Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Here Comes The Hard Part!

This came on all too sudden!!!! Back home Sunday evening.....cleaned up and puttered around yesterday...and now BAM! Back to WORK!!@#?$?@?????? Really??? UGH!!! I'm not ready for this! Having that week off certainly makes me want to be a lady of leisure....or at the very least a lady with a mere part-time job and plenty of leisure time! I must work on that!

Everyone had a great time in Dallas. Bro & Sis-In-Law were most hospitable! Thanks, Richard & Mona! The weather, as mentioned in a prior post, was heaven! Mostly 70s. The family was so sick of me after about the 3rd day. I'd wander outside barefoot and announce to the fam that it was FEBRUARY! February! And I'm BAREFOOT! on GRASS! Outside!

Jake had an absolute blast! My sweet niece has a friend that is a sponsored BMX rider...and he took Jake under his wing right away....so Jake saw many a skatepark and skated to his heart's content. It didn't take him long to declare his desire to relocate to the DFW area. LOL

The hubs got to see first-hand all of the standing seam metal roofs that are going up on every new building in the area it seems. That's his forte....so it was exciting for him to see so much of it!

Of course we all wished there were more time to spend down there, but reality was whispering for us to get back. And now time to get ready for the office!

At least it's not a Monday! Right? :o)


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Tolentreasures said...

Good luck on going back to work. I share the same desire...I keep saying I want to be a stay at home mom with no kids at home! It's not working so far.