Sunday, March 29, 2009

Flag Day Farm Update!

Well...after a rather lazy morning and afternoon...I finally got off my kiester and headed down to the studio to work on my Flag Day Farm quilt.

I popped in one of my fav' cds...Priscilla Ahn....are you a fan? Oh my.....this particular song was in heavy heavy rotation....

It just gets me moving...I love her voice!!!! The entire cd is fabulous! She's one of those artists that I heard a song during Grey's Anatomy and googled some of the lyrics and found her! Do you do that too? Am I the only one? I love googling stuff like that and 'discovering' new music!

Anyhoooooody...back to the quilt! I finished pressing and cutting and stopped to admire my work...

Took a little laundry break.....and then started sewing the strip them all done and pressed!

I love the fabrics...they look scrappy vintage!

Next up will be cutting the triangles and piecing! I can tell this is gonna be a quick one! Yeah!

It's a good thing because I have other quilts crowding the corners of my brain....wanting to get out!!! And I'm pretty much a one-quilt-at-a-time least when it comes to pieced quilts! One at a time on my sewing this one will be done soon!

Now I think I will stitch a bit! On the RIGHT side of the dyed linen! ;o)

I hope you've had a great weekend!!!


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Back Where I Started and a Yummy New Recipe! I thought I was way ahead of the Saturday creativity when I finished my little applique quilt over morning coffee. Oh the promise of an entire Saturday! I lounged a bit...surfed a bit...and then decided to pick up my Blackbird Designs "mystery" sampler and work on that for a while!

AAAAAACK! I picked it up to begin stitching and noticed a HUGE flub!!!!!!!!

The other night....during my middle of the night "Oh I think I shall begin this sampler" moment....I started the thing on the WRONG SIDE of the linen!!!! *SIGH* What to do........I set it aside to wallow in self-pity......and then I began to cry.

Because of these..........

Yep...a big pan of onions! I decided while I lamented the issue of the sampler linen quandry...I would try a new recipe. I saw this on Food Network one day this past week when I was home at lunch. Giada made it and it looked yummy! Part of the recipe calls for carmelized I began to carmelize....

Do you know how LONG it takes to truly carmelize onions......a looooooooooooooong time.......she said 45 minutes to an not true......heck....Emmitt and I even NAPPED while these were carmelizing!

When they were close to being done, I assembled the rest of the ingredients....

ready made pizza crust....goat cheese (ahem...YUM!)....prosciutto and parsley. I'm telling you...this was sooooooo simple and DELICIOUS!!!!!

I threw the pizza crust down on my handy dandy Pampered Chef pizza stone.....and dumped the carmelized onions on top....

Next I took the goat cheese by the handfuls and put it on top of the onions.....

In to a 450 degree oven it went...for 10 minutes. Then I pulled it out......and cut up the prosciutto in to smaller pieces....and sprinkled them on top....along with some parsley....

and OH * MY * GOSH *!!!! It was WONDERFUL! And how simple!!! The longest part (notice I didn't say hardest..because there really isn't a hard part to this!)..the longest part was carmelizing the onions! Oh it was tasty! The hubs liked it a lot too....we will be making this again....and again and again...... that the tummy was tamed...what to do about the Blackbird Designs sampler...well...after conferring with my good buddy, Paulette, and going back and forth about whether to just dye the other side of the linen and continue on.....I decided I did really truly love the golden hue of the other side of the linen and so

I started over. And now I'm right back where I started!!

I hope you had a little more luck than I in making some progress on whatever you're working on!

Tomorrow is Sunday...and I think it shall be a Flag Day Farm quilt day. At least for a while!


Well Good Morning and Happy Saturday!

Look what I just finished while enjoying my morning coffee!!!! to press it..and decide how to quilt it. Any suggestions? Lori (pattern artist) hand-quilted it in an allover zig zag. Knowing Lori, all I can say is "Well of COURSE she did"! I want to hand-quilt this? I do not know. I'm just going to frame I'm thinking maybe I could see completion quicker if I machine quilted it....I don't know. Please help me with this decision!!! What would YOU do? Hand quilt....all over the entire quilt.....machine quilt.....what? I would appreciate any and all suggestions!

Well this kind of frees up my day, now doesn't it!? I'm guessing I'll be cutting out the Flag Day Farm quilt.....and there will definitely be time to spend with the Blackbird Designs sampler tooooo!!! It's going to be a glorious day...even without sunshine!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Some Progress and An Award!

