Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another Saturday Treasure Hunt and the Next Quilt

What a glorious day it was today here in South Dakota! Just beautiful...I dare say perfect! Emmitt's on the mend! YAY! Thanks for your comments on the little guy! He's tough...but we won't be taking that walking route again. Even on a super nice day like today!

It was such a nice day that Dear Daughter and I decided to venture out to run errands and treasure hunt! Well...she didn't really decide to treasure hunt, but that's what happens when you ride along with mom!

First stop was the post office to drop off some stop---Starbucks...Can you say Venti Chai Tea Frap! OH MY! Run and get one! You will LOVE it!!! After driving thru the Great Green to the bread store to get some fresh baked bread. Then the treasure hunt began. We hit my usual haunts and picked up a few goodies...but then...THEN we went to the Y's Buys thrift's been open for quite a while but I've just never made it in for a visit. I figured things would be a little more high-priced because they renovated a large old grocery store space...and it looked really nice so figured maybe not so many bargains to be had. WRONG!

I found these cool little boxes to add to my collection...

I love the inlay resembles patchwork, no? :o)

And THEN I was giddy when I spied both of these original paintings.....granted they don't actually GO together, though they obviously were owned by the same person and that person had them framed the same...

I will not be hanging them together, but I LOVE them! $4.99 each!!!! WOWZERS! Love!!!

But the SCORE....the big winner of the day...........this

lovely old drop leaf table!!! Came with two leafs (leaves) but I'm not looking to expand this beauty. Of course it's a project...would I come home with anything less? LOL But here's the best part.........$39.99 I could not believe my eyes! I raced home...bribed the hubs into cleaning out the back of his truck and off we went to bring this beauty home! I can see it painted a nice flat black...or???? maybe something else! Any suggestions for the overhaul? I'd love to hear from you!

I did get the next quilt ready for sewing......

Oooooh...jumbo ric rac!!!! Oooooh...aaaaah...April Cornell summery plaids!!!

More to come.........


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Warning! Contains Mild Language, Brief Nudity (Doggy) & S.E.X (Stash Enhancement eXperience)

Well we had quite the day yesterday! Whew! Poor Emmitt.....yes...he's the one that's going to have his 'business' posted here in blogland for all the world to see.

We were out for a long work-out walk...Emmitt and I...yesterday...enjoying the fabulous weather...mapped out a nice long walk..a new route. Emmitt was trotting along...everything was just peachy...birds were singing...sun was was good! Until we got to the 5500 block of 37th & Gibson. *SIGH* We're walking along, Emmitt on his leash checking out all the new surroundings....and I spy a somewhat elderly gentleman out grooming his shrubs....with his faithful companion of a monster of a large yellow lab beside him....UNLEASHED!! Emmitt did not spy this I stopped walking and thought it best if I scooped up Emmitt and carried him past this danger zone. No sooner did I bend down and put my arms under Emmitt, this beast of a dog was ON ATTACKING him! Poor Emmitt!! He didn't see it coming...and it happened so fast! Damn dog! That lab had Emmitt in his jaws...and started to whip it's head with Emmitt in his teeth! Emmitt's yelping, I can't BELIEVE this is happening and start yelling..thinking I'm going to have a mangled bloody dog when this ends.....and finally (though I'm sure it was mere felt longer)..FINALLY the man came and pulled his dog off of Emmitt. The man felt horrible...he was so apologetic and was just beside himself and almost..ALMOST as upset as I was! We checked him out...and he seemed fine. We thought the lab had his legs.....but then once I got Emmitt home (yeah..the walk ended at that point)...we checked him out and discovered this...

The lab actually had Emmitt's GUT in her mouth....note the puncture wounds and the bruising today. Poor little guy. Needless to say he was freaked...and is still spooked a bit. But it doesn't seem any blood was drawn....Emmitt's tough little skin won out over evil lab teeth this time. I daresay his ribcage helped stop any damage as well. He did 'shart' himself a bit during the altercation, but that's excusable I would say! ;o)

Nothing like holiday excitement huh!?

Today I had more excitement! Packages! I love getting packages---don't you? "S"tash "E"nhancement e"X"periences are wonderful! And I received a couple today!

First up...

Remember this post where I was ga-ga over Sue Spargo's Mercer Lane quilt! Forget that it was over a year ago....I do make big plans...just takes me a while to get things going sometimes! I was so excited to find out that the sweet gals over at Yellow Bird Art would kit it up for me!!! So I've been stalking my post office box waiting for this....


