Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blackbird Designs Heaven!

I have been stalking the mailbox....still no sign of needles! Waaaaah! I want them now! LOL But...look what DID come today!

A box full of Blackbird Designs goodness from Moda!

These are great pincushions!!!! WOW! From the Beachouse line by Blackbird Designs! It's a small pillow! Measuring about 7" x 7"....lovely!!! $13.00 includes shipping in the US!

and LOOOOK! A Blackbird Designs needlecase!!! Be still my beating heart....

don't you love it! Looks so vintagey!! I just love it! These are $20, which includes shipping in the US.

If you'd like one of each....deduct $5....so both for $28, just for my blog readers!

Thought I'd give you first dibs on these beauties! If you're interested, please just email me at kwiltykim@hotmail.com I love to take Paypal and will also ship outside of the US for actual postage cost. No pressure...just sharing the Blackbird Designs love! I love their stuff!! So vintage-inspired!

So all in all a pretty nice 'mail' day, even if there are no John James Petite 26 and 28 needles for me. :o/ More stitching progress to come! I'm almost done with part 2 of the Blackbird Designs 'mystery'! It's coming along nicely and I am so enjoying working on it!

The sun is shining...the temps are warm.....it's a gorgeous day here in the midwest! I hope you're enjoying your day!



Deb said...

Just came across your blog today. Don't know how I missed it because I "know" you from Legacy. I am a great admirer of quilts (have done a few myself), so I'm anxious to go through your blog. Love those pincushions!! It must have been like Christmas opening up that box. Hopefully the needles you need will come tomorrow!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

love the pincushions and needle book!!! Really cute! I'd love one of them but just can't spend one more penny right now! Glad your part of the midwest was sunny, my midwest (Michigan) is dreary and rainy!

Margaret said...

Kim!!!!!!!!! Didn't I say I couldn't spend anymore money?! And you have to show me these?! Argh!! ARGH!!!!!!

Margaret said...

Oh, and sorry about your needles not coming. :(

Leah said...

I didn't even realize that you sold stuff, Kim. Would you please e-mail me regarding the pincushions. They're super cute, and I'd love to order one.

samplergirl at hotmail dot com

Kim said...

I use the John James needles and love them! Nice needle and pin goodies.