Monday, March 23, 2009

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the winner of the National Quilting Day giveaway is


'Anonymous' wrote: I'm a quilter and I've just finished machine quilting an Asian inspired quilt. I'm starting to baste and quilt a quilt called Anniversary Stars by Evelyn Sloppy and I used some moda fabics on that quilt. Maybe I'll even have some time for machine quilting today....

Anonymous.....please email me at with your identity and address and I'll send a surprise your way to include a dessert roll of Moda fabrics!!!!

I really enjoyed reading everyone's comments and I must say, I was amazed that there wasn't more of a big 'to-do' about National Quilting Day!! Seriously....not a lot about it out on shop websites and I didn't hear anything about it from the local shops here either. Just so you know, I believe it's always the 3rd Saturday in March and a PERFECT reason to hole up in your studio and work on a quilt!

I have been working on my Peace applique quilt AND...Saturday night I couldn't I crawled out of bed at 12:30AM and started the Blackbird Designs mystery-sampler-that's-no-longer-a-mystery! I stitched until 3:00AM, but probably shouldn't admit that since then you'll expect some horrendous progress on the piece! ;o) I promise I'll have pics tomorrow to share.



Littlebit said...

Kim, I'm envious that you can make yourself be productive when you cannot sleep! Can't wait to see pics. Your quilts are always so inspiring. MM

Kim said...

Yeah...if I tried this I would either cut my finger or sew right through it - again! Ouch!