It's HERE!!! A bag full of dyed wool goodness and trims and who the heck knows what else! I haven't opened it completely and dug in to it yet!! YAY!!! I'm a sucker for packaging and freebies! And they do not disappoint on either of those! Look at this cute little baggie of goodies!

I love the fabric square and the YELLOW BIRD! How clever! I wonder if they send these out with each and every order? Could be a cool quilt if you get this with every order! And chocolate..and a funky button!

Very nice! I check out their website often and love their funky look.....and it's only a 4 hours drive from me, so ...Hey! Paulette! When we do our road trip..maybe we need to go across northern Iowa! Just a thought...

And I found this oldie but goodie on Ebay!

I tend to have an eclectic appetite when it comes to lots of things, and quilts are no exception. I love primitive, I love civil war repros, I love funky, I love Kaffe, I love Asian prints, I love artsy quilts. And I can see some of these cool prim Red Wagon patterns done up in funky Kaffe fabrics for a fun twist! Maybe not specific quilts out of THIS book, but definitely I see it in my future!

And so I'll end my rambling post...and I'm off to pick up a needle! I promise BBD progress pics soon! Hope everyone's weekend was a little less eventful than Emmitt's! ;o)


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Power-less Naps and Quilt Progress

It's been a good start to a long weekend! Power outage not withstanding! This morning I was standing in the kitchen and was shaken by a huge loud the LOUDEST car backfire you've ever heard! And then no power. Great....oh to the grocery store I went..and the post office...came back and still no power. Fired up the grill and grilled some chicken breasts and fixed a delicious salad complete with goat cheese, pecans, craisins, mandarin oranges, mixed greens, the grilled chicken breast and strawberry vinaigrette dressing. Yum! Still no power after that.

Well what's a girl to do when she's all ready to quilt but cannot spend quality time with the Bernina? Take a leisurely nap of course! And that's just what I did! And the time I got up power had been restored. :o)

I did get to spend some time with the Bernina this evening and have the 'guts' of the Neptune quilt done...

I loved this Moda line when I saw it..had to have it.....made this from one jelly roll. I'm hoping I'm going to be able to find yardage of the print I want for the border! This is kind of a departure for that it's almost to the point of pastel...and there's PINK in there! ICK! I do not do pastel nor this was a calming departure for me. But don't look for many more in this palette from me! ;o) I need funky COLOR!!!

I've got a pile of fabrics by the ironing board waiting to be readied for cutting.....a super easy and casual summer quilt that has plaids and jumbo ric rac is next up!! And then after that..I think I'll be ready to settle down with something that has a little more substance and not so super simple. Maybe. With the full-time job...seems that super simple has been my forte' lately, mostly so I can see finished quilt tops! But sometimes I just get this log-jam of quilts in my head....and since they're relatively easy, well, I just figure I may as well whip them out and THEN concentrate on something a little more difficult. And as a rule, I *NEVER* have more than one quilt cut and in piecing progress at a time. I just like working on one at a time. So it's been simple piecing lately.

Since I've had that lovely nap this afternoon, I'm not really ready for I'll pick up my needle and get to work on the BBD piece! Hopefully will see a finish soon! I'm almost done with part 4..and no I decided against flipping part 4 and part 5, but rather will stick with my original plan to enhance it a bit to make it blend more readily.

Thanks for the compliments on my sampler wall! The Adam & Eve pieces brought a lot of questions....the long narrow one to the left is my Readers Digest Shortened & Condensed version of Threads of Gold's DHS 1800 sampler. And the smaller Adam & Eve piece is Sarah Siefer by The Goode Huswife. I love A&E samplers!! You hear me Paulette..... ;o)

Hope your Saturday was power-filled and fun!!


Friday, May 22, 2009


Wooooooohoooooooooooo!!!! It's Friday! YEAH! The weather is lovely right now.....birds chirping and a pleasant breeze.....aaaaah....I'm enjoying my second cup of coffee, though I need to get my arse in the shower and get ready for work.

We're hopeful it will be a short day at the office and we get 'early release' today! Keep your fingers crossed for me! ;o)

I've got two quilts bouncing around in my of them came out for a bit last night, as I sat and did the first sewing session...both relatively simple, though not Turning Twenty big & simple! I'm confident by the end of the weekend I'll have another top complete and another on the way to completion!

In other news, I've stitched a little on the BBD sampler, though with temps in the high 90s the past couple days, and my absolute refusal to turn the A/C on in MAY in South Dakota, I haven't felt much like having cotton travel thru my fingers! But it's moving along! I'll show pics later!

