certain!!! I know, you're thinking 'wow yeah cute dresser', and you would be correct! It's a lovely dresser! Solid heavy maple. Some wear on the top, but oh well! Ready--here's the story that goes with the dresser. I'll try to be brief. ;o)

So yesterday I pull up to a local G'Willy's and outside sits this dresser. I walk price on it. I walk inside..."Excuse me, can you tell me how much the little dresser is out front?" and the friendly worker says "There's a price tag on it." I say that no, there is no price tag on it. I checked and couldn't find one. She says "Well there should be a price tag on it." I again say there isn't. She stares at me blankly. I suggest that perhaps someone is shopping within the store and THEY have the price tag because they're going to buy the dresser. She agrees this is a possibility. I go about my business and begin my treasure hunt.

When I'm finished and checking out, I ask the gal if anyone had come through to purchase the dresser. She says no. Stares at me blankly again. I look back at her...willing her to have an idea. And walaaaah! She says " you want me to go in the back and check to see how much it is?" and I say "Oh yes! That would be great if you would do that!" She leaves. She returns. She says "Well...the manager says if you take it TONIGHT you can have it for $5 because there's a drawer missing." I look at her a little befuddled and said I didn't think there was a drawer missing. She shrugs and says "That's what the manager says" I excuse myself...walk back outside...look again at the dresser...all the drawers are there and accounted for. I return to the counter and said "Well I'll certainly take it for $5." The gal says "Is there a drawer missing?" I honestly say no..all the drawers are in and accounted for. She says "Are you going to take it TONIGHT?" and I said I would take it right this very minute. She shrugs and rings up the $5 sale. I am SHAKING at this point as I go to pay....a little over $12 for my treasures.

I'm shaking because...when I spied the dresser to begin with, I checked to see how well the drawers open, and I was greeted by this beautiful sight...

Can you believe it!? Solid maple Ethan Allen dresser! Five BUCKS! SCORE! I am practically skipping out of the store when the manager comes out and asks "Did that person take that dresser?" and the gal points in my direction and says "She did". The manager follows me out...stops and stares at the dresser...with all the drawers. She shrugged (she was on her way to her car) and said " got a deal. When the people dropped it off, it didn't have that top drawer. (ahem..the one with the Ethan Allen mark!) They must have come back and dropped the drawer off." I assured her I am a frequent shopper and appreciate the deal and that I would shop lots and often. She laughed and said "Please do". And I was smiling like the cat that swallowed the canary!

With the assistance of two non-English speaking store patrons, the dresser was loaded after some motioning and 'si' 'gracias' etc and I was on my way! Happy as a lark!

Of course with the husband out of town yesterday, my oldest son stopped over to unload it from my vehicle and bring it inside. And of course he just had to ask "Where are you going to put THIS?" and I just laughed and said I had no idea...but for FIVE DOLLARS I will find a place!



Terri(TerriBoog) said...

WoW! Great story, Kim and indeed, the find of the month if not longer! Way to go, you! It's a beautiful, little dresser and I can't wait to hear how you use it.

Littlebit said...

Oh Kim..I'm sick..I'll buy it from you for double and pick it up? LOLLLLLLLLLL! LOVE IT! I'm SO GREEN! MM

Anonymous said...

You have the best thrift finds ever!!

That is an amazing dresser!!! I would have taken it home too!!


Chris said...

Wowzers!!! WAY TO GO, I'm SO proud of you!!! :) I personally think the little dresser would look great in black ....... Enjoy!

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

I'm sooo glad you got that awesome find, Kimber. You really deserve it....and need it for all your quilting fabs. Hugs, Deb

Kathleen said...

Fantastic finds and the story is priceless! Are the staff paid workers I wonder?

I ask as my husband manages a charity store here and he studies up on antiques etc in his free know so the charity will get the right price for the donated item....quaint idea I know!

One day his store was VERY quiet so he asked his staff one by one if they would like to go up to our local Westfield...mega have a coffee and check out designer prices for the shop...and they all refused!!! You could not pay them to do the research....ooh I feel a blog post coming on...thanks Kim!

Off to google Ethan Allen now!!

Catherine G. said...

What a great find!! I wish I could find a store like that around me!

Margaret said...

Ok, I think that may be the deal of the century! Ok, maybe decade. lol! But still! Wow! We don't have shops like that around us. Or maybe we do and I just haven't looked. :D I just know my friend in RI has shops like that -- that have nice furniture for good prices. Not good prices like that though! I'm still reeling!

Deb said...

Holy canoli Kim, what a score you got on that dresser! I'd be shaking in boots with excitement if I managed a score like that. All your finds are great - love those cups - but the dresser is the best! I think I need to go thrift shopping with you!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

I'm sure you've seen the emails "They Walk Among Us" ~ this proves they truly do!! We all deserve a bargain once in a while to make up for the things for which we've overpaid!!!!!!!! Yesterday was your turn!!! We have a new Volunteers of America store that opened yesterday ~ I'm making a stop today!!

Loraine said...

Deal of the year I would say! Love all the finds that you found this week. Have fun with that!

Anonymous said...

well, you can at least save it for when one of the kids moves out and needs a dresser- make em pay ya $5!

Deb said...

What an amazing haul! Nice dresser - but I'm very partial to the frame - I even love the colour!

Jennifer said...

You are the luckiest girl!! OOOH that dresser is beautiful.
Good deal!

My fave of your collections is that blue and white dish, I love blue and white china.....but I"m married to a Dutchman.......LOL
Feathers in the Nest

Cari said...

WHOO --- FREEKING --- HOO!! LOL - You go girl. FAB dresser. Don't you love it?? Have a great weekend!!

Charlene said...

Great find! Congrats. Love the frame and cups, too!