Look!!! I got an award!!!! So much fun!!! Dear fabulouso stitcher, Margaret over at sent me some bloggy love! Thanks so much Margaret! I'm supposed to pick 8 more blogs to receive this award. I tell you what...that is a difficult task! Not only do I love the blogs over in my sidebar...but have probably 57 more that are NOT in my sidebar that I read let's just say I love 'em ALL!!! That includes yours, Margaret! Thanks so much for spreadin' the love! If you want to be totally inspired by some fabulous reproduction samplers..check out Miss Margaret's blog! Beautiful beautiful work she does!

This evening I was downstairs doing some laundry and decided to start cutting out the Flag Day Farm quilt....I LOVE these fabrics!!!!

I didn't get too much done on the cutting side....but my wrists were starting to ache so I figure I better quit while I'm ahead! I'll cut some more tomorrow. :o)

And I have gotten a little more done on my eagle Peace applique quilt! Look!

I'm on the homestretch now! Just a few more leaves...and a couple more berries and walaaaah! Ready for quilting and framing! How much fun has this been? Lots!

Otherwise my week's been filled with work.....and American Idol (Allison rocks and I just love Danny).....and basketball (so sad Xavier couldn't pull it out tonight....but...oh well. Maybe next year....).....and that's about it! No big weekend plans, so maybe that means lots of quilting and stitching will get done!! Sounds good to me!

As always, thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Future and Present Projects!!!!

Look!!! It's a new Americana quilt! From Moda fabrics! LOVE!!! Minick & Simpson! LOVE LOVE! Scrappy Americana!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

Isn't it fabulous? I can't WAIT to get started! It looks like it will be pretty darn quick to piece too!!!! This is a full kit using the new fabric line by Minick & Simpson called Flag Day Farm! Don't you even just love the NAME of the line?? I love all things couple Americana fabrics with scrappiness and I'm in heaven!!! If you'd like to join me in making this great Moda University kit...I have a couple available for purchase. ((SHAMELESS PLUG)) You can click over in the sidebar on my eBay items and get one for yourself if you're so inclined! Think SUMMER!!!!!

In the meantime...I've been working on my Peace applique quilt....

I can't believe how quickly it's going! I plan to keep it in my lap this evening and hopefully get everything done but the leaves! And I can't wait to go purchase a cool ready-made frame for it as well!! Too much fun!

Of course I'm also itching to put my needle in the Blackbird Designs 'mystery''s my start from the wee hours of Sunday morning....

This one's going to be quite enjoyable...I can tell already! All those colors!!! And who doesn't love watching a BBD design unfold right before their very eyes!

Hmmmm.....maybe my evening plans will have to change?????????? I can't leave a quilt on the floor for five minutes........................

I can only hope she'll shift her blubbery self JUUUUUST the right way and my needle will poke her up and off the quilt!!!

Hope your Tuesday's been grand!


Monday, March 23, 2009

Random.Org True Random Number Generator says....

the winner of the National Quilting Day giveaway is


'Anonymous' wrote: I'm a quilter and I've just finished machine quilting an Asian inspired quilt. I'm starting to baste and quilt a quilt called Anniversary Stars by Evelyn Sloppy and I used some moda fabics on that quilt. Maybe I'll even have some time for machine quilting today....

Anonymous.....please email me at with your identity and address and I'll send a surprise your way to include a dessert roll of Moda fabrics!!!!

I really enjoyed reading everyone's comments and I must say, I was amazed that there wasn't more of a big 'to-do' about National Quilting Day!! Seriously....not a lot about it out on shop websites and I didn't hear anything about it from the local shops here either. Just so you know, I believe it's always the 3rd Saturday in March and a PERFECT reason to hole up in your studio and work on a quilt!

I have been working on my Peace applique quilt AND...Saturday night I couldn't I crawled out of bed at 12:30AM and started the Blackbird Designs mystery-sampler-that's-no-longer-a-mystery! I stitched until 3:00AM, but probably shouldn't admit that since then you'll expect some horrendous progress on the piece! ;o) I promise I'll have pics tomorrow to share.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy National Quilting Day & Another Giveaway!

Well Happy National Quilting Day!!'s true. Today, March 21, is National Quilting Day!

I hope you're planning to do something quilty with your day! If you don't quilt...then at least admire some quilts that others have made! And maybe, if you're not a quilter, you'll stop by a quilt shop and sign up for a class to learn this fabulous artform!!!!

In the spirit of the HOLIDAY...I'm going to have another giveaway! We'll let the goodies be a secret...but you should know they're going to be GOOD! Quilting related (ahem* Moda fabric!) be sure and enter!

