Friday, March 20, 2009

Some progress this week....

Time to catch up! Since I didn't blog....I haven't been sharing what I've been working on!

First off....last weekend I did finally finish up Random Thoughts.'s true. I truncated it.

But I'm fine with it and now it's a one-of-a-kind! Honestly, the longer I worked that piece, the more dated it started to I was glad to make it come to an end!

And you will remember that I said I had my little 'Peace' eagle applique quilt prepped and ready...the Lori Smith, From My Heart To Your Hands, I've just started working on that as well...

I was a feeling a little applique-rusty at first....but I'm really enjoying it now!

I think if I really work on it this weekend I can get a LOT done on it....but...just so you know, I have a ton of leaves to applique down that aren't glued on yet! Sooo...yeah. I'm just going to enjoy the process!

I love applique quilts...but don't do a lot of it. I always tend to shy away from the prep work...and this is the first time I've used a fabric glue stick..and let me tell you, it was slick! No little applique pins to get tangled up with! I think that helps make this an enjoyable process. And these smaller quilts that Lori designed are just the perfect size to get your feet wet!

I've also been avidly watching March Madness unfold and marking my bracket....not too bad so far...but I think that's all gonna change!

Until next time.......



Katrina said...

Love your RT, I stitched it a long time ago ;-). I do know what you mean about it seeming a bit dated but it really is a beautiful framed.

Your applique piece is very pretty too!

Maren said...

I love your quilts and am really quite envious! Envious enough that I actually went down to my LNS and was going to sign up for a class, until I found out I have to first know how to use a sewing machine. Tsk, stymied again.

Congratulations on your finish, truncated or not. I don't know what you mean about dated, though. I think it looks very pretty

Margaret said...

So beautiful! both of them! I love your applique piece. I'll just drool over it for a while. :D