Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

Hope you're having a grand Sunday and a nice Mother's Day! Whether you're a mom...or you have one (ha! don't we all!)'s been a great Sunday here!

It's been quite the of my mother's day gifts was the fact that dear daughter moved back in this weekend after horrendous heartbreak bestowed upon her by her first 'real love' of the last 3 what's a mother to do. I DID, just last weekend, get the last of her brother's things out of the basement bedroom. He picked them up last week and transported them to his new place...and the VERY NEXT was decided that Ashley could temporarily take the space in the basement until she gets an apartment of her own lined up. Happy Mother's Day! :o)

So we got her all moved in yesterday. Then today the hubs loaded up and headed out for a week away...this time for work. Rather than commute 2 hours each way every day...he's going to stay up at the jobsite he headed out this morning. Then Brennan came over and took me to Panera Bread for a nice Mother's Day lunch...Ashley came too. Jake had to work....don't you know that Burger King is just SWAMPED on Mother's Day? ha! That's what the manager acted like anyway when he asked Jake to work all day today. It was so nice just hanging out and enjoying a nice lunch.

Later in the day Ashley and I toured a couple furniture stores....I am on the hunt for a fabulous new chair to rest my fanny whilst I stitch! Right now I have a huge overstuffed recliner and I HATE it. It's the back is about 8" higher than my head! And since it's overstuffed, I feel like I'm sitting with forward-head posture all the time! I don't recline back in it...just use the foot rest. So I think a nice regular chair with an ottoman would be better!

I love this one

I'm seriously considering it. I could get $100 off between now and Saturday, so I need to make a decision! I love the pattern....the color....I do like it!

While I didn't leave with the chair....I LOVE hitting up the clearance section of those furniture stores and found this!

The tag says it's a wooden vase. It's about 10" in diameter...heavy....GREAT color....29.99......and I got it for 75% OFF!!! WOOOOOOOHOOO!!! $7.66! Happy Mother's Day to me! Dear daughter asked me what I was going to DO with it? HUH? Who needs to know THAT? It's a fabulous deal and will look great up on a shelf. I actually thought of getting 3 of them...because I can see them up on top of a bookcase..all 3 lined up in a row. We'll see. I may have to get back to Slumberland! ;o)

I'll keep you posted on the chair decision! In the meantime, what's YOUR favorite spot for stitching? Do you have a particular chair? A particular set-up? If so, I'd love to hear what your stitching corner is like!



Margaret said...

Nice chair/ottoman! And the vase -- great deal! Hope the DD is doing ok after her breakup -- and that the mother is doing ok with her being back in the house too. :D

My stitching corner is literally a corner of my bedroom. I sit in a nice Mission style rocker with stuffed leather back and seat. Nice little table by my side for my stitching necessities. Ott lite at the ready. I love my little corner.

Anonymous said...

Happy Mothers Day Kimmmmmm!! :)

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Go for that chair, Kim! I love it and I think it'd be perfect! The arms are low enough that you won't have your elbows up too high and it looks really comfy! Good luck to your DD and to you too!

Siobhan said...

Happy Mama's Day, a day late! :) I love the chair--I say go for it.

Hope your daughter's doing better!

Deb said...

I definitely like that chair and ottoman. It looks like it will be oh, so comfortable. My favorite stitching chair is a leather chaise lounge chair that I bought last year when we replaced our family room furniture. I love it and everyone know to stay the heck away from it! LOL :) Happy Mother's Day (a day late - sorry!)

Jan said...

The chair is fantastic, Kimmie, as is the ottoman, which to me would be the perfect addition..if I can't put my feet up when stitching, something just doesn't seem right. I have a loveseat that matches my sofa, with a matching ottoman, in my family room. I can slink down in it if I choose to, or sit up straighter, it is quite comfy!

Sorry about your DD's hearbreak, hoping that her move back home works out for everyone.

Happy Momma's Day late, Sweetie!:)

Paulette said...

Hi Kim! I hope DD is Ashley is doing a little better. :( And how nice of your oldest babies to take you to lunch! :)

I haven't yet found the perfect stitching place as far as comfort goes, but for all-around "ambience," I find my living room couch to be quite cozy. The room is bright and the walls are - eek! - white. But I do love white. :)