Sunday, September 06, 2009

Mid-Weekend Check-In!

Are you enjoying this great holiday weekend? I'm so glad it's just Sunday! The weekend has been fun! Yesterday was spent ripping paper....tons of paper off of the triangle units! All are ready and waiting on the ironing board!

Last night we enjoyed one of my most favorite Paula Deen recipes....Fiery Cajun Shrimp

Yum! If you like spicay...and lemon....and shrimp....and messy fingers....this is the recipe for you! Be sure and have lots of french bread to sop up the sauce! Oh yeah...and enjoy yourself a lovely glass of wine too! I did! ;o)

As soon as I finish up this post, I'm heading downstairs to continue work on the quilt. Tomorrow I will post quilty pics...and maybe even some more progress on Ann Rayner! Aaaah...I love long weekends!!



Margaret said...

I can't wait to see the results of the paper ripping! Or Ann progress either. That shrimp recipe looks so good! Yum! I agree on the long weekends. Should last about 3 more months IMO. lol!

Cari said...

I agree with Margaret - a 3 month long holiday would be wonderful!

How can you go wrong with Paula Deen - it looks delicious!

Can't wait to see the fruits of your long weekend!

Kim said...

Happy Labor Day, the weekend brought you to by the folks from the Labor Movement.