Thursday, January 01, 2009

Random Thoughts, Pinwheels & Pages

Happy New Year!!! It's been a rather relaxing first day of 2009....perfect!!!

We stayed up and brought in the new year with party hats, horns, and sparkling cider......Jake loves the stuff! 2009 is here!

Today is the day when I typically begin new projects! YAY for new projects!! Last year, you may recall that I opted to NOT start a new stitching project because I had so many UFOs. Well...a lot of good that did's not like I got ahead or a handle on those. Heck...I don't even think I had many finishes last forget about the 'let's not start any new ones until the old ones are done' philosophy! I'm starting a new one!

Drawn Thread's "Random Thoughts" is the chosen one. A great spot motif sampler...

The different stitches should hold my interest....and I'm doing in on 32 ct Maple Sugar Lakeside Linen...with the silks and charms as kitted. I'm excited to start it! I've only done one other Drawn Thread design....Marriage of Minds...and I loved working on that! So I'm guessing this one will not disappoint either.

And this morning I started cutting for my first quilt of the new year

These fabrics are gorgeous!! I was going to use Thangles for the half square triangles...but have decided that I will go ahead and pick up some Triangles on a Roll, since the cutting directions are specific for those....and I just don't feel like cutting 2 1/2" strips in lieu of the 7" cuts.

I can certainly use the Thangles for another project..and you know what! Since they finish at 2"..and you need 2 1/2" strips.....these will be PERFECT to use with the two Moda jelly rolls I purchased roll of the Civil War Crossing fabric collection, and the other roll of Louisa.....if I decide to do a quilt of nothing but scrappy half square triangles!!! I