Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday & The Framer

So...I have the day off today. YAY!! Decided it was time to get some things marked off my 'to do' list, and "Take some samplers to framer" was one of the items that's been languishing on my list for a long time.

I brought down some samplers from the closet shelf....and chose four to take to the framer....

Yeah I know...that's only three....can't find a pic of the "Our Daily Bread" I stitched back in 2005! YIKES!

So off I go with samplers in hand to the framer. Let me say I LOVE my framer. She does an EXCELLENT job and has the most exquisite moldings...cha-ching! But she always seems to have a good sale going (i.e. 50% off the exquisite moldings), so I tell myself it evens it all out. her! She does excellent work.

I haven't been in for quite a very long time....a couple years! But once I unrolled my samplers, she remembered. I went about my business picking moldings...and she marveled at the samplers, asking if I just travel around and look for old sampler patterns or what because she has seen old samplers in the DAR museum and they always say the patterns are for sale, etc. I explained that I have quite the stash of charts and that the internet is an evil enabler for the sampler lover! She laughed. She kept looking at the samplers and said "Did you stitch ALL of these? And the ones I did before?" (she is the one responsible for all the framing on my sampler wall). I say yes. She looks up and looks at me and says "ALL of THEM? You stitched ALL of them?" and I say yes...and I have more to do! She asks incredulously what I do with all of them. I explained the sampler wall...she is amazed. She figures up each framing estimate.....we discuss her gracious layaway plan of 1/3 down....etc etc....idle chit-chat...she gives me the total...which is much much easier to swallow in 1/3 increments even though it's still a HUGE chunk (did I mention I have caviar taste in moldings?) of cha-ching. I write out the check....

She again admires the samplers and THEN she asks "Does your husband think you're CRAZY?"

I chuckled...nervously.....handed her the check.....we won't go there!


Monday, July 27, 2009


A lesson learned....

There are lots of very very nice people out in blogland! I was just tickled, recently, when Mary Jo in Michigan emailed me to say that she had found my blog and was reading back posts. You may remember this post , wherein I asked if anyone had a clue to the name of the lovely applique quilt pictured. I had admired that quilt at the Minnesota quilt show many many years ago, and had the pic posted on the wall beside my sewing machine...still admiring it!

Well....Mary Jo was so kind to email me and let me know that the name of the pattern was Stars & Vines and that it was a block of the month, put out by Village Classics, and she even supplied the phone # off the pattern! THANK YOU, Mary Jo! As she knows, the number was no longer a working number. I thought I was just out of luck and would have to search and hunt online for these patterns and hope for the best...since they are quite old.

Wellllllllll....imagine my surprise recently when I searched 'stars vines applique' on eBay and UP pops and AUCTION with that same QUILT....each and every pattern for this block of the month...KITTED even! I stalked the auction....staying up late one night to get the last bid in and Walaaaaah!

I got it! For less than $60...kitted even! It arrived today! I couldn't be more excited! Granted, there are some fabrics in there that I will most likely swap out (i.e. baby blue will definitely be swapped for a medium or darker blue...or a great civil war soldier or cadet baby blue for me!)....but still...what are the odds? Seriously! THANK YOU so VERY much, Mary Jo....for finding my blog, for being interested enough to read old posts, and for taking the time to let me know about this quilt! Lesson learned----it always pays to mention something you might be looking for or wondering about, because there are very nice, gracious people out in blogland that will respond! :o)

And a Lesson Completed...

I completed my 'homework' from sock knitting class tonight....

Yessirreeeeee......6" total knitted and ready for the next class, where I learn heel flaps! Oooooh exciting! I may decide to be an overachiever and go ahead and cast on the other sock...I mean, heck, I have two weeks until the next class! May as well huh? Then I'll be apt to have a PAIR of socks in pretty quick time!

Thanks so much for the comments and emails. I really do appreciate each and every one!

