Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Progress & Precision & Pudding

Well happy Tuesday everyone! Hope your week's going just swell!

I'm making some progress on Ann Rayner.....I'm almost embarrassed to keep posting pics because I'm not sure if any progress is noticeable! Heaven knows I wish I was like Margaret, she the Queen of the Speedy Needle! Man she gets a lot of stitching done! I aspire to be like you, Margaret!

Anyhooo...without further ado...here is my progress on Ann.

I am really enjoying working on her! I had planned to stop and put her aside once I finished with the page I was on, and start something smallish, but I think I will continue on a bit. Margaret HAS expressed an interest in starting Ann...and if I stop now...she'll have it all stitched up before the week's out! ;o) Kidding, Margaret! I love ya! ;o)

I'm certainly not planning to turn this blog in to an 'infomercial', but so many of you have been so kind as to shop with me (and I REALLY appreciate that!) and express an interest in some of the items I have for sale, so wanted to just let you know a couple things that are new this week!

Precision can be yours...in the French General style! These are too stinkin' cute! TWO tape measures...each in their own ticking drawstring bags. These are fabulous ticking tape measures to go with all the other French General sewing accessories!

Stock photo doesn't do them much justice, but they are lovely! $19.99 for the set of two---which includes shipping in the US!

and the pudding....oh the pudding! Figgy Pudding! I tell you what....this was my ABSOLUTE favorite Christmas line that Moda put out this year. It's modern and funky and just cool!

I know--you can't really appreciate the fabrics by looking at that bundle...but trust me...or better yet check out Moda's website to see the line! It's yummy! And as always...blog readers get special pricing! I only have 3 of these bundles...$86.99 includes shipping in the US.

I'm offering a great Moda 'freebie' with any purchase for my blog readers....it's a lovely 'fun book' from Moda....basically it's a graph paper book...hard cover..covered in Blackbird Designs sampler fabric. Could be a journal, an idea book, design pad....anything! No pic...I'll let you be surprised. :o) Just my way of thanking you for shopping with me!

Next week...The Morris Workshop bundles should be arriving! Oh goodness! So many great new fabrics! EEEEEK!

In anticipation...I pieced two quilt backs tonight...and bagged up two quilts to drop off for the longarm quilter to work her magic. That's 2 off the pile....but I have about 5 quilts in my head waiting to be started, so it's two steps forward and three steps back. Go figure!

And to add to the creative madness...I have finally signed up for a real live sock knitting class! It starts this Saturday! I'm nervously excited! Me...a sock knitter! Ooooh I'm so close!

I'll post another progress pic of Ann at the end of the week....hopefully there will be some noticeable change! ;o) Have a great night!



Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Nice new header picture!! And you pieced two tops in one evening??!! You are a speed demon! Wish I were a quilter ~ I just love those little fabric packets ~ but whatever would I do with them??

Cari said...

Good Morning Kim, I really like your changes to your site!

Your Ann is coming along nicely. I like the colors in this pattern.

I keep seeing all these great fabrics on your site and want to buy them even tho' I don't quilt - how ridiculous is that :-) Even the names make them sound so tempting. Maybe one day I will take up quilting, but for now I love my cross stitch.

Thanks for sharing.


Margaret said...

Oh stop -- I am not a speed demon stitcher! I love your Ann progress! She's sooooo pretty! Don't worry though, right now I'm dreaming of another project to start after Country Houses -- and I have tons to do on CH before I can even think of it. I can't wait for that Wm Morris fabric! And I love my French General stuff (can't wait for that fabric either!)!

Siobhan said...

I loooooove your Ann sampler, Kim! Beautiful progress. I saw one finished and omg, it is gorgeous. Love the new blog header pic, too!

Deb said...

Ann looks great, Kim! But my word you make my head spin with all the things that you have going on. You are absolutely right about those tape measures! I love them (and all the other things in the set). I have a funny feeling I'm going to fall for the Morris prints - I love Wm. Morris things. Just have tried to hold off before I added more things to put into my yet-to-be-completed craft room! You're going to get me yet! LOL

Katrina said...

Everything is so pretty. I just pre-ordered some French General fabric, my Sampler Guild is doing a project with it this fall.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Love your new header pic, Kim! The French General stuff is wonderful! Can't wait to see all your quilts. The sampler is gorgeous and you're right - Margaret does have smokin' hot needles!

Tolentreasures said...

A sock knitting class, wish I was going with you. I have one pattern that I use and would like to learn some new ones, maybe this fall when our knitting group starts again. Can't wait to see what you do.


Karoline said...

Great progress on Ann, she's looking lovely