Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Am NOT Alone!

Wow! It was great to see everyone's choices for the quilt layout!!! What I discovered is that I am NOT alone in having trouble choosing a clear winner for the layout!!! It was pretty much a tie between everyone! I did decide that, whichever layout I choose, and I still haven't made up my mind but I AM leaning more towards #2 the more I look at them, I decided that what's throwing me 'off' on this one is that there are so many lights in this top! I'm used to dark....mediums and dark...not so much all the light! Sooo...I decided that I will definitely be cracking open one of the many bottles of tan RIT dye in the laundry room and overdying this! Then it'll all be better!

I'll certainly post pics as I put the top together....with borders etc. And thanks so much for all of your input! I loved reading everyone's choice or choiceS in some cases! ;o)

In other news...we're moving in to day 14 of the John James Petites needle watch.......surely they'll be arriving soon!!!? Surely they will! I feel a good vibe that the mailman will bring them this WEEK sometime! He HAS to!!!! I NEEEED them!!!

I have been suffering with my needle with the disappearing finish.....and here's my progress on the Blackbird Designs piece...

I'm taking some liberties with the little clusters that are in between the designs...adding more here and taking a few away there so that the piece seems more seamless instead of looking like it was 4 pieces put together. I am still loving working on this!

Oh! And speaking of Blackbird Designs, I definitely want to send a HUGE thank you for all of your needlebook and pincushion purchases! I have completely exhausted my inventory!!! If you're still interested...I have a second shipment coming on Monday, so you can certainly continue to contact me if you'd like any of those items! Thanks so much!

Off I go to tend to laundry in between Real Housewives of New York City commercial breaks....my little guilty pleasure! Gotta love Bethanny! ;o)



Margaret said...

I like what you're doing with the BBD mystery! Wonderful! Can't wait to see the dyed quilt finish too. :D I may have to email you about the BBD pincushion and needlebook. I've been trying to resist, but I have a feeling I can't.....

Deb said...

You're making great progress on the BBD mystery and I do like the changes that you made to it. And glad you picked #2 layout for the quilt. Can't see to see the final piece.

Jan said...

Great progress, Kimmie!!! Those offerings you had, are so tempting me!!