Sunday, July 19, 2009

In Good Company

Have you seen this book?

It's great! I LOVE it! It's called "The Find" and its about decorating with thrift store items etc. It lets me know I'm not alone in this weird passion I have for thrifting and putting all these great found objects together in a wonderfully classic & eclectic home!!

I did a little hunting this week.....thought I'd share my finds, since I have nothing more exciting to blog about right now! ;o)

This was a Tuesday find!

Now first let me say...there are hardly EVER cool lamps like this at the Goodwills around town. and I ditched the monster lampshades that were on them! But oh my how I love these pottery lamps!!! On this particular day, the hubs was along...and giving his critique freely...."Those don't even MATCH!" Quiet! No comments from the peanut gallery! Interior decorator you are not! These do not HAVE to MATCH! UGH! Matchy-matchy I am not! These are flippin' COOL pottery lamps! With green as the common thread.

Mr. "I-Want-Everything-CAMO-CAMO-CAMO" would THINK he would be happy these had green in them! ;o)

Home they came with me. Note to self---need lampshades. Cool funky lampshades!

Then we were out and about again yesterday.....and I found some more nice things to come home with me!

Like this print.....

I love street scenes.....especially street scenes that look like Europe! and this one was just two it's now mine. Yes dear---for my "street scene picture collection". LOL

I was digging around in the 'wooden stuff' section of the YMCA thrift store...and pulled out two oversized eating know...the typical huge fork and spoon. The set I had was a mere $3....and was kinda funky with carving on the handles....hubs looks in my direction....his eyes pop out at the sight of me holding the oversized fork and spoon. I look at the utensils...tilt my head ever so slightly, and announce that I think these would look really cool painted a lacquer red (or maybe lacquer black) and hanging in the kitchen. He stares blankly at me. I say "What? They'll be cool all lacquered up" he says "Do you think so?", not at ALL convinced. A man walks by carrying a baby....obviously listening to my thought process with regard to the fork & spoon. I look at the hubs again and announce that I am getting them....that if they don't "work out" then I'm CERTAIN that we could put them in a rummage sale and SOMEBODY out there would LOVE to pay $3 for some red lacquered utensils. The nice eavesdropping man breaks into a big smile...and I could SWEAR I heard a faint chuckle. We were providing some fun Saturday entertainment apparently! :o) I was digging in the wooden stuff pile..lamenting about the fork & spoon, I spied this...hidden underneath a bunch of stuff...

Is that not the coolest! Look! It's already RED! I don't even have to PAINT it!!! And it was $2.79! An oversized KEY to go with the oversized fork & spoon! ;o) Not REALLY! LOL

I made Emmitt pose beside it so you can get an idea of the size...and stuck my red-painted toes in there so you can compare the reds! ha!

I'm thinking this may have been a finish sample in a furniture store...there's a label on the back from a chair company in Indiana.

Hubs..."What are you going to do with that?" UGH! I remind him that is NOT a question to ask a thrifter....and if he keeps it up he's not coming with next time! ;o) I say I don't know...but it's COOL and RED. What more can you ask for?

So as I get it home...I realize I have a thing for keys apparently!

There are these....

that hang from a lamp. My dear friend, Paulette, gifted me with those beauties waaaay back when! I love them!

And then there's this one.....

I picked that one up on a girls' outing day with my friends, Kimm & Christy. Hmmm...I think I remember CHRISTY asking me what I was going to do with that one too! Geesh!

And then a few weeks ago I picked this one up on a thrift trip...

So the giant red key is right at home....just not in place yet. With all these keys...I wonder what it is I'm supposed to be unlocking??? Hmmmm....I'm going to ponder that and pick up a needle for a bit.



Stef said...

Great finds Kim! I love your key collection, especially the red one!

Margaret said...

I love everything you found! Those lamps are gorgeous -- love the colors! And the key collection -- so cool!

Cari said...

Oh, the book sounds like a great read! I really like your new print and your fork & knife story was so funny.

I also like your keys what a fun, quirky collection.

There's nothing better then the hunt AND finding a wonderful bargain.

Cari in VA

Loraine said...

Very funny! I love keys as well, so I do "get it". (I've got a giant one hanging with a huge ribbon on my wall, amongst he pictures.)
Those lamps are flippin' cool! They are gorgeous, and I'm glad you bought them.
I can't wait to see the lacquered spoon and fork. Make sure and show pictures!
Fun read, thanks for posting.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Awesome finds, Kim! Love the pottery lamps and the red key is GREAT! Let us know where you end up displaying it!

I'll have to check out that book!

Deb said...

You found some great things Kim. Our stores around my neck of the woods have nothing of any kind of interest. But I laugh at your DH - he and mine should get together. He doesn't understand why I come home with the things I do. I'm not asking him to understand - just ignore me and not ask questions! LOL

Jan said...

Wonderful post, Kimmie, almost missed it! I loved reading about your thrift adventures, too cool!

And I adore those lamps and that key, is priceless! Me love keys too, but I don't have any as neat as what you have! I feel a bug...a bug to go thrift shopping soonish!!

Siobhan said...

Wow, you have a knack for unearthing great finds while thrifting. YGG! I LOVE that key!

Melissa said...

Kim-you find the neatest stuff. The shape of the lamp on the right reminds me of Jeannie's bottle in the old I Dream of Jeannie shows.

I love your thrifting!