Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat? I tricked myself, first off......I had every intention all week of setting out on the road bright and early for the big AQS quilt show in Des Moines today...the last day of the show. Just a mere 4 1/2 hour friend, Kelly, and I were gonna do a road trip. I was excited about it...until yesterday afternoon when the stress of the work week caught up with me and I was feeling fatigued...and...well...pooped. And come to find out Kelly was feeling the same way. So we decided we really weren't that excited about such a road trip all in a day and passed on going. Never in a million gazillion years did I think I would pass up the opportunity to attend such a great show....but honestly I am just tired. Obviously! We still got together today and enjoyed a long leisurely lunch at Panera and caught up on things...always nice catching up with a good friend! And yet we're not dealing with road fatigue! AND my wallet's not as light as it would have been had I gone to the show, since I have absolutely NO restraint when it comes to quilt show vendors! It's all good!

We had one little trick or treater this evening....a cute little a pink hooded sweater with little red devil ears. I didn't want to frighten her by asking if I could take her picture, but trust me...she was cute. Seems each year we get less and less knocks on the door, but there's only 3 houses on our the kids would rather get out in a neighborhood where they can hit up lots of houses. That just means we have some Milky Way and 3 Musketeers snack size candy bars to snack on now! Perfect with a cuppa afternoon java tomorrow! ;o)

This evening I got two more little Trick or Treat baskets appliqued. It really is pretty mindless applique! Though mine don't really look trick-or-treatish...I'm thinking I'll like this quilt when it's done!

I'm also thinking I need to sequester off part of a wall in the quilt studio for a design wall so I can start putting these little buggers up and admiring them from afar.

Especially as I get more done...since there are so many different scrappy fabrics...will be fun to play around with their placement!

I hope you were visited by only cute, good little goblins today!! Until next time...


Friday, October 30, 2009

The Frog Has Been Eaten...

Yes...the giant frog of a quilt has been bound...

This is one of the largest quilts I have made....

It fits the bed like a bedspread pretty much, instead of a comforter. I wanted to really see a LOT of that lovely exotic Japanese print...which was the springboard for the quilt. I love the color!

And now can move another binding job. Two more to go!

And LOOK what's on deck! FINALLY!!! French General Rouenneries orders are arriving!! I'm giddy!

THIS is a gorgeous kit! AND it comes in that fabbo bag! I love it! Scrappy and uses all those yummy fabrics! It's on deck on the cutting table!

If you'd like to make your own, I have a few of these kits left...and they're $89 inclusive of US shipping. Oooh la la! French General...Kaari Meng you are a creative genius! I'm excited to play with all the fabrics and goodies from this line as they arrive! It's like Christmas....early!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thirfty Thursday!

I must admit I am liking having this Thrifty Thursday 'column' each week....makes me make a point to stop off at a thrifting jaunt or two or three each week! Like I need prodding! LOL

This week finds me being the new owner of another globe.....this makes number 3.

Don't ask me why. I do not know. The first two I purchased at an elderly lady's garage sale a couple months back....she had a dollar a piece on them...and they weren't horribly old, but I just loved them and bought both. Then this one crossed my path Tuesday evening. It was a bit off it's axis....but having been off my own axis a time or two, I figured it would be an easy fix...and it was. :o) And this one has more features than the other two.....I'm pleased...

Hmmmm...does this mean I collect globes now? EEEEEK! Sssssshhhhh...don't tell the hubby! LOL

I also stumbled upon these great little finds for fifty cents each!

Once upon a time I was watching HGTV when they used to have good home shows on...I believe it was Country at Home or something like that...anyhooo...they showcased a couple's home, and the gentleman inhabitant collected corkscrews!

On our recent trip to Omaha, my friend Kimm and I discussed this episode while discussing what would be cool collections to start....though I've never really seen an old corkscrew on my thrifting adventures...this is the first. And the first of my collection! ;o) Exciting stuff huh? :o)

And the mug! A SAMPLER mug! I thought for certain I would turn it over and there would be a "Made in China" sticker on it.....

I's a sampler! on a coffee mug! But look...

I think it's rather vintage...don't you think? I had to grab it! I's a SAMPLER!!

And...speaking of new collections....I also saw a collection in a magazine that I thought was way cool....but of course thought to myself I would NEVER find such things at my GWilly's....but...

Surely it's a sign that I am MEANT to have a collection of these!

Billiard balls!!! Colorful wonderful billiard balls! Several of them are very very old!!! And two BUCKS! I have NEVER seen such things on prior visits. It was meant to be! Another collection in the making! ;o)

It was a fun thrifting week!! What fun and/or odd things do YOU collect? I'd love to hear from you!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trudging Thru Tuesday

Not much going on in my corner of the world....the Have been spending lots of time hoping for a second wind each's been a tired week so far...hope that changes!