Leave a comment and let me know if you're a quilter, if you're a wannabe quilter, and what you'll be working on this weekend! I'll draw a winner Monday evening! Again...if you post about this on your blog, you'll get two entries!

Who wouldn't love to receive a mystery box of quilt goodness (w/Moda fabric involved!)!!

Have a great day!


Friday, March 20, 2009

Some progress this week....

Time to catch up! Since I didn't blog....I haven't been sharing what I've been working on!

First off....last weekend I did finally finish up Random Thoughts.'s true. I truncated it.

But I'm fine with it and now it's a one-of-a-kind! Honestly, the longer I worked that piece, the more dated it started to I was glad to make it come to an end!

And you will remember that I said I had my little 'Peace' eagle applique quilt prepped and ready...the Lori Smith, From My Heart To Your Hands, I've just started working on that as well...

I was a feeling a little applique-rusty at first....but I'm really enjoying it now!

I think if I really work on it this weekend I can get a LOT done on it....but...just so you know, I have a ton of leaves to applique down that aren't glued on yet! Sooo...yeah. I'm just going to enjoy the process!

I love applique quilts...but don't do a lot of it. I always tend to shy away from the prep work...and this is the first time I've used a fabric glue stick..and let me tell you, it was slick! No little applique pins to get tangled up with! I think that helps make this an enjoyable process. And these smaller quilts that Lori designed are just the perfect size to get your feet wet!

I've also been avidly watching March Madness unfold and marking my bracket....not too bad so far...but I think that's all gonna change!

Until next time.......


WINNERS! WINNERS! WINNERS! as promised there was a drawing this morning here in the house...the hubs and the Jakester pulled numbers....and the winners are....

Grand Prize of the Heart Threadkeep, the Heart MOP Threadrings and your choice of color of Little Gem scissors (pink, purple or gold) goes tooooooooo.....

#3 - Leah over at The Useful Needle blog!!! Congrats! Leah...please email me at and let me know what color of scissors you would like, as well as your mailing address! :o)

Another pair of Little Gem scissors goes toooooooooooo.....

#27 - Marsha over at Littlebit blog! MM...let me know your first and second color choice!

and finally the last pair of Little Gems will go to...

#7 - BeckyK at The Stitchin Post blog! Becky...please do let me know your first and second color choice on these cute little scissors!

I'd like to thanks everyone that entered! It's always so fun giving stuff away! Stay I will be having a quilting related giveaway very soon as well!

And now....back to our regularly scheduled program.....



Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sharin' the Love Saturday Giveaway!

It's time for another giveaway! YAY! I love giveaways--don't you! Now be sure and tell all your friends because this is a good one! ;o)

I'm all about sharin' the when Paula from Kelmscott Designs blessed me with a fabulous package of goodies...I vowed to sing her praises and share the love! If you haven't had a chance to marvel at the beauty of Paula's beautiful needlework don't know what you're missing! I am a HUGE fan of her needleminders...I LOVE them!!! And she has the most beguiling mother of pearl thread holders...they are stunning! And now she's added these super cayoot Little Gem scissors that are perfect for carrying in your need this stuff!!!

Here's what you can win! And there will be more than one winner! YAY! The grand prize will be the exquisite mother of pearl large heart threadholder, the small mother of pearl heart threadrings, which will be lovely sewn into a sewing roll, etc., and then your choice of the Little Gem scissors, purple or gold! Then I will draw 2 other lucky winners for the other two pair of scissors!!!

How do you win, you ask? Why it's EASY! Just leave a comment....and if you post about this on YOUR blog, let me know and you'll be entered twice! Share the love and tell your needlework buddies and we'll all share in the kindness of Paula from Kelmscott!!! I'll leave this one open for a bit....I'll draw next Friday----March 20.

Have a great today! The weather here in South Dakota is fantabulous! The sun is shining...the yard is a muddy mess...the dogs have already had multiple baths today....spring is on the way obviously! YAY!!!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

And how was YOUR day?

My Thursday was fine.............a few hours at the office ( I LOVE that part )...then off to the med center with hubby for some tests.....a big sigh of relief...everything came back fine so far. I then transported the groggy patient back home. Then *I* laid down and took a nap...even though it was HE that was supposed to be wanting a nap...heck no...he didn't need no stinkin' I took one instead. :o) Aaaaah...heaven!

Then I made a lovely dinner of filet mignon, scalloped potatoes and honeyed green beans in honor of the patient who wasn't able to eat much of the day.

After dinner I decided to roast some grape tomoatoes in prep for a recipe I'm going to try this weekend that I got from my sis-in-law....her tuscan chicken sounds yummy! And it calls for roasted grape I got to work.

