Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Time for another round of "Good News / Bad News"!

GOOD NEWS: Thyroid test came back "within acceptable range"
BAD NEWS: I have no health reason for gaining weight
GOOD NEWS: Doc attributes it to perimenopause
BAD NEWS: I need to move more
GOOD NEWS: I get to buy some new walking shoes!

Anyone have a favorite pair they love? One that will be good for someone that just got over a year long battle with plantar fascitis? My little brother says I need to get a pair of good running shoes, even though I have no intention of actually running! Please let me know if you have suggestions!

GOOD NEWS: The civil war log rail fence is moving along!
BAD NEWS: No pics tonight

But I am striving for top completion BEFORE the weekend! So I'll have pics very very soon!

GOOD NEWS: Oooh La La! French General pincushions and sewing books are arriving!
BAD NEWS: French General pincushions and sewing books are arriving!

GOOD NEWS: They are wonderfully vintage French-y looking!
BAD NEWS: I LOVE them and need them both! Resistance is futile for me!
GOOD NEWS: That's a BIG pincushion! 10" x 4"!!

I am seriously in LOVE with tons of stuff that French General is doing with Moda! This is but a tip of the iceberg! I'll have bundles and kits coming later. So excited these have arrived! Special price just for my blog readers...$17.99 each, which includes shipping! As always, you can let me know if you need these too and I'm happy to enable, er, uh, I mean accommodate you!

GOOD NEWS: It's a short work-week for me due to the holiday! Tomorrow is TGIF!!!
BAD NEWS: How can there possibly be bad news attached to that!!!

Hope your week's going swell!



CabbageQuilts said...

I hope you have a better week next week, although it was good to see you didn't have all bad news! I have had a heel spur too, ouch! I went into althletes foot where they have a scanner thingy that shows what sort of shoe is best for you. I ended up with Brooks, they have been great. I hope you find a good shoe. xo

Paulette said...

I have a "bad left foot" (pinched nerve) and always have to be careful about my shoes. I find that running shoes hurt my feet (not the nerve) bc of the supports in the arches! I've had great luck with the Asics brand, and only tried them bc all the fitness people wear them in Oxygen magazine. :) I'll buy them again, bc they're the only thing that's helped.
I like CabbageQuilts' comment.. I didnt know that about Athlete's Foot!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Hey Kim! I had a Morton's Neuroma removed from both feet and had a lot of trouble with shoes - if they're too tight and narrow around my toes, they go numb. The Asics are the best I've ever used.

I would love to get two of the needlerolls! I'll email you!

Margaret said...

Ah yes, a normal thyroid. I think you should think that's good news. :D I have some New Balance shoes since I have small but a tad wide feet. They work for me! Can't wait to see your quilt! I'm going to do my best to resist the needlebook and pincushion. I'm going to try! lol! Can't wait to see what French General stuff you get in -- I want I want I want!!! (What's a good but not too expensive sewing machine???)

Marjean said...

I have had lots of foot problems lately myself. I got a pair of Asics, the trail walking shoes, OMG, they are so comfortable. They are cushy when you walk, not hard. Not the most attractive (gray and pink) but oh, so worth it.

Deb said...

Dang, why did you post the pincushion and needlebooks. I've got to have one of each. I'll email you!

I would suggest just a good pair of running shoes that feel great on your feet. I do a lot of walking (almost an hour a day) and I buy what feels best on my feet).

Laurie in Iowa said...

I was a New Balance girl until I went through a bought of plantar fascitis last year. I now wear the Asics gel brand running shoe. I no longer have foot pain and I do a lot of walking with my two very active Corgi.

I'm going to wait and see what else you're getting in from French General... I like what you've shown so far.

ohiofarmgirl said...

My sister was told her levels were in the normal range but when she went to a specialist who did a more sensitive test...she needed meds. She is doing much better...you might want to check into another opinion with a specialist. Dianntha

Ter'e said...

Kim: Finally a question I can answer! I tried Earths Vegan Glide Shoe and I am totally spoiled. It feels like going barefoot (and for this older California Gal, this is a great thing) - but you have this wonderful support. I will never go back to anything else.

I've had P.F. surg on my right foot and it tends to be a little bit on the tender side - but these shoes are a dream for that too.

Best of luck to you - wish we were all walking beside you!!!! Here is the link:
http://www.planetshoes.com/storeitems.asp?gender=Women&bc=Earth&style=athletic shoes&cc=Footwear&class=Walking

Tolentreasures said...

Love this post, sorry about the thyroid..could have been an easy fix. Well I guess that I shouldn't be sorry that you didn't have a problem but well ya know what I mean? I love New Balance shoes and actually just bought the running ones instead of the cross trainers. The only time I RUN is to chase grandchildren but I love the running ones better than the cross-trainers...wear them every day to work and I stand on concrete much of the day and they are great!