Friday, August 28, 2009

Threadhead has been Thrifting...

again. Two outings this week and here are a few of my case you're wondering what I've been up to this week since a blog update has been non-existent!

couldn't help it...the pig was too stinkin' cute to leave behind! I figure she would be right at home atop some books etc. She's enjoying herself at the moment plopped right in the center of some lovely china on silver trays and platters. I am a sucker for old china and tarnished silver/silverplate.

loved the art glass vase! Color color color! My favorite thing!

found these old Nash's Coffee jar...trying to decide whether to paint the lid or not. And inside..oh be still my beating heart! I found some pieces of coral! Never did I think I would find such glorious things here in the a tag sale no less!

more COLOR! some glass floats...and a string of ceramic chili peppers! ay caramba!

was thrilled to come across this great rug! Acorns!!! :o) The backing needs tacked down in some spots, and it obviously needs some sort of cleaning (Alice...any suggestions on bringing this back to life a little?). I love it! It all still looks to be in tact. She done good at her hookin'! ;o)

found this tin at Goodwill.....was greeted with the same question "What are you going to do with THAT?". My answer was I loved the colors...loved the buildings..looked like a European street scene...I have no idea. Got home..and DPNs fit perfectly inside! It now resides beside my little Staffordshire china dish find, which holds a few needlework necessities!

I've been knitting on the second sock...and going "hmmm...I don't remember doing it this way on the first one" we'll see if they end up being the same or not. I think I'm doing the second one more, I don't remember when I turned the heel on the first one doing a round of decreases and then a round of knitting and then another round of decreasing. I feel like I skipped the round of knitting! EEEEK! We'll see. The first sock does fit. Albeit snugly. So we shall see! :o)

Have stitched a little bit on Ann....and sewed a teensy tiny bit. But now the weekend is here. The hubs loaded up the boat and headed out to the Missouri for some fishing, so I can get tons done! Creative updates coming soon!

Hope your week's been great!



Cari said...

Good for you Kim...great finds!! Have a super-duper needlework weekend!!

I'll post some of my socks on my blog this weekend. Too fun!!

Deb said...

You've gotten me all excited by your great finds. I love that question as to what you're going to do with them. HA! Do we need a purpose when we spy something that our eyes just love? As far as the lid on the jar - I would leave it alone - it adds to the charm of it.

And as far as knitting, I am probably way too anal, but I have a notebook and I make notes for every row as to what I do so that when I get to the second front piece, sleeve, etc., I can refer back to my notes. It's a little tedious keeping the notes, but it helps when you're trying to remember what you did on the first one (and especially for me because I start something and put it down - you know - startitis!!

Have a great and productive weekend!

Jennifer said...

Great finds!

Cari said...

Kim, you are just too funny. Love, love your thrifty finds and it's not even Saturday yet! It's always a tough choice for me on Saturday - do I go running or go yard saling. On a few occasions, I have been able to combine the two :-)

The pig is hilarious and the vase - great color! I am drooling over the jar (and maybe feeling some envy), I agree with Deb - the lid adds charm.

You girls are making knitting sound way too complicated and stressful, I'm moving it to the bottom of my list of things to learn. I'll just live vicariously thru your knitting needles.

Enjoy your weekend - can't wait to see all your accomplishments.

Jan said...

What fab treasures you found, Kimmie!! Isn't it great fun shopping for them?

I'll bet by now you are an accomplished sock knitter!! Maybe there is a crown somewhere that would fit your head? Bet Paulette has one! (^-^)

Oh I love that you have a great creatin' weekend, and will be looking for those updates!

Margaret said...

You always find the greatest things when thrifting, Kim! Love the pig and the colorful vase especially. :D Hope the second sock comes out like the first -- I read somewhere that there's a technique to knit two at the same time? Or is that my imagination? Probably the second. lol!

Kim said...

I have a jar like yours, don't paint the lid, it looks pretty the way it, just what I think. :) Nice to hear you are happily thriftin' and knittin'.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Fun finds, Kim! I especially love the jar with the pink lid and I would not paint it! JMHO!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Joan@anythinsggoeshere said...

Coral and glass floats! What fun finds out there! Congrats!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Hi Miss Kim!! We bought glass floats this weekend, too ~ two little green ones!! First of all, I would try putting your new little rug in the dryer to get some of the dust out ~ maybe with an old towel. Then I would make up a warm sudsy water and with a brush use the suds to kind of lightly scrub the surface. I did that with an old rug that I bought years ago and it really brightened it up!! Let us know how it goes!

Siobhan said...

Well, look at you!! The thrifting queen. YGG! I love all your finds, but I think those chili peppers are my favorite!