Thursday, September 17, 2009

As Promised...Thrifty Thursday Post!

My first Thrifty Thursday post! :o)

I won't get wordy's what less than ten bucks bought this week!

Please ignore my dust.....

The white wire 'bird cage' is going to get either A) rusted or B) painted red or black. Of COURSE the hubs had to ask me what I was going to put in the bird cage. When I said "I do not know yet"...he kindly offered to put a dove in that he just shot (it's dove hunting season...where is the sport in that, I ask you?)

I collect boxes....and so these two were great to add to the collection! In the background you'll see two scrabble the nice older boxes.....and on top of that...a box of dominos! I was on the hunt for scrabble tiles and hit the jackpot TWICE this week! And the dominos...I want to collect and put them all in a giant jar! I think they'll look graphic and cool! But then I could be mistaken!

Then I found this...

I love this urn! I have no idea what I'm going to use it for....but know it will be wonderful in the kitchen doing SOMETHING! Any ideas??? It was two bucks! Can you believe it!?

So all of this for less than ten bucks! Fun and cheap entertainment for me! And it's great fun to find unique items to decorate with!!

I know a lot of you have asked what the 'secret' is...and honestly there isn't one. Go often...and just keep your eye out all the time! There are some days when I don't find a thing.....but most times I always come home with at least a little something that puts a smile on my face!

I'm off to stitch on Ann Rayner some more. I caught a glimpse of the new Christmas design from Kathy Barrick and decided I needed to get my butt in gear and get some stitching finished so I can start that beauty!!!

Tomorrow's Friday! WOOOOHOO!!!!



Margaret said...

Wow! And all less than $10? I'm so impressed! Such nice stuff too! I have some old dominoes that we got once at a thrift sale and that the kids used to play with. I'll have to think on your idea. The dominoes came in the original box too. :D Yay Ann Rayner! Yay Christmas HRH! lol!

Tolentreasures said...

Love your finds and the comment about the dove! I have also been picking up dominoes at yard sales when I find them. My grandsons are into lining them up and watching them fall. Quite the entertainment for them but they are just in an old coffee can right now. Never thought to make them a decoration...what a great idea! Could you put a shelf in in the urn and put one of those great big candles on it?


Deb said...

Wow, Kim - love your finds! Thursdays and Fridays around here are always great days for garage and thrift sales. I hit a couple yesterday and scarfed a few things. It's like an addiction almost.

Love that bird cage too. I always gravitate towards them. Although I know if I brought home many more my husband would probably have something to say about that (I'm good at turning a deaf ear, though). LOL

Can't wait to see more progress on Ann.

Cari said...

Well the first thing that came to mind was to put fruit in your urn - but that seems to obvious. Maybe a pretty viney plant? All else fails, you can throw cookie cutters in it.

Love your bird cage - poor, little, defenseless doves.

I love your dominoes idea - you could do that with scrabble pieces as well. You are going to have us all on the hunt for game pieces to use as decor.

Enjoy your weekend.

Littlebit said...

Neat finds, Kim!! CHRH..yep, between that and Paradise Lost, I'll be in over my head big time! MM

Littlebit said...

PS..that cracked me up, your husband wanting to put a dead dove in it! LOL!!!! Don't you just know that all of the guys will think that is such a neat idea?

Siobhan said...

LOL about the dove!! That is funny. What cool stuff you always manage to find--I am so impressed!

Paulette said...

LOLOL, Oh gosh, I have to say that your DH is hilarious with the dove thing. I could send you a bar of Dove soap, maybe? You could put the bird cage in the bathroom then?


Anonymous said...
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