Friday, May 01, 2009

And How Was YOUR Day?

Mine was great! Forget the fact that the tree pollen is wreaking absolute HAVOC with me....drainage is AWFUL....OMG...Claritin's not cutting it. That's what I get for leaving the house and driving around with the windows down! But it was soooo nice! And it was FRIDAY! And I was OFF from WORK! So the pups and I ran errands here and there and everywhere...enjoying the sunshiney day!

One trip was to Goodwill....I had to go on a handthrown pottery rescue's been a while. LOL I always have to pick up the handthrown pottery! I have no pics...they're all wrapped nicely in their packing paper so as not to break on the way home...but trust stuff was found!

Then it was on to Hobby Lobby....check out the frames...for the Peace eagle applique quilt project. SCORE! Poster frames 1/2 off with glass! YEAH! Perfect! And I found exactly what I was looking for............whatdya think?

I took Margaret's advice and ended up just framing the quilting...nothing. Actually that happened by accident because I came home and was centering the top in the frame to see how it was going to look...and...well....yeah. It looked great! And besides..there is no way this would have fit in the frame nicely had it been layered with backing and batting and quilted. There's not enough clearance. So I'm perfectly okay with it!

I can mark that off my list!

I actually haven't even made it down to the studio to sew yet! Can you believe it!? But I did stitch a bit this evening and here's my progress on the BBD sampler

I'm not sweating the 'no sewing' thing IS, after all, ONLY Friday! Wooooohooo!!!

Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings! Hope your day was grand!



Siobhan said...

Oooh, I love the framed quilt top! YGG! It looks fantastic. Great progress on the BBD, too. I have a weakness for pottery, too, especially if it's hand made.

Margaret said...

The quilt top looks fantastic! I love the frame! I'm glad you're pleased with how it looks. :D Your BBD mystery looks great too! Hope your allergies get better - and you get to sew some this weekend!

Kim said...

The frame works very well and it is done! Nice that you found the frame on sale, leaves the savings for more quilty and stitching fun.

Jan said...

I love it, Kimmie!!! And you BBD not so mystery is really coming along!!

But I am pouting, I wanted to see that POTTERY!!:):)

Deb said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day (with the exception of the allergies). I love your frame! I'll have to check out Hobby Lobby when it opens here. Can't wait to see what pottery finds you came across. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and get a lot of stuff done!

Paulette said...

Absolutely gorgeous eagle! And oh my HEAVENS - the Blackbird piece is coming along beautifully!!