Saturday, February 07, 2009

And...We're Off!

Good morning! It's a little after 4:00AM...we're preparing to head out for Dallas! Finally...can't wait to experience some spring!!!!

I realized late late late last night that I am out of freezer no small lovely eagle applique for me on the trip. That means it'll be knitting, needlepoint and The Shell Seekers....throw in a crossword puzzle or fourteen...and I'm good to go!

Today is Jake's 15th Birthday too!

My baby! 15!!! Where did the time go? *sigh* I'm so proud of you Jake. I love you!

Okay---we're ready to load up and move out.....daughter Ashley will be here in a few hours. She's moving in to house and dog sit while we're gone. The puppies, of course, know something's up. They'll have an interesting little vacation too I'm sure! :o)

12.5 hours until Texas! Yeah baby!

More to come!



Paulette said...

Have a fantastic week, Kim!! Enjoy that sun!!


Karoline said...

Have a great time :)

Siobhan said...

Have a fabulous trip! Happy birthday, Jake!

Littlebit said...

You'll be too early for the Blue Bonnets, but have a wonderful "spring" week, Kim! And Happy Birthday to your Jake. MM