Thursday, February 19, 2009

Back to the Basics?

It's been quite the hectic week in the commercial insurance world....could have something to do with catching up after vacation...or just the fact that it's tedious work gathering underwriting information....and add to that the fact that it's been COLD...and GRAY...and...well...let's just say I'm ready for the weekend!

I've been trying to ward off a semi-migraine today I think. Floaters...dull ache...slight nauseau....and on and I said to myself "Self...go do something that you find relaxing this evening...shake it off!" Soooooooo....dowstairs I headed to cut out the next project!

Remember this?

Oh how exciting! A new project! So I carefully laid out, pressed and stacked the simple a task would THIS be! Cutting a bunch of 1 7/8" squares!! Surely this would be's basic quilting 101!


OMG...I should not have been cutting out anything! Without regard to reading further down the pattern....I just stacked and cut....stacked and cut...stacked and cut....and I have a whole SLEW of 1 7/8" squares...shirtings and prints. Lovely...yeah?! I cut all of the fabric in 1 7/8" squares! UGH! I needed to cut some half square and quarter square triangles from those backgrounds!!!! *SIIIIGH*!

I half-heartedly wonder if I can still sew all the squares together and then just trim the blocks...knowing that there will be some bias to deal with...or will that not give me seam allowances??? This should not be a difficult question, yet I just don't have a clear head to figure it out right now!

Perhaps I should just pull a shirting print from the stash and cut the setting triangles...all the blocks would have the same setting triangles but they wouldn't match the other background blocks in each block...not that that bothers me...I'm the queen of switching out fabrics and mixing it up! I think it makes it seem more utilitarian and old that way!

Soooo......I still have that weird-semi-headache...and now waaaaay too many 1 7/8" squares and a decision to make! TGIF tomorrow!!


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Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Now, that seems like a mini nightmare to me, Kim!! I have only quilted a couple of things and knew it wasn't for me ~ and I would be inclined to do the same as you ~ jump in ~ cut it all up and wonder what the heck was I thinking!!!!! Good luck ~ and I think you're right ~ if you sew them together, you won't have seam allowance left ~ but your idea to pull another fabric and 'make do' is perfect!! Hope you feel better today!!!