Friday, August 28, 2009

Threadhead has been Thrifting...

again. Two outings this week and here are a few of my case you're wondering what I've been up to this week since a blog update has been non-existent!

couldn't help it...the pig was too stinkin' cute to leave behind! I figure she would be right at home atop some books etc. She's enjoying herself at the moment plopped right in the center of some lovely china on silver trays and platters. I am a sucker for old china and tarnished silver/silverplate.

loved the art glass vase! Color color color! My favorite thing!

found these old Nash's Coffee jar...trying to decide whether to paint the lid or not. And inside..oh be still my beating heart! I found some pieces of coral! Never did I think I would find such glorious things here in the a tag sale no less!

more COLOR! some glass floats...and a string of ceramic chili peppers! ay caramba!

was thrilled to come across this great rug! Acorns!!! :o) The backing needs tacked down in some spots, and it obviously needs some sort of cleaning (Alice...any suggestions on bringing this back to life a little?). I love it! It all still looks to be in tact. She done good at her hookin'! ;o)

found this tin at Goodwill.....was greeted with the same question "What are you going to do with THAT?". My answer was I loved the colors...loved the buildings..looked like a European street scene...I have no idea. Got home..and DPNs fit perfectly inside! It now resides beside my little Staffordshire china dish find, which holds a few needlework necessities!

I've been knitting on the second sock...and going "hmmm...I don't remember doing it this way on the first one" we'll see if they end up being the same or not. I think I'm doing the second one more, I don't remember when I turned the heel on the first one doing a round of decreases and then a round of knitting and then another round of decreasing. I feel like I skipped the round of knitting! EEEEK! We'll see. The first sock does fit. Albeit snugly. So we shall see! :o)

Have stitched a little bit on Ann....and sewed a teensy tiny bit. But now the weekend is here. The hubs loaded up the boat and headed out to the Missouri for some fishing, so I can get tons done! Creative updates coming soon!

Hope your week's been great!


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Colors That Filled My Day!!

Found a fabbo Broyhill Collection rollback chair...

My new stitching spot! :o) Will detract the pinkish tones with quilts, but all in all I love the chair! Now to find/build an ottoman!

Vintage print....

So cool huh!? Found this today...St Cecilia...vintage framed and WOW the color!

Slow harvest this year...

Slowly but surely the garden is producing! Don't you love the colors of produce?? :o)

Pumpkins are coming along great!

I can almost smell the falling leaves!

Dessert tonight...

California peaches and blueberries...YUM! And love the blue/orange combo every time! It's that whole color wheel thing...

And the sock...

the sock, the sock, the sock.....

Oh the SOCK! One DONE! Wooohooo! The second one is almost ready for the heel to be turned! I can't quite believe it...but *I* am a sock knitter! :o)

Hope your day was filled with color and fun today!


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Turning Corners ~ Turning Heels ~ and WINNERS!

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you had a great weekend! Mine was wonderful...I surely do love the three-day variety!

This weekend I turned a corner.........

on Ann Rayner! YAY! Now I can see what I'm dealing with as far as size! I turned the bottom left corner....and am still lovin' stitching this one! Although that red house is lotsa stitching, I just work a few strands of the house, and then do something in the vicinity to break it up a bit. It's working for me so far and holding my attention! :o)

I also turned a heel this weekend!

I was nervous to try this on, but everything remained on the needles, so it went well! I'm knitting down to 2" from my toe...need to get it done by Saturday. I haven't tried to knit and turn the heel by myself on the second sock...yet. But I will. That's the only way I'll learn---right!? :o)

And we have winners! Thanks so much for all the comments and entries for the giveaway! So many of you commented that you just found my blog etc and I so appreciate the comments and hope you'll become a regular blog visitor!

Now for the winners....

#4 - Beth aka Raggedy Angel! Congrats!! AND........

#20 - Carol R from the UK!! Wooohooo! An international winner!!!

Gals---please email me at and let me know if you prefer the needle book or the tape measures! Your choice!

For those of you that inquired, I do have some of these left for purchase...and they are $17.99 for my blog readers...your pick! I even have the Blackbird Designs needlebooks too!

Price includes US shipping. Any of these will ship in a flat rate envelope internationally as well, for the actual international postage cost. Just send me a comment or an email!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Jake starts back to school tomorrow...I'm sure it'll be fun around here in the morning! ha!

Until next time...


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Some Teasers and a GIVEWAY!!!

I thought I'd tease you a bit and show you the quilt kits that will be coming in soon for Threadheads Online!!

This is from the Alliance collection.....a GORGEOUS kit using 1830-1840 reproduction fabrics...and this will come in a LOVELY tin! WOW! Measures 92 x 92. $129. Simple nine patches! I love them so!!!

The next one is from Barbara Brackman...civil wars! Oh yeah!

The pattern for this will be in the December/January Quilters Newsletter magazine! Be sure and grab one! You'll need it to go along with this yummy Civil War Home Front fabric kit!!! This one measures 79 1/2 x 79 1/2. $105. I am in so much trouble...this is another definite do for me!!!

