Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Quilt Pieced, A Dog Trimmed, A Saturday Well Spent!

Good evening, Blogland! :o) Well...I just finished pressing the Flag Day Farm quilt top! YAY! Done!! I was almost thinking it wouldn't happen this weekend, but in no time...finite!

Earlier today I cleaned the house....ran some errands....worked on a painting/distressing project...then decided Emmitt needed a haircut...he was starting to look like a little Mini-Harry & The Hendersons sasquatch! I kid you not! So he got a haircut and a bath......

It's been a great day! The weather was soooo nice out! I just put the jello ambrosia salad in the frig...and put together a huge communal Easter basket for the family! The eggs are boiled...the ham is in the fridge waiting for the oven tomorrow. All the kids will be here..with friends in tow too. So we'll have a house full!

I'm hopped up on strong iced tea.....and it's almost 11:00PM! Sooo...I'm going to pick up a needle and work a little on my BBD piece!

Happy Easter & Passover everyone!



Tolentreasures said...

Love your quilt! Glad that you got lots done yesterday, aren't Saturdays like that wonderful?


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Emmitt looks clean and happy! Your quilt top is wonderful!!! You got a LOT done! Have a happy Easter!

Margaret said...

Wow! How do you get so much done? And double wow -- I just love that quilt!!!!!! I need me a new sewing machine...... :(

Jan said...

You amaze me, Kimmie...just so multi-faceted and quick at everything!! Love, love that quilt and Emmitt looks pretty good too!LOL

Me too, house full, ham ready to pop in oven and rest of Easter fare to see to! Have a happy one, Kim!

ske3my said...

love the quilt ... as well as your stitching on the bbd piece ... wish i could be half has productive ... thanks for sharing the great pics .. karen ca

Littlebit said...'s absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I love it! MM

Karoline said...

Emmitt looks very handsome for his haircut and the quilt is gorgeous