Thursday, April 09, 2009

Well...It's Been a Week!

I'm so glad tomorrow's Friday! It's been a tiring week....nothing worse than a slow day at the office....doesn't that just make the day drag on and on? Yes...yes it does. And it seems like about 4:00 or so...a nice tension headache starts...and by the time I get home...I'm headachey and tired and in a semi-comatose state! But...I'm not going to whine about it! :o)

I have been getting a little stitching in this week. And I must say...I am LOVING working on this Blackbird Designs mystery-that's-not! Here's my progress...

Wooohoo! The stitching bug has hit me again! I tend to go in spurts it seems......massive quantities of stitching.......massive quantities of stitching (thought it's been a LONG time since that's been the case)...and no quilting! But to give both a fair amount of attention....quilt AND sampler....I have already tapped tomorrow to be Flag Day Farm Friday! :o) I'm going to get busy on that Americana quilt beauty and see how much I can get done! Although the sampler will be calling my name....I will work at least a bit on the quilt! I think it won't take long to get it put together! I just got a little sidetracked with the stitching and besides...when I get home and have a's just nice to put my feet up and spend some time with some handwork. Tomorrow I will let the hummmmm of my Bernina calm my weary self and go in to the weekend working on the quilt!

Thanks for the feedback on the needles! I have some John James Petites in 26 and 28 on the way. Hopefully they'll get here tomorrow because this latest tapestry needle is once again losing finish. I wish I knew what the brand was so I never purchase them again! But it was a lone needle in my needlecase. I'm also going to have to try those Piecemakers! :o)

If the needles arrive tomorrow...that also means stash will arrive. *SIGH* I've done a little binging. I'll share when it arrives. :o)

Thanks again for all the comments and needle suggestions! I really appreciate it! Until next time...



Karoline said...

Your Mystery is looking gorgeous, great progress

Margaret said...

Love how your mystery is shaping up! Oh, and BTW, the only time I have to worry about the finish on my John James needles is during the summer when I sweat more. :D

Jan said...

Love how your non-mystery is coming along, Kimmie! Enjoy your new needles, if I think about it next week, will send you some Piecemakers to try out!:)

Paulette said...

AAACK!! You MUST share with me what stash you got!!!! You simply MUST, I say!!!

Great job on the Mystery-that's-not! It's GORGEOUS!!!!