Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Future and Present Projects!!!!

Look!!! It's a new Americana quilt! From Moda fabrics! LOVE!!! Minick & Simpson! LOVE LOVE! Scrappy Americana!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

Isn't it fabulous? I can't WAIT to get started! It looks like it will be pretty darn quick to piece too!!!! This is a full kit using the new fabric line by Minick & Simpson called Flag Day Farm! Don't you even just love the NAME of the line?? I love all things Americana....so couple Americana fabrics with scrappiness and I'm in heaven!!! If you'd like to join me in making this great Moda University kit...I have a couple available for purchase. ((SHAMELESS PLUG)) You can click over in the sidebar on my eBay items and get one for yourself if you're so inclined! Think SUMMER!!!!!

In the meantime...I've been working on my Peace applique quilt....

I can't believe how quickly it's going! I plan to keep it in my lap this evening and hopefully get everything done but the leaves! And I can't wait to go purchase a cool ready-made frame for it as well!! Too much fun!

Of course I'm also itching to put my needle in the Blackbird Designs 'mystery' sampler...here's my start from the wee hours of Sunday morning....

This one's going to be quite enjoyable...I can tell already! All those colors!!! And who doesn't love watching a BBD design unfold right before their very eyes!

Hmmmm.....maybe my evening plans will have to change?????????? I can't leave a quilt on the floor for five minutes........................

I can only hope she'll shift her blubbery self JUUUUUST the right way and my needle will poke her up and off the quilt!!!

Hope your Tuesday's been grand!



Katrina said...

Love the Americana quilt, it's so pretty. I do like stitching the BBD pieces, looking forward to seeing your mystery progress.

Jan said...

Oh this is fabulous, love, love the colors, Kim!! YGG!!!

Looking forward to seeing your progress on the Mystery Sampler too! Hey, have missed you!:)

Paulette said...

Wow to all three projects!! LOVE the Flag Farm quilt, LOVE the Peace applique, and LOVE the way your BBD is starting out! Awesome projects!!! You're really feeding your creative energy, aren't you? ;) You're putting me to shame, girlfriend!