In the meantime, everyone have a fantabulous Friday!!!


Monday, May 18, 2009

And The Winner Is.......

"Emmitt's so cute! Love your sideboard too! And your quilt -- simple but pretty colors. I'd love to win your scraps, of course. :D My weekend is being taken up with DS's orchestra auditions, DD's ballet alumni dance, etc etc etc. Hopefully a bit of stitching too, as well as some tennis watching thrown in."


Margaret....Random Number Generator chose your number 8! Wooohoo! YOU get the scraps and I get a cleaned off cutting table!! ;o) Please send me your address (again!) and I will send off a nice little package to you!

Jan---this is for you, since you so nicely asked me to post a pic of the samplers on the wall...

If you click on the picture you'll get a nicer close up view. Now I can't remember them all off the top of my head......I know Time & Season...and Marriage of Minds...Alpha Bird...Aires of the Green...a pair from Scarlet Letter....and several others. If you really want to know a specific one...I'll take some time to actually figure them out! Thanks for the interest! :o)

As always, thanks for the kinds words and comments! Stay tuned for more giveaways!

I hope your Monday went by as quickly as day closer to Friday and a long holiday weekend! Wooohoo!!!!


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday Happenings & A Giveaway!

Well Happy Saturday!!! Hope everyone's having a fabulous weekend! I know I am! Have been getting lots done!

A little housecleaning was had this thrown open...threw caution to the wind as far as allergies go...needed a breeze! It was fabulous!

There's nothing like a clean kitchen....with a bundt cake on the table! And look...

doesn't it look lovely under glass? I tend to pick up these domed cake lids, sans cakestand, every time I run across one at Goodwill. They come in so handy, fit nicely on a plate....great for covering a cake (DUH!) but also great to cover things outdoors now that picnic season and dining al fresco season is upon us! They're usually really inexpensive. I find them for .50 up to 2.00. Love 'em!

Took Emmitt for his summer 'do'...

how handsome is this guy? This cut will last all summer! Gotta love that!

Since the addition of the new/old sideboard...things have been coming out of the closet!!! YAY!

I picked up that little pottery lamp a year or so ago on a junkin' day with my pal, Kimm. $2.00 and came WITH a shade! It's been hibernating up in the hall closet...waiting patiently for it's debut...and here it is!

Last month there was a huge neighborhood rummage, and the hubs and I ventured out one evening...and found that cute little rusty dog thing...he had to have it and I thought it was pretty cool for a buck! And we all know I am THE foster home for orphaned pottery..there's a little piece there beside the rusted dog.

And oh! So excited to be able to get these great Fair Trade baskets out of the closet!!

Aren't they cool!?!!? I love them! They were an ebay find...

They're kinda quilty!

And this guy...well...

I picked him up at a Goodwill down in Bedford, Texas....he didn't look like this though...and I wasn't sharp enough to take a 'before' pic..but trust me...he was an icky light wood color....resin...but I did a matte black coating, and then a wash of white paint and some distressing....
I like him and he loves his new spot on the sideboard!

I also finished putting together the Turning Twenty quilt....and it' fabulous....

I'm hopeful that I'll send this one out and have some fabulous longarm design put on it that will make it come alive. I still love the tone of the fabrics...just...the quilt design is maybe a LITTLE too simple for the sedate prints. I don't know. But anyhoooo.....

Emmitt's tucked in his favorite spot for the evening....

and I'm going to settle in with the Blackbird Designs sampler and try and pound out some progress so I have something to show you next time!

In the meantime, on the quilting front, I've already decided on the next TWO quilt projects......but first, before I can begin cutting...I've got to clear my cutting table, and that's where the giveaway comes in to play.

If you're interested in the scraps from my last few quilts....meager scraps but still useable....

just leave a comment on how your weekend's going! I'll draw a 'winner' on Monday!

Enjoy the rest of your today!


Friday, May 15, 2009

Fruitful Friday! we are at another weekend! YAY! The work day went fine....passed fairly quickly I guess. That's always nice!

After work it was time for a trip to the vet for Emmitt....

"WHERE are we going?"

On the way to the vet....I drove by a garage sale...

tis the season and I love scavenging for bargains and unique items!!! But no time to appointment was waiting...

Time for his vaccinations......all's well with the little footstool. ;o) Tomorrow he gets groomed...his summer schnauzer cut....going to a new groomer so stay tuned to see how he turns out!!!??!?! EEEEEK!

