Saturday, July 04, 2009

Celebrate Our Independence!!!

Have a great, fun, sunny & safe 4th everyone!

The civil war rail log fence is almost done. It would have been done last night, but then I decided to add a piano key border with my leftover strips.....stay tuned...I should have it put together this morning..before the grill is fired up!

Thanks so much to everyone who responded about the French General items! They are being well-received! I am in serious pincushion love with the sand filled pincushion! I've put in a second order, and I should also have the matching set of 2 fabric tape measures in soon as well. Check back!

Potato salad is in the frig, cheesecake has been baked, steaks are on the ready, and we have all the fixins for s'mores around the firepit tonight. I'm sure the hubs and Jake will be heading off to buy bags of noise soon too. The dogs can hardly wait until tonight....they HATE the 4th of July and the ensuring fireworks noise!

Have a great day everyone!



Margaret said...

Oh you're trying to torture us! I can't wait to see your quilt finish!! Enjoy your 4th of July. Sounds delicious, that's for sure!

Sheri said...

Kim, Hope you have a great fourth! Jimmie Dean is scared to death of the noise too!

Siobhan said...

YUMM!! Your BBQ sounds fabulous. Can't wait to see your quilt finish!

On the thyroid thing, check to find out what the 'normal range' is. I have a very underactive thyroid and even with taking 200 mcgs per day, I could still bump it up but the dr says it's in the "normal range". :P My daughter was slightly underactive but I had them give her meds because she always fought her weight. She's doing well now but still, didn't want her to go through what I did.