Yes, Alice, I WILL be a hooker...soon...THIS YEAR! It's another goal! Never mind that it took quite a few years of amassing sock yarn before I actually bit the bullet and took a class to learn how to make them...the point is that I DID it! And I have all the supplies at the ready for rug hooking, and will be putting loops in my first project very soon!!! :o)

Melody , thanks for that quick Noro scarf tutorial! I'm sure I'll be emailing you once I start it! :o)

Call me crazy...I cannot help myself! Yes...I quilt some, stitch some, knit some, will be hooking some, and I even have a needlepoint project tucked I needlepoint some. I am besotted by the fiber arts! I shall never EVER be bored! What could be better, I ask? :o)


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hello! My Name Is Kim....

and a SOCK KNITTER!!!! At least the class instructor says I am now...

I'm still not entirely comfortable calling myself a sock knitter....but by golly...I think I've caught on to this DPN thing! Wooohoo! What a relief! That's my progress to date. My homework is to get 6" knit before the next class on the 8th. I'm already was verrrrry hard not to just sit and knit knit knit today!

Instead...I decided I best do a bit of other creative activity. Like, for instance, I needed to do something about the fact that I have absolutely NO QUILTS in the works! WHA? So not like me! So I fixed that!

I took these....

and cut them in to these....

and I will use these....

to put together my next quilt! I spied a pic of an antique quilt that I'm going to use as my inspiration. No rush...I will just sew a few Thangles units here and there and hopefully, before I know it, I will have massive amounts of half-square triangles.

And so as not to ignore Ann...I worked a bit on her this evening and here's my progress....

I don't foresee putting her down to start on something else was my original plan. I'm enjoying seeing her come together, so will keep her on the top of the stitching pile!

It was a great weekend all fabulous!

I'm in for a short week (WOOOOOOHOOO!) and it's Jeans for Charity week, so I get to wear jeans the 4 days I'm in the office. The only thing that could be better is if I didn't have to go in at all! :o)

Hope your weekend was just as great!


Friday, July 24, 2009

Made It Thru Another Week!

Aaaaah.....the weekend is here! YAY! I'm always ecstatic when it's after 5:00 on a Friday! :o)

And I arrived home to a couple Moda boxes...gotta love that!


The Morris Workshop bundles have FINALLY arrived!

I can't wait to decide what to make with them!! Yes, Margaret, I have yours set aside! :o) I have 2 left if anyone is interested. $89.99, which includes priority mailing! Happy to pass along the savings to you if you are so inclined to add these to your stash! Just email me!

I have been working on Ann Rayner, and will most likely be working a bit on her this evening, and in to the weekend, so I will post a pic at the end of the weekend so you can see my progress, or lack thereof!

Tonight, in addition to stitching, I'm going to be going thru quilt books and looking for ideas to use these William Morris prints! I got a few new books in my Moda shipment too....specific for fat quarters! So hopefully I'll have lots of inspiration!!

Hope everyone's week went by smoothly! I even hit the 'links' (wooo...I'm using golf lingo!).....and I didn't get injured, so that's a plus. I still can't get past the fact that I'm GOLFING and NOT playing baseball....entirely different swing involved. UGH! Jake went with this last time, and he said I could get by with a baseball swing if I went all 'Happy Gilmore'...and he proceeded to show me...several times. Wish I had the camera!

Tonight the boys are fishing.....and I'm getting ready to pour myself a nice glass of iced tea and relax with books and a needle!

Have a great night!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Progress & Precision & Pudding

Well happy Tuesday everyone! Hope your week's going just swell!

I'm making some progress on Ann Rayner.....I'm almost embarrassed to keep posting pics because I'm not sure if any progress is noticeable! Heaven knows I wish I was like Margaret, she the Queen of the Speedy Needle! Man she gets a lot of stitching done! I aspire to be like you, Margaret!

Anyhooo...without further is my progress on Ann.

I am really enjoying working on her! I had planned to stop and put her aside once I finished with the page I was on, and start something smallish, but I think I will continue on a bit. Margaret HAS expressed an interest in starting Ann...and if I stop now...she'll have it all stitched up before the week's out! ;o) Kidding, Margaret! I love ya! ;o)

I'm certainly not planning to turn this blog in to an 'infomercial', but so many of you have been so kind as to shop with me (and I REALLY appreciate that!) and express an interest in some of the items I have for sale, so wanted to just let you know a couple things that are new this week!

