Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Shirtings Are Coming! The Shirtings Are Coming!

YAY! I'm going to be stalking the UPS dude waiting impatiently for THIS shipment! WOOOHOOO!!! The new shirtings are coming!

I'm "announcing" only because I received several emails from readers asking if I would be getting in this or that line from Moda, and the shirtings were on the list! I can say that I received notice today that they are shipping!!

And oh my goodness if you like repro fabrics and quilts...these are fanTABULOUS!

I'll have just 4 of these...

GORGEOUS fat quarter bundles ($87) and also will have a couple jelly rolls ($30). So if you're interested in 'pre-ordering', give me a shout and I'll reserve one for you! They should be here on Monday! Prices include priority shipping!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming....

I've had a few stolen moments to work on strip sets for the log fence! I think I may have to cut a few more strips.....I haven't decided just how big I want this one to be....for the bed? for the sofa? I'll know more once I get some blocks done and laid out, but I love the colors!!

It's been a hectic week and I'm ready for it to be over, but have two more days's gonna get ugly! LOL Stressful time at the office. I just figure the stress will expedite the change I'm craving. Suppose I'm having a mid-life crisis? or a-third-life-crisis...since I expect to live longer than 86! ;o) I am craving change! CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE! Gotta make it happen!

I have that lovely yearly appointment tomorrow....I plan to finally speak to the doc again about weight gain issues.....thyroid vs perimenopause etc...all that good stuff!

So with that in mind, I better get movin' and give myself that pedicure tonight I've been putting off! ;o) Then I'm going to put my newly painted toesies up and stitch on Ann!

Hope you've been enjoying your week!!!




Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Whew! Those are pretty fabrics, Kim! You almost make me want to quilt. Almost. Good luck tomorrow. I need to have the same talk with my doc. Ugh. Isn't there a magic pill? I need a pill. I surely do!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Every year, I suggest to my doc that my thyroid has to be out of whack ~ every year, he says it's fine. Guess I have other issues ~ maybe eating too much!! Good luck!

Margaret said...

What about William Morris fabbies? :D HMMMM? I know you said you'd get them. and all the others I want. I'm waiting! lol! I know, they're not out yet....

I have thyroid problems. Always good to check on that just in case. I actually found myself with tight-fitting jeans, which prompted me to "diet." I don't do diets well. But I have lost weight, which is good! I can't ever see myself losing tons of weight though. No will power!

Can't wait to see your quilt! Hope the rest of the week treats you better -- I hate stress!

Shirtings.... Hmmmmmm.......

Jan said...

Kimmie, here is hoping that your week, including that talk to the doc, give you the answers and results you are needing. Like Margaret I too have thyroid problems, and just so you know it is most usually genetic. My mother and my daughter have it as well as me.

Hope the stressload at work is relieved bigtime!!

Lovely fabrics, know they will sell like hotcakes!!


Kim said...

Oh dear, I suspect that Ms. Perimenopause has come to visit. Takes more frequent and longer walks to keep up, not to mention the change of diet. :( Nothing gets past Ms. Peri, lol. The saying is that change will do you good. there new employment in your future? :) I know this Moda fabric you chose is going to be a delight. Moda just never fails to be the quality you can rely on. Well, had my pedicure and now it's time to be off for some well deserved playtime. Hope you can do the same this weekend!

Loraine said...

Great fabrics Kim! Wish my stash pile wasn't oozing out of my closet. I would grab those up, and stash them away. I'm sitting here blogging, when I have several quilts that I'm suppose to be working on. (big sigh).
Hope you found out good news from the Doc, like they have something to fix the weight gain. Most likely it will be the same old line... eat right and exercise. That's about the cure-all for everything isn't it?
The problem with stitcher's is that we would so much rather sew than get all sweaty!

Have a great day!

Maren said...

You have got a lot of really, really beautiful fabric here. Good luck with your Dr. appt. I hate having those kinds of discussions.

Tolentreasures said...

I have the same weight issues..take thyroid medicine and always trying to convince the doc to up it! I always say if I gain ten pounds every year, my face will not wrinkle! New clothes every year also! Look at the bright side and good luck.