I have been working on quilt binding this week...

This is one of three quilts that need the handwork I figured I best get started and do a bit here and there. This one is 1/2's the biggest out of the three. I decided to get the biggest one out of the way first! What's that saying....if you have to eat a frog, you don't want to sit there and look at it all it first! So this big one is the 'frog' of the bunch, and I'm dining on him this week! LOL

In other handwork news....look what I did yesterday before work and this evening after!

I got the first basket done! I sat down yesterday morning about 7:15 and thought I would work on it a bit before I left for work. I was over 1/2 done with it by 7:30....and finished it up this evening! These could be quick little blocks! Granted there are a ton of them, but if each one takes about 1/2 hour...quite a few can be done a week! I'm lovin' it!

I hope the early part of the week has been good for you! Until next time...


Sunday, October 25, 2009

I've Got My Work Cut Out For Me

The late night Starbucks and The Holiday on my dvr made pleasant work of the baskets last night...

It was a great late night...I was in bed about 2:30 AM. I loved it! And back up at 7:30 this morning. I sat in my chair with my morning java and enjoyed the fruits of my labor from last night.

My work is now cut out for me! :o)

It's been a pleasantly lazy but somehow productive weekend. Hope yours was as well!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tools & Fuel

I finally invested in a new tool...

amazing how the right tool makes a job easier...

easier....but not faster....

I apparently traced a heckuva lotta baskets! I don't care that it's 11:21PM on a Saturday night...

I need some fuel....may be pulling a really late nighter......thank goodness for Starbucks in the coffee pot! Never underestimate the power of new tools and fuel!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

After a WHOLE WEEK without nary a thrift store visit, I was really 'jonesin' for some hunts. And the thrifty karma was with me!

First up... Beads...lots and lots of beads.....which are actually beaded branches...attached to this.

Now isn't that unique? So very cool. It was in a bag tied with some jute and a tag with some foreign language that I could not decipher...perhaps Czech? The very last word on the tag was "Jordan". So I'm guessing this was perhaps made in Jordan. I love it! A copper wire wrapped rock...with a lovely beaded tree! $2.00

Next up...spied these lovely framed prints...pencil signed by the artist.

Ooooh!!! Landmarks of France!!! AND..when I brought them home, the hubs made the comment that these Paris street scenes etc seem to wind up in my thrifting path often. Tis true...I have a couple other prints of Paris street scenes and also a print of the Sacre-Coeur that I found the Dakotas. Now..the hubs made the comment that it's a sign....that it's my destiny to actually make a trip to Paris to see these in person! WHAT?? I couldn't believe he said that...he used to roll his eyes whenever I would bring up my desire for European travels. There is hope!! Hope---brought on by thrifting! ;o) Framed signed prints....$3.00 each.

And lastly.....this beautiful set....worthy of art fair fare...

An absolutely EXQUISITE pottery tea set. OMGosh when I took off the has the wonderful strainer holes inside...and smells TEA! Clearly this was really used....for tea! I thought the teapot was just an exquisite work of art!

And just look how much I paid...for the SET!

Not a bad haul for $12! No idea where I'm going to display the lovely teapot. Perhaps in the I'll actually use it...for tea time!

Hoping to get back out there in the thrifting world this weekend, so tune in next Thursday for another installment of "Thrifty Thursday"!


Future Plans

Fabric is flowing abundant around these parts....

They look so lovely in their little bundles.....I need to start making future plans for them...

Thanks to everyone for your orders! Just an update...I have just TWO bundles left of Wiscasset ($89)....and THREE bundles left of the French General wovens ($89)....

I'll admire these in their bundles for a bit before I take them apart and mix things up a bit in the stash...

And I'll stalk the UPS man because the French General Rouenneries PRINTS are shipping!!! YAY!! Finally! I only have THREE bundles left...already! They haven't even arrived! Again...$89. Just drop me an email if you want to add these to your stash!

I already have the first quilt in mind for those Rouenneries prints...I cannot WAIT!!!

Future plans for the weekend would include getting the borders on the wovens quilt that's been patiently waiting on the table down in the studio. And other creative endeavors yet to be determined!

What are your future plans?


Monday, October 19, 2009

An Apple a Day

Yesirreeeee......we can now have an apple a day.....for many many days. A drive by the apple orchard and a plea to the hubs for some apples for pie, landed this monster bag of Cortland apples on my kitchen table today.

What's a girl to do in this situation? Posie Gets Cozy's Sour Cream Apple Pie BLISS!

It is everything she says and MORE! Such a fabulous pie and super quick and easy too! I'm waiting for it to cool right now....must have a piece before bed ya know! ;o) And let's just say there was no need to light any fragrant candles this evening...the house smells heavenly!