Precision can be the French General style! These are too stinkin' cute! TWO tape measures...each in their own ticking drawstring bags. These are fabulous ticking tape measures to go with all the other French General sewing accessories!

Stock photo doesn't do them much justice, but they are lovely! $19.99 for the set of two---which includes shipping in the US!

and the pudding....oh the pudding! Figgy Pudding! I tell you what....this was my ABSOLUTE favorite Christmas line that Moda put out this year. It's modern and funky and just cool!

I know--you can't really appreciate the fabrics by looking at that bundle...but trust me...or better yet check out Moda's website to see the line! It's yummy! And as readers get special pricing! I only have 3 of these bundles...$86.99 includes shipping in the US.

I'm offering a great Moda 'freebie' with any purchase for my blog's a lovely 'fun book' from Moda....basically it's a graph paper book...hard cover..covered in Blackbird Designs sampler fabric. Could be a journal, an idea book, design pad....anything! No pic...I'll let you be surprised. :o) Just my way of thanking you for shopping with me!

Next week...The Morris Workshop bundles should be arriving! Oh goodness! So many great new fabrics! EEEEEK!

In anticipation...I pieced two quilt backs tonight...and bagged up two quilts to drop off for the longarm quilter to work her magic. That's 2 off the pile....but I have about 5 quilts in my head waiting to be started, so it's two steps forward and three steps back. Go figure!

And to add to the creative madness...I have finally signed up for a real live sock knitting class! It starts this Saturday! I'm nervously excited! Me...a sock knitter! Ooooh I'm so close!

I'll post another progress pic of Ann at the end of the week....hopefully there will be some noticeable change! ;o) Have a great night!


Sunday, July 19, 2009

In Good Company

Have you seen this book?

It's great! I LOVE it! It's called "The Find" and its about decorating with thrift store items etc. It lets me know I'm not alone in this weird passion I have for thrifting and putting all these great found objects together in a wonderfully classic & eclectic home!!

I did a little hunting this week.....thought I'd share my finds, since I have nothing more exciting to blog about right now! ;o)

This was a Tuesday find!

Now first let me say...there are hardly EVER cool lamps like this at the Goodwills around town. and I ditched the monster lampshades that were on them! But oh my how I love these pottery lamps!!! On this particular day, the hubs was along...and giving his critique freely...."Those don't even MATCH!" Quiet! No comments from the peanut gallery! Interior decorator you are not! These do not HAVE to MATCH! UGH! Matchy-matchy I am not! These are flippin' COOL pottery lamps! With green as the common thread.

Mr. "I-Want-Everything-CAMO-CAMO-CAMO" would THINK he would be happy these had green in them! ;o)

Home they came with me. Note to self---need lampshades. Cool funky lampshades!

Then we were out and about again yesterday.....and I found some more nice things to come home with me!

Like this print.....

I love street scenes.....especially street scenes that look like Europe! and this one was just two it's now mine. Yes dear---for my "street scene picture collection". LOL

I was digging around in the 'wooden stuff' section of the YMCA thrift store...and pulled out two oversized eating know...the typical huge fork and spoon. The set I had was a mere $3....and was kinda funky with carving on the handles....hubs looks in my direction....his eyes pop out at the sight of me holding the oversized fork and spoon. I look at the utensils...tilt my head ever so slightly, and announce that I think these would look really cool painted a lacquer red (or maybe lacquer black) and hanging in the kitchen. He stares blankly at me. I say "What? They'll be cool all lacquered up" he says "Do you think so?", not at ALL convinced. A man walks by carrying a baby....obviously listening to my thought process with regard to the fork & spoon. I look at the hubs again and announce that I am getting them....that if they don't "work out" then I'm CERTAIN that we could put them in a rummage sale and SOMEBODY out there would LOVE to pay $3 for some red lacquered utensils. The nice eavesdropping man breaks into a big smile...and I could SWEAR I heard a faint chuckle. We were providing some fun Saturday entertainment apparently! :o) I was digging in the wooden stuff pile..lamenting about the fork & spoon, I spied this...hidden underneath a bunch of stuff...

Is that not the coolest! Look! It's already RED! I don't even have to PAINT it!!! And it was $2.79! An oversized KEY to go with the oversized fork & spoon! ;o) Not REALLY! LOL

I made Emmitt pose beside it so you can get an idea of the size...and stuck my red-painted toes in there so you can compare the reds! ha!

