Thursday, March 26, 2009

Some Progress and An Award!

Look!!! I got an award!!!! So much fun!!! Dear fabulouso stitcher, Margaret over at sent me some bloggy love! Thanks so much Margaret! I'm supposed to pick 8 more blogs to receive this award. I tell you what...that is a difficult task! Not only do I love the blogs over in my sidebar...but have probably 57 more that are NOT in my sidebar that I read let's just say I love 'em ALL!!! That includes yours, Margaret! Thanks so much for spreadin' the love! If you want to be totally inspired by some fabulous reproduction samplers..check out Miss Margaret's blog! Beautiful beautiful work she does!

This evening I was downstairs doing some laundry and decided to start cutting out the Flag Day Farm quilt....I LOVE these fabrics!!!!

I didn't get too much done on the cutting side....but my wrists were starting to ache so I figure I better quit while I'm ahead! I'll cut some more tomorrow. :o)

And I have gotten a little more done on my eagle Peace applique quilt! Look!

I'm on the homestretch now! Just a few more leaves...and a couple more berries and walaaaah! Ready for quilting and framing! How much fun has this been? Lots!

Otherwise my week's been filled with work.....and American Idol (Allison rocks and I just love Danny).....and basketball (so sad Xavier couldn't pull it out tonight....but...oh well. Maybe next year....).....and that's about it! No big weekend plans, so maybe that means lots of quilting and stitching will get done!! Sounds good to me!

As always, thanks for stopping by!



Siobhan said...

Oooh, I looooooooooovvvveeeeeee your applique quilt! And the new fabrics... yumm.

Margaret said...

Kim, I'm trying soooooo hard to resist that Flag Day Farm kit you're selling, and here you go showing the gorgeous fabrics! Sigh. I feel my resistance slipping..... Thanks for mentioning my blog -- hope you liked the award! :D

Jan said...

I can't get over how much I love those fabrics for Flag Day!!! Goodness, they are gorgeous! And I too love your Applique Quilt, can't wait to see it finished!!

I think Idol is SO good this year!!! WOOO!!

Melissa said...

Memphis choked too. Major sadness settled over Casa de Parker last night. I'm loving your eagle applique.