Friday, April 10, 2009

Flag Day Farm Friday!

Well....I decided today would be Flag Day Farm Friday....where I would concentrate on getting the quilt put together! I had grand plans....what with getting out of the office early (3:00PM)...all's I had to do was quick run a few errands and head for home and sew like a banshee! Right? Uh...nope. Didn't quite work out that way! Errands took a little longer (grocery store for Easter dinner caused quite the delay) was such a nice day that when I got home, Emmitt and I went for a nice walk around the neighborhood. Then it was time for dinner and we decided to grill out some ribeyes. Then there was the casual loitering...and finally...FINALLY I made it downstairs to work on the quilt!

I didn't get a TON done...but everything has been sewn in to pairs...and pairs again...

It's all coming together!

Soon I'll have this!

My John James Petites didn't show up today...boohoo. :o( Hopefully tomorrow the mailman will deliver the needles...and some stash. I'm going to settle in with David other fav' guy, Jon Stewart, is on tonight...along with U2. I'm going to stitch a bit on the BBD piece and try and stay awake!

Can't wait to get to sleep so I can get up and get started on the day tomorrow!! Aaaah...I love weekends! :o)



Siobhan said...

Oooooh. Thou shalt not covet thy friend's quilt. Thou shalt not covet thy friend's quilt. If I say it enough, it might be so. That is SO freakin' pretty.

Your BBD mystery is coming along so nicely!! I might just have to get mine started after all. I keep saying that & don't do it but then see your pics and I feel the need to do some BBDs coming on!

Have a great Easter!

Margaret said...

Oh I love it! Can't wait to see more on this quilt! I agree with Siobhan too -- you're definitely tempting me with the BBD mystery. :D Enjoy your weekend!

Littlebit said...

Kim...your points are perfect! ;-) MM

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

I love it, Kim!!! Very pretty - can't wait to see more of it