Monday, July 13, 2009

Another Weekend Past....Another Week Ahead

Here we are...the beginning of another work week. Oh how I wait for the day when my weeks are just weeks...not work-weeks! I shouldn't say 'wait'...I should say 'dream'! How I DREAM of the day when my weeks are just weeks! :o)

We had a busy weekend here in southeast SD. On Saturday, the hubs and I hit the road...headed north up I-29 to Brookings...for the annual Brookings Summer Arts Festival. I love this festival...though I don't make it up there every year. The weather was perfect.......70s and toward the end of the afternoon...when we were standing by the roasted corn the was quite hot actually! But it was a great day! I picked up a couple massive pottery coffee mugs...and a great walking stick for the collection. And now that I have three (all from this same artist) that truly DOES qualify as a collection, doesn't it? :o) Of course as I'm paying for the walking stick...the hubs says, quite sarcastically I might add, "do you collect those?" and I look at him...incredulously, and say "Honey! I DO have two of these yes...yes I do collect these." HMPH! End of that conversation! LOL

So lots of walking in my new Asics kicks on Saturday....and my feet didn't hurt....I mean...they just felt like I had been on my feet all day (which I was)...but no heel pain! YAY!

Sunday, after a lovely tex-mex brunch at Chevy's....we decided it would be fun to stride through did! And boy was it a great Goodwill day!

Yes, Paulette, that IS a springerle mold....for a BUCK! A BUCK, I say! I feel another collection coming on!! I couldn't believe it when I found that thing! The hubs found the wooden bobbins...and that platter....had to get it...chip and all. Fifty cents! It's massively huge! and OLD! and CRAZED!!! Oh I love it! And to the left you can barely spy two crock/stoneware bowls!!! The BIG one was a buck..and there's another nested inside that was .75! I couldn't believe my luck on Sunday. Both have a crack in them...but nothing major and they hold fruit and potatoes etc very well! The thrifty karma was with me on Sunday!

and then Sunday went downhill for me....when the hubs had the GRAND idea (note MY heavy sarcasm) continue to keep me out of the house and off my stitching-butt and he suggested we go hit some golfballs at the driving range. Fine. FINE! Let's GO. Man I was ticked! But I went. Long story I have a bruised and swollen knee from being hit by a random ball that someone out on the course hit...and it bounced up on to the driving range and bounced right in to the side of my knee!

BUT...that just means I can now sit on my stitching butt and stitch without being pestered to get up and DO SOMETHING! ;o) At least for a bit!

Here's my progress on Ann Rayner.

I'm going to work on her for a bit tonight....I'm seeing the end of this page I'm working I want to keep going with her!

Can't wait to see what else this week ahead brings! As always, thanks so much for stopping by!



Maren said...

Woo hoo! Ann is looking so lovely! All those bright and beautiful colors.

Tracy said...

Cool stuff from Goodwill. Yeah, I'm a little jealous....

Margaret said...

I can't believe you found a springerle mold at the Goodwill!!! Geez! You have all the luck! Hope your knee is getting better. Must hurt terribly. :( I love Ann!!!! Ack! I'm going to have to think seriously about this blended thread thing and get me some fibers for this one! :D

Cari said...

Oh what great finds and at spectacular prices. We are going away this weekend and I already googled what antique/thrift stores are in the town of Orange, VA - can't wait to meander thru and find some good bargains to bring home.

Your Ann is just beautiful - hope your knee is better soon - or would it be better if it took awhile to heal so you can keep stitching :-)

Jan said...

Ann is looking so lovely!! Oh Kimmie sorry about the bummed up knee, but if it enables you to veg and stitch on Ann, then that is a small price to pay!! LOL

You lucky you! Such wonderful finds, I doubt very much if our goodwill has any such goodies, but I am going to go and check it one of these days soon now!

Paulette said...

You brat!! I canNOT believe you got a springerle mold for a measly buck! Oh man, lucky girl!! And even luckier that you got hit with the golf ball, bc now you can tell DH that you're extremely gun-shy of the driving range. LOL


Deb said...

Wow, sounds like you had a busy time! Ann is looking wonderful! And what wonderful stuff from the Goodwill. The ones around my neck of the woods don't ever have anything that would make me want to buy something. I'm jealous. If you're looking for springerle molds, I can give you the name of a great place - they're new, not antiques, but I ordered a hornbook from there a couple years ago and I love it. Those can be an addictive item to collect.

Cracks me up about the comment your husband made about the walking sticks! Men just don't understand! I would say that two are definitely the beginning of a collection so you just have to have more!

Hope your knee if feeling better, but I would milk it for all I could and stitch my heart out! LOL

Kim said...

Just have to chuckle over your Thrift shopping stories ~ your enthusiastic excitement over fantastic finds such as the Springerle Mold puts a smile on my face. Enjoy your new finds!

Loraine said...

What incredible goodwill finds! don't you love that?
Sorry to hear about your knee. I think you better get extra privileges for that accident. Like, no cooking or cleaning all week!

Littlebit said...

You crack me up, Kim! How come Paulette nor I can EVER find anything like what you do? Our quilting teacher told us she got a Longeberger basket there--so Paulette and I got up to the counter, to save our selves some time, and asked to be shown the Longeberger, how was I supposed to know? LOL! JK! You got some really cool stuff, and Paulette already phoned me in distress about that springerle!

pj said...

I love Ann Rayner..can I get on your list to purchase this pattern when you finish it? I love it!!!! (Stash Reduction program, right?) pj