I was bestowed a bag of that good ol' Amish Friendship Bread starter from a sweet coworker at the office...and today was the day to turn it into bread.

If you've never made this's super easy and you can pretty much dump anything in to the sourdough starter. This time around I opted for pineapple and coconut....

and it is yummy!!!

After the baking session I couldn't stand it any longer and I trudged back up the street to the garage sale. I picked up a couple nice Wearever copper molds...fruit shaped!! A cluster of grapes and a fabulous condition! 50 cents each! Score! :o) They were in a "50 cents box" under some pillows. I was tickled to find them!

Oh....and this came home with me......or rather the kind guys were nice enough to load it up and deliver it...

I'm pleased....$75! solid! dovetail joints in the drawer....sound! I'm sure eventually it will see a coat of paint maybe, but for now I'm just thrilled that it fits perfectly on the wall I had envisioned it on....and the wood matches my burl wood frames! So I will enjoy it in it's "I've Got Some History" state for now!

I've been drinking Starbucks House Blend since 9:00PM! yes...P M.....I think I'll head downstairs and get that quilt top put together! Creative updates tomorrow!!!

Thanks, as always, for stopping by and for your comments! :o)


Monday, May 11, 2009

Calling All Stitchers!

As I sit here feverishly working on the BBD sampler...hoping to finish it this month...I can't help but let my mind wander to several BBBAPs waiting to be started....and so many of those big, big, big ass projects are in the SDW sampler....And They Sinned.....Frances Burwell.....these projects, I feel, call for stitching on a frame. I typically use a tension hoop....suffering from hoop-hand from time to time...but I think since those 3 aforementioned projects are big and will take some time, I need to use a scroll frame.

So I am putting a call out to all you stitchers that love stitching on frames! What's your absolute favorite frame.....brand, size, style, lap or floor or both! Tell me why and please also help me by telling me what to look out for and what NOT to get! I'm all ears and can't wait to hear from you!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

Hope you're having a grand Sunday and a nice Mother's Day! Whether you're a mom...or you have one (ha! don't we all!)'s been a great Sunday here!

It's been quite the of my mother's day gifts was the fact that dear daughter moved back in this weekend after horrendous heartbreak bestowed upon her by her first 'real love' of the last 3 what's a mother to do. I DID, just last weekend, get the last of her brother's things out of the basement bedroom. He picked them up last week and transported them to his new place...and the VERY NEXT was decided that Ashley could temporarily take the space in the basement until she gets an apartment of her own lined up. Happy Mother's Day! :o)

So we got her all moved in yesterday. Then today the hubs loaded up and headed out for a week away...this time for work. Rather than commute 2 hours each way every day...he's going to stay up at the jobsite he headed out this morning. Then Brennan came over and took me to Panera Bread for a nice Mother's Day lunch...Ashley came too. Jake had to work....don't you know that Burger King is just SWAMPED on Mother's Day? ha! That's what the manager acted like anyway when he asked Jake to work all day today. It was so nice just hanging out and enjoying a nice lunch.

Later in the day Ashley and I toured a couple furniture stores....I am on the hunt for a fabulous new chair to rest my fanny whilst I stitch! Right now I have a huge overstuffed recliner and I HATE it. It's the back is about 8" higher than my head! And since it's overstuffed, I feel like I'm sitting with forward-head posture all the time! I don't recline back in it...just use the foot rest. So I think a nice regular chair with an ottoman would be better!

I love this one

I'm seriously considering it. I could get $100 off between now and Saturday, so I need to make a decision! I love the pattern....the color....I do like it!

While I didn't leave with the chair....I LOVE hitting up the clearance section of those furniture stores and found this!

The tag says it's a wooden vase. It's about 10" in diameter...heavy....GREAT color....29.99......and I got it for 75% OFF!!! WOOOOOOOHOOO!!! $7.66! Happy Mother's Day to me! Dear daughter asked me what I was going to DO with it? HUH? Who needs to know THAT? It's a fabulous deal and will look great up on a shelf. I actually thought of getting 3 of them...because I can see them up on top of a bookcase..all 3 lined up in a row. We'll see. I may have to get back to Slumberland! ;o)

I'll keep you posted on the chair decision! In the meantime, what's YOUR favorite spot for stitching? Do you have a particular chair? A particular set-up? If so, I'd love to hear what your stitching corner is like!


Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Where Has The Week Gone (aka It's Almost FRIDAY!)