I'm thinking this may have been a finish sample in a furniture store...there's a label on the back from a chair company in Indiana.

Hubs..."What are you going to do with that?" UGH! I remind him that is NOT a question to ask a thrifter....and if he keeps it up he's not coming with next time! ;o) I say I don't know...but it's COOL and RED. What more can you ask for?

So as I get it home...I realize I have a thing for keys apparently!

There are these....

that hang from a lamp. My dear friend, Paulette, gifted me with those beauties waaaay back when! I love them!

And then there's this one.....

I picked that one up on a girls' outing day with my friends, Kimm & Christy. Hmmm...I think I remember CHRISTY asking me what I was going to do with that one too! Geesh!

And then a few weeks ago I picked this one up on a thrift trip...

So the giant red key is right at home....just not in place yet. With all these keys...I wonder what it is I'm supposed to be unlocking??? Hmmmm....I'm going to ponder that and pick up a needle for a bit.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Looking for some input!

Does anyone out there reading have experience with a wooden Grace frame/Juki machine set up? I have an opportunity to purchase this for less than 1/2 price of what it cost new. $800...which, after 4 quilts, would have paid for itself! I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with this? Would love to hear feedback!!!

One more day of insurance class and then the weekend is here! Woooohoooo!!!!

Quilty matters-----I was ecstatic to see that I AM getting my shipment of Moda Figgy Pudding fat quarter bundles....YAY!!! I LOVE that line! And also....the WILLIAM MORRIS PRINTS!!! WOOOOOOOOOHOOOO!!!! I was sweating it because they weren't sure if I was going to make the cut or not...and I did! So I have GOT to get some of those quilt tops put together before I add more quilts to the stack!!'s going to be Ann & me......I am so close to getting that page done I can't stand it!

Hope your week's been smooth!


Monday, July 13, 2009

Another Weekend Past....Another Week Ahead

Here we are...the beginning of another work week. Oh how I wait for the day when my weeks are just weeks...not work-weeks! I shouldn't say 'wait'...I should say 'dream'! How I DREAM of the day when my weeks are just weeks! :o)

We had a busy weekend here in southeast SD. On Saturday, the hubs and I hit the road...headed north up I-29 to Brookings...for the annual Brookings Summer Arts Festival. I love this festival...though I don't make it up there every year. The weather was perfect.......70s and toward the end of the afternoon...when we were standing by the roasted corn the was quite hot actually! But it was a great day! I picked up a couple massive pottery coffee mugs...and a great walking stick for the collection. And now that I have three (all from this same artist) that truly DOES qualify as a collection, doesn't it? :o) Of course as I'm paying for the walking stick...the hubs says, quite sarcastically I might add, "do you collect those?" and I look at him...incredulously, and say "Honey! I DO have two of these yes...yes I do collect these." HMPH! End of that conversation! LOL

So lots of walking in my new Asics kicks on Saturday....and my feet didn't hurt....I mean...they just felt like I had been on my feet all day (which I was)...but no heel pain! YAY!

Sunday, after a lovely tex-mex brunch at Chevy's....we decided it would be fun to stride through did! And boy was it a great Goodwill day!

Yes, Paulette, that IS a springerle mold....for a BUCK! A BUCK, I say! I feel another collection coming on!! I couldn't believe it when I found that thing! The hubs found the wooden bobbins...and that platter....had to get it...chip and all. Fifty cents! It's massively huge! and OLD! and CRAZED!!! Oh I love it! And to the left you can barely spy two crock/stoneware bowls!!! The BIG one was a buck..and there's another nested inside that was .75! I couldn't believe my luck on Sunday. Both have a crack in them...but nothing major and they hold fruit and potatoes etc very well! The thrifty karma was with me on Sunday!

and then Sunday went downhill for me....when the hubs had the GRAND idea (note MY heavy sarcasm) continue to keep me out of the house and off my stitching-butt and he suggested we go hit some golfballs at the driving range. Fine. FINE! Let's GO. Man I was ticked! But I went. Long story I have a bruised and swollen knee from being hit by a random ball that someone out on the course hit...and it bounced up on to the driving range and bounced right in to the side of my knee!

