Saturday, February 21, 2009

Why, Jo Morton, Why?

Today I spent some time working on the Jo Morton Chestnut Hill quilt. As you will recall from my last post, I made a grave cutting error in that I cut up ALL of the background in to 1 7/8" squares. So..I pulled another cut of Jo Morton background I had in the stash...and will 'make do' with that.

Now if you've worked on any of Jo's wonderful know that it's somewhat torturous! For instance...WHY, Jo Morton, WHY 1 7/8" squares? Why not just a nice even 2"? Why? And WHY, Jo Morton, WHY no easy strip piecing? I that we learn to enjoy the process...right? That's what I kept telling myself as I slowed down to pick up each little 1 7/8" individually cut square...and sew it to another 1 7/8" individually cut square. My fingers seemed to get daintier as the sewing time went on! And I slowed down and enjoyed it! Truly I did! I'll have photographic proof for you tomorrow! I hope to have all the blocks done!

Until then.....enjoy the process....just as Jo Morton would have us do! :o)


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Siobhan said...

YGG! Can't wait to see the progress pics!