Welll....this week's getting away from me and I haven't blogged in a while! I soooo thoroughly enjoyed my 4 days in a row was a tough TOUGH Tuesday at the office.....but then today was Wednesday and got through I see a light at the end of the tunnel and it's called "5:00 on Friday"!

I finished up the long weekend with some more stitching on the BBD piece.....didn't get as far along as I'd like, but still progressing! I'm thinking of switching the order....and doing part 4 as part 3 and part 3 as part 4! Whatdya think about that? Then it will start with the alphabet and end with the verse....I think it'll look more balanced!

In other news......I came home at lunch and was greeted by two large Moda boxes courtesy of the brown truck. YAY!

Lots of yummy plaids and then{{whisper*christmas*whisper}} lines. I know, I KNOOOOW! It's not even Memorial Day.....let alone July! But the fabbies are coming! Check out my ebay link to the right to see what's new!

In other news...Alice over at Folk Art Primitives has started a new rug and it's making me REALLY want to get started with what's certain to be a new fiber obsession!!! But first I'll need to finish up the Turning Twenty quilt that's all cut out and waiting to be pieced together...AND I want to get a few quilts cranked through the Bernina and get some done! I'm just sure I'll be getting a call soon from the machine quilter saying I have several quilts ready! It's been a while since I dropped them hopefully that call will come soon and I'll have some FINISHED as in QUILTED quilts to show you!

Hope your week's going along smoothly!!!


Saturday, May 02, 2009

Another One Marked Off the List

Well hello and Happy Saturday Night!! It was a lazy morning....I actually slept IN until 8:30! I guess that's what happens when you take a Benadryl at midnight....I slept like a baby!

So it was a lazy morning pretty was so sunny and nice-looking outside but I didn't dare go out.....the constant coughing had subsided in the night, so no sense in adding allergens to the mix!

This afternoon, I finally made it downstairs to the studio and yep....I got the quilt put together!

I almost stopped right here....

because I realized after it was too late that I didn't have enough of the batik for the heck....what would be wrong with just two borders? But I took a break from it and then ended up going back down and finishing it up with cornerstones..

I like the fix! I do like how this turned out...and I did use setting #2, as you can see. I think what was throwing me off a bit was all the LIGHTS! So I do think after this is quilted, I'm going to overdye it and calm down the lights a bit. But I like the addition of the warm golden-green batik as the border....warms things up a little...and I love that fabric paired with the vivid saturated blue!

Sam likes it too....

Next up.....

Turning Twenty with these fabulous Andover fabrics! No lights here! YEAH! :o) After I took this pic, I continued to go ahead and press these beauties while rockin' out and dancin' around the studio to my Train cd collection! C' dance around your studio too, don't you? When nobody's watching? Sure you do! It's aerobic activity! MUST dance around the sewing room! And it's FUN!

The kitchen's cleaned up....and now I'm getting ready to work on the BBD sampler! Aaaaaaah! A Happy Saturday it is!


Friday, May 01, 2009

And How Was YOUR Day?

Mine was great! Forget the fact that the tree pollen is wreaking absolute HAVOC with me....drainage is AWFUL....OMG...Claritin's not cutting it. That's what I get for leaving the house and driving around with the windows down! But it was soooo nice! And it was FRIDAY! And I was OFF from WORK! So the pups and I ran errands here and there and everywhere...enjoying the sunshiney day!

One trip was to Goodwill....I had to go on a handthrown pottery rescue's been a while. LOL I always have to pick up the handthrown pottery! I have no pics...they're all wrapped nicely in their packing paper so as not to break on the way home...but trust stuff was found!

Then it was on to Hobby Lobby....check out the frames...for the Peace eagle applique quilt project. SCORE! Poster frames 1/2 off with glass! YEAH! Perfect! And I found exactly what I was looking for............whatdya think?

I took Margaret's advice and ended up just framing the quilting...nothing. Actually that happened by accident because I came home and was centering the top in the frame to see how it was going to look...and...well....yeah. It looked great! And besides..there is no way this would have fit in the frame nicely had it been layered with backing and batting and quilted. There's not enough clearance. So I'm perfectly okay with it!

I can mark that off my list!

I actually haven't even made it down to the studio to sew yet! Can you believe it!? But I did stitch a bit this evening and here's my progress on the BBD sampler

I'm not sweating the 'no sewing' thing IS, after all, ONLY Friday! Wooooohooo!!!

Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings! Hope your day was grand!