Have you all seen the you tube video of the cats....where one is chewing out the other...with their wails and growls? It's very funny....and...well...let's just say there was a similar conversation around the house today. Miss Ellie Mae, the fat cat, went on and on and ON this morning about how Emmitt gets much more face time on the blog than she does. She lamented about how SHE used to be the main focus of the camera lens...until HE showed up with all his cuteness. She's tired of it...she wants some of the limelight back. So I promised her a parting shot on today's entry....

I think it's going to take a little bit more sucking up to her. She doesn't look amused!


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Playing Catch Up!

Today was a great day! We got our autumn back today and I was so glad! It was a gorgeous day.

I awoke to the sight of my hubby cleaning...the windows...inside and precisely 8:12AM! Aaaaah...nice! What a guy!

I spent the morning trying to play a little catch up. When I purged the magazine stack yesterday, I uncovered several weeks worth of the NYT Crossword....

So I did a little catch up...with a little bit more to go. I love crossword puzzles. I am a junkie.....and yet life in general caused me to get behind with my brain tests. Just a couple more and I'll be caught up.

Emmitt is spending the evening relaxing and trying to catch up on his zzzzzzz's....

his beauty rest. I think he's almost caught up! ;o)

The next start in the sampler department is looming.....

I'm sure you've figured out what it will be. She's a definite "BEAUTY"....and will not have a deadline. And I'm using good ol' DMC this time around. Now do you know? :o)

Before I even really think about a new sampler start, I need to catch up, if you will, with Ann...

She has been languishing in the stitching pile for a while. So tonight I will ply my needle and make some progress.

As usual, the weekend has flown by. I got a lot accomplished...caught up on a lot of things that have been piling up. Now if I could just have two days off so I can have some fun! ;o) What's a 10 letter word for 'lots of time off'??? Hmmmm.......or perhaps better suited...a 13 letter phrase for 'new phase of life'?
That's my current brain test....and I've almost got it aced!! Stay tuned!


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Whew! Finally Saturday Butt Time!

Well okay....I'm a little behind schedule...I had hoped to be plopped on my behind around 5:00 or so....but hey, what can I say!?'s true MM Marsha...I did scoot out and enjoy a leisurely lunch...

but a gal needs her sustenance! And it was a few minutes of time with the Jakester, who so nicely decided to grace me with his presence for lunch! But then, after a few was down to business time!

Banana cake done....I think I'll put on a pot of coffee because that's gonna need to be taste-tested this evening! ;o)

Quilt binding sewn, pressed and on the quilts! WOO! Huge task...especially when sweet little Emmitt felt like 'nesting' in each puddle of quilt off the side of my sewing table. This makes it difficult to maneuver huge quilts! LOL Poor guy...he couldn't understand why I kept jolting him from his cozy spot! Now handwork awaits!

And the huge chunk of linen....zig zagged and ready! 34" x 46"....nice big chunk. Hmmmm...I just wonder what I could possibly be getting ready to tackle...again! *SIGH* That's a clue for you! I started this sampler about 5 years ago or so....on 40ct linen with AVAS almost 1/2 done (I think there's a pic of it in one of my stitching albums on webshots still)...and then I couldn't stand it anymore. AVAS was not an enjoyable fiber to work with. So I sent it off to another ambitious stitcher. Now...I will start with 35ct Elegant Bean...and good ol' DMC. Any ideas what the mammoth beauty is? I'm sure you do! ;o)

But now...time to tackle the pile of magazines and books beside my chair!

Kathie, that is Joe Cunningham's new book "Amish Abstractions" you spied in the pile. It is WONDERFUL inspiration if anyone loves Amish quilts. Fantastic eye candy and I can't wait to delve in to the written part too! ;o) But I think first I will start paging thru and ripping out of some of these magazines that keep finding their way in to my mailbox. Not the quilting ones...I don't rip those!

And then....

quality time with Ann!

I hope you've all had a great Saturday! It's been practically perfect around here!


Saturday Agenda

Typical Saturday house tidying...

Sewing lotsa binding strips together....

for these!

Use those frozen bananas.....banana cake in our future today!

Cut and finish the edges of a VERY LARGE piece of linen for a new project start.

How do YOU finish the edges of your linen? Serge? Zig Zag? Tape? Pinking shears? Inquiring minds wanna know because this will be a long project and I don't want the edges fraying on me!

Some butt time in my future today....the magazines are rolling in the door and I haven't had a chance to look at them! Time to edit the stack!

Need to make a dent in the Blackbird Designs baskets trimming....

AND get spend some quality time with Ann Rayner!

Not necessarily in this order! ;o) What's on YOUR agenda for the day? Hope you have a great Saturday!