I love roasting tomatoes and usually do this frequently in the summer as our garden throws throes of cherry tomatoes on to our doorstep! But..we're in the dead of the grocery store tomatoes will have to do! I halved them and laid them on the foil-lined, olive-oiled baking sheet....

Don't you love their color?

I do! I'm a sucker for anything red! I drizzled a little more olive oil over...sprinkled with kosher salt and fresh ground pepper...and popped them in the 250 oven....for 3 hours....
So I stitched while I waited on the tomatoes....and made a little more progress on Random Thoughts.

Can I confess...I'm getting really sick of Random Thoughts. I have even been trying to figure out a way to shorten it and be done with it....I hate when that happens. I will continue on with it....

but I'd really rather be starting that Blackbird Designs mystery sampler!! Soon.....soon...........
and now I've taken the tomatoes out...they're cooling...

Once they're cooled....I'll finish cleaning up the kitchen and then take a cue from Ellie the Fat Cat...

Hope your day was good!


Sunday, March 08, 2009

Lost an Hour?

Is that correct? We lost an hour? I felt like I had gained an hour! I was on a roll last night and had Boxes of MoMo's Wonderland quilt done before 11:00! It just came together so easily I couldn't stop!

So it's done...a fun and casual quilt! I'll be binding it in brown.

Speaking of binding...I pieced some backs Thursday and dropped a couple quilt tops off for the machine quilter on Friday. The quilt tops stack is building! EEEEK! Someone asked if I finish all my quilts or ??? The answer is this. I have a stack that I plan to machine quilt. These are typically quilts that have a utilitarian look that I will just cross hatch. I have a stack that I plan to hand quilt. I do enjoy hand quilting, but just don't get to it too often!! And then, of course, there's a stack that will be sent to the longarm quilter for quilting. And speaking of.....shoot! I forgot to run out to the shop in Brandon and pick one up this weekend! Twyla---I'll be there this next week!!!

Today I'm going to stitch....and maybe also start appliquing my little 'Peace' eagle quilt! But I think I'm going to concentrate on stitching today.

Happy Sunday!!


Saturday, March 07, 2009

Boxes of MoMo's Wonderland is moving right along....

Heck...I even took a few breaks....vacuumed....spiffed up the bathroom....laundry etc. This is moving along nicely! I've stopped for now for dinner......but I could get the blocks all done tonight on this! I could have another quilt top done by weekend's end! This pattern is super simple and showcases the fabrics. I likey!

Hope you're having a productive day!!


And the Winner Is............

KarenCA.....please email me at with your mailing address! My scraps and the Blackbird Designs tin is coming your way!!

Thanks everyone for commenting/entering. Stay tuned because there are more GREAT giveaways in the near future!!!

Today I'm working on the MoMo Wonderland quilt!!! Off I go to finish cutting it out! And yes...the applique eagle quilt is prepped and ready for stitching! Pics posted later!! Have a great Saturday!!!


Tuesday, March 03, 2009

MoMo MoJo, Applique & a Giveaway

I'm so excited to dive in to the new Moda line by MoMo - Wonderland! It's soooo FUN!!! Can you stand it?? I can't! I just ripped into my fat quarter pack...and selected 17 funky fat quarters.......

Remember the quilt I did for my nephew all out of black & white fabrics and that electric blue/green batik? Well...I think that pattern will be PERFECT for this line!! So that's why I chose 17 fat quarters.......for this...

The brown woven stripe in the photo will be for the 'frame' in each block! How exciting! A new project!!!

But wait..............what about this?

Okay---I'll cut out the applique templates and get them prepped on the fabrics

for my small Lori Smith (From My Heart To Your Hands) eagle/peace applique quilt. I will cut today......promise! And THEN I shall press fat quarters!!!

In the meantime, I had to clear off the cutting table...and so figured I'd have a little giveaway if someone's interested in scraps.

These are scraps from my Heritage pinwheel quilt AND from the Jo Morton quilt I just worked on. Small triangles and pieces but I figured I'd pass them along to someone who could use them instead of dumping them in the trash. Kinda lame, I know, but there ARE people that like to make small quilts so maybe they'll be of use to someone. And look......

They fit nicely in a Blackbird Designs jelly roll tin!! That's what I'll ship them in......

So if you're interested in the scraps, or just the tin, or both...leave a comment and I'll draw a winner at the end of the week!

In the meantime...I gotta tame the MoMo MoJo I'm feeling and get to cutting out applique pieces!! Happy Tuesday!