And oh my GOSH! You've heard about it....I've dreamed about it....and LOOK!!! From THE FRENCH GENERAL!

Words cannot even begin to describe....I am so so so in love with this entire fabric line AND this kit!!!! This one will measure 80 x 80 and comes with the BAG! $89.

Now...let me say that I have an EXTREMELY limited number of each coming, so if you'd like to reserve one, or you'd like me to let you know the second the UPS driver arrives with them...I will be happy to do so! I'm not expecting the first of these to arrive until September so there's still time to gather your wits. ;o) AND...if kits aren't your thing...I will be getting bundles of each of these fabric lines...and then some! So if you don't get one of the few kits, you can still get the fabrics and do your own thing!

And....since you were so kind as to read this far and let me promote Threadheads Online stuff....I'm going to have a GIVEAWAY!!! It's been a while!

Since I SO love the French General stuff.....I'm going to giveaway a couple of the accessory items from the line. Those of you that already have these lovely pieces, I'm sure you wouldn't mind winning more..these make great gifts!!!

The sewing book! Perfect for stitchers!!

OR you can select the set of tape measures...

These are great! Ticking tape measures...I love them! AND they come in the cute little bags....this whole French General line has me going ga-ga!

If you'd like to be entered in the drawing, just leave a comment....and as always..if you link this to your blog and let me know, you'll be entered again! Please make sure to note your email so I have a way to get in touch with you if you win!!

Two winners will be drawn on Sunday, August 16! Maybe by then I'll have some more entertaining news to share...and at least perhaps a sock with a heel! The sock knitting installment class went well! I'm going to have to probably read the pattern a couple times before I just 'get it', but I trust our most capable teacher, Judy, knows of what she speaks and I will end up with socks with heels and covered toes! So exciting!!!

Okay---that's it for tonight folks! As always, thanks so much for stopping by!


Friday, August 07, 2009

It's Been a Fabulous Fun & Color Filled Week!

Whew! It's been a blur of week it seems! Am I ever glad it's Friday! Am I ever NOT glad it's Friday? But I digress...

What a fun week!

I finished knitting the second sock to the stopping point....but look...they don't match...

I'm okay with it though...these are going to be wool socks...for wearing around the house. didn't matter which end of the skein I started with, they were not coming out to even remotely match the other. And then it hit me! Because on the first sock....the skein was spliced/knotted together!!! That's why there's a huge blurp of orange to red!! Otherwise they'd be nicely striped like the second sock. But I just overlook that and remind myself these are my FIRST SOCKS!!! Wooohoo! and I started the second one and got it to this point without any direction! I cannot believe it! Tomorrow is the second installment of the class....the heel part! Wish me luck!!!

Then on Tuesday it was my birthday.....yes it's true...I was born on the same day as the huh? Anyway...the hubs sent a beautimus vase of flowers to the office...

They really brightened my cube AND my work-week. Who doesn't love some colorful gerber daisies! And little tiny miniature roses! And all the COLOR! I LOVE them! And now they're home with me for the weekend!

He also surprised me by going out solo on a thrifting mission...and oh my word did he find two great things for me!!! I can't hardly believe it and have questioned him emphatically about the exact place he found these great prints!

This one is his favorite...and I love the earthy look it has!

And THEN he found the same thrift store!!!

The Seamstress!! By Vermeer!!! I couldn't believe it!

Both are prints that have been textured to look like paintings...what's that called anyway? I can't remember...but anyhooo..both were framed by the same framer, so obviously from the same household lot that was donated to Goodwill. I love them both!!

And then today......this arrived...

The new American Jane line from Moda....such FUN color in her fabric lines...I just love them! Not pastel like 30s...more 40s and 50s feel to them. Can't wait to figure out what to do with them!

And these came today as well...

All are great and shall remain in my library! As always, you can find these things in my Ebay listings by clicking on the Ebay link over there in the sidebar.

It's been a great week...I'm glad the weekend is here! Weekends always make me a..

What a fitting name to this fun line and to describe me right about now---Happy Camper! Hope your week's been fun and color-filled as well!


Sunday, August 02, 2009

If You Give a Pig a Facial

So Saturday was a fantabulous day of junkin' with dear friend, Kimm, and we had a blast! Found lots of of which was of the porcine variety.....and three bucks.

He has not a name (yet.....any suggestions?).....and clearly had seen his share of food fights, as the evidence was splattered on his face. He was in need of some pampering....

So I gave a pig a facial....

and a relaxing soak.....

and now he's standing proudly in the kitchen!

He was ever so grateful for the pampering facial! Now if only he had a name!

Today I was so excited because, without teacher direction, I remembered how to, and actually cast on and have been knitting on THE SECOND SOCK!

I think I'll have two socks ready for heels by Saturday's class! Woooohoooo!!!

Hope you've had a great weekend!