Sunday, April 05, 2009

What a Drag!

What a drag that the weekend is drawing to a close! It was a great Sunday...the sun was shining, which means the remnants of our snowfall from yesterday melted off in huge sliding clumps! Heck..I bet it'll all be gone tomorrow! YAY!

So it was a nice relaxing day.

There was baking....The hubs requested homemade peanut butter cookies...

I obliged.

I was in the mood to bake a cake from scratch.......complete with chocolate buttercream frosting...

Yum! I resisted plunging my fingers in the bowl after the photo shoot! ;o)

There was kitchen clean-up.....there was napping.............there was laundry...and also some stitching.

Another progress shot on the Blackbird Designs piece! I plan to have the first installment of the mystery done tomorrow! YAY!

I probably could have gotten more done tonight....but what a DRAG! My NEEDLE! UGH! It started dragging through the linen...losing it's slickery finish..and YUCK that's a horrid feeling under hand! I don't know exactly what type of needle it was...I need to keep better track of the needles that work for me and those that don't! I know it was a blunt tapestry....which made it difficult to feed thru the stitches on the back. I hate that! But even more I hate when the slickery finish wears off! So tell you have a most very favorite needle for your stitching? If so, please share why you like it, what brand it is, etc. I would love to be armed with some experienced stitcher knowledge before I purchase more needles. I have them laying all around the house, but if there's one or two better than the others....I'm all over it! Would love to hear your needle preferences!

I'm off to tidy up a bit before heading to bed. I hope everyone had a glorious Sunday!!



Margaret said...

your BBD mystery is looking great! And Those cookies and the frosting -- yum! As for needles, I use John James tapestry petites 28. nothing else. They do break sometimes after a long period of use, but they're nice. This site has them in bulk -- or at least they did. By bulk, I mean 50.
I like small needles. Use a size 12 quilting needle for hand quilting. :D

Jan said...

A baking weekend for you too, huh, Kimmie? I baked too, choco chippers and an oatmeal cake. Sent most of it home with the scavengers, but made sure I left some for myself to snack on, like I need it! GRIEF!!

Anyway, love your Mystery Sampler, it is looking ever so pretty. I usually use Piecemaker needles, haven't had any trouble with losing the finish on them, but once in awhile the eye will get bent a little. When that happens and it is rare, I just get another one.

Littlebit said...
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Littlebit said...

Oh, Kim..I crave peanut butter cookes, and buttercream frosting is my all-time favorite! OMG, that looks so yummy! Paulette and I use Piecemakers #28. I can use a needle for'll get lost before it breaks or the finish wears off. I have heard that lotions/creams with lanolin will cause the finish to wear off, though I have no proof..sorry..had to delete other post because the whole thing did not go through..please pass the milk...MM

Tolentreasures said...

The cookies and the frosting look yummy. I wish I knew what needles worked also! I hate that feeling of it sticking.


Laurie in Iowa said...

The cookies look yummy! I use John James Petites, either 26 or 28 depending on the count of the linen. I prefer a short needle... a regular size needle requires too much effort... like tryimg to push the thread through the linen with a shovel.

Siobhan said...

YUMM!! The cookies, the frosting... my mouth is watering! Your BBD mystery is coming along great! YGG! I bought all the supplies for it, then decided not to do it, and now I'm waffling again, after seeing how pretty yours is!

As for needles, I am much the same as you--I buy whatever. I prefer using 28s, but on 30 ct or 32 ct I'll use a 26. I have Susan Bates, John James & Piecemakers in my drawer and just stick the needle back in the packet whenever I'm finished with it. I hate the feeling when the coating flakes off, though!

Leah said...

Hi Kim, I just wanted to let you know that I received your package today. The goodies are simply gorgeous. Thank you so much!!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Oooh I had to scroll right past your yummy baking I'm hungry right now!

AS for the needles... try the 28's from Piecemaker you will never use another needle again! The best description I can give you is like a hot knife in butter!

Paulette said...

Yep, I currently use 28 Piecemakers, but I did have the finish wear off of one while on a mega stitching spree on Dutch Beauty. I can't stand it when that happens! I've used John James, DMC, Mary Arden (?)... I haven't necessarily noticed that one is longer-lasting than the other bc I haven't been paying attention! But I'm definitely going to start now!