BUT...that just means I can now sit on my stitching butt and stitch without being pestered to get up and DO SOMETHING! ;o) At least for a bit!

Here's my progress on Ann Rayner.

I'm going to work on her for a bit tonight....I'm seeing the end of this page I'm working I want to keep going with her!

Can't wait to see what else this week ahead brings! As always, thanks so much for stopping by!


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Dealing With My Excesses....

is a losing cause, I do believe! But from time to time I take stock...and shake my head at my excessive habits!


Nope---that's not my banner is comprised of FINISHED quilts. This picture, my friends, is the stack of TWENTY-TWO quilt tops waiting to be quilted and bound. Two-Two......ridiculous! When in the WORLD am I going to get them all done? I suppose it'll be best to just start with a few...smaller ones maybe....and get them done! I suppose a few may...MAY go off to the longarm quilter for quilting...but it gets harder and harder for me to shuck out the bucks for that! And it gets EXPENSIVE! Figure in the fact that I tend to like old looking..utilitarian quilts...and..well...the sane part of me tells myself that I could just cross-hatch quite a few of them myself on my machine. There are some LARGE ones that will probably end up at the longarmers...but I could certainly start to pare this stack down a bit. There are a couple that I've decided really just don't speak to me...and those will hopefully end up in new homes via ebay. But for the most part...I need to just dig in!

But how can I? How, I ask...when I get THIS in the mail today...

Oh yeah...yummy NPI silks....and some GASTs too......*SIGH* Excess, I know. But remember when I did a little stash enhancement? What's a girl to do when she has all those charts and doesn't really want to use DMC for all of it, AND this same girl found a very nice Ebayer that sells these great threads at a nice discounted price...well...she buys fibers! That's what this girl did anyway! I'm itching to stitch....LOTS!

I also went a little crazy with some Blackbird Designs twill stripe fabrics from Moda...purchased bolts. Love the twill stripes! So this weekend...while walking thru the sewing room..I spied the bolts postured neatly under my cutting table....excess fabric! AAACK!

So I picked five...cut a yard off each bolt....and cut 9" squares

and on Sunday I whipped together this great scrappy stripe quilt!

I had, at one time, spied a similar quilt draped across a bed in a magazine...scrappy twill stripes...and for the life of me, I could not find that dang picture! So this is from memory....but I do like it. I think it looks rather coastal! But then what else would one expect from the Blackbird Designs ladies! I love their color sense! I had thought of offering this as a kit....but it's just squares! with the stripes alternating direction. Not much to it! If you would like to make your own Coastal Stripes quilt...I'd be happy..Extremely HAPPY to share my excess of Blackbird Designs twill fabrics! I can send you one yard of each of these (5 yards for $29) and you can make your own! Call it a kit...or just call it fabric! I'm happy to pass on a great buy on the twills in order to rid myself of the excess!

Speaking of excess...........I did make another purchase....

I'm hoping THESE will help me rid myself of the excess ME! ;o)

Now tell me...WHEN am I supposed to get those quilts done?

Hope you're having a great week! And as always, thanks so much for stopping by and for your comments!


Saturday, July 04, 2009

Color Fix!

Log Rail Fence is finito...


done and ready for quilting!

A wonderful color fix for a cloudy day today!


Celebrate Our Independence!!!

Have a great, fun, sunny & safe 4th everyone!

The civil war rail log fence is almost done. It would have been done last night, but then I decided to add a piano key border with my leftover strips.....stay tuned...I should have it put together this morning..before the grill is fired up!

Thanks so much to everyone who responded about the French General items! They are being well-received! I am in serious pincushion love with the sand filled pincushion! I've put in a second order, and I should also have the matching set of 2 fabric tape measures in soon as well. Check back!

Potato salad is in the frig, cheesecake has been baked, steaks are on the ready, and we have all the fixins for s'mores around the firepit tonight. I'm sure the hubs and Jake will be heading off to buy bags of noise soon too. The dogs can hardly wait until tonight....they HATE the 4th of July and the ensuring fireworks noise!

Have a great day everyone!