Sunday, February 22, 2009

Trudging Up Chestnut Hill

Man...I'm trudging up the peak that is The Chestnut Hill quilt. I'll admit it's been difficult for me to stay 'on task''s a lazy Sunday and I'm enjoying lounging with the hubs etc...but I did get half of the blocks pieced....

Reminding myself each time to enjoy the process instead of grumbling under my breath that I should have re-wrote the pattern for quick piecing before I started....but all in's not so bad.

I'll probably get a few more done tonight...and then the plan is to have them ALL completed (all 25) by the end of the week so I can get the entire top put together by the end of February ...otherwise known as Saturday!

A little plug for a product here......I think this may be my new best friend in the sewing studio...

Best Press has made it actually enjoyable to press fabric and blocks! And it certainly makes these little blocks crisp and smells so good! If you haven't tried it yet.....go getcha some and give it a try. No worries.....this will NOT result in mundane clothing pressing....I am a firm believer in doing my part for the economy by assisting in keeping the dry cleaners in business.....iron CLOTHES? Me? Are you KIDDING? No....Best Press is strictly for quilting fabric in this house! :o)

I'm off to rest up from the hike up Chestnut Hill...I'm going to pick up a needle....think I'll put some stitches in poor lil' ol' Ann Rayner! Remember her? Yeah.....she needs some attention!

I also just wanted to say I really appreciate everyone's comments and emails. They make my day and if I don't reply back to you right away, please know that I read each and every one! I'll try to get better at responding back.

Happy Sunday everyone!



Littlebit said...

Oh, Kim! I am hyperventilating over that quilt! I! LOVE! IT! MM

Anonymous said...

I think I looked at that pattern book the other day at the quilt shop and almost got it, until I saw the cutting sizes, I put it back right away. That's small! but it's cute when I see it done up, I might have to get it next time I go.

Paulette said...

Oh my gosh, I'm soooooo in love with this quilt so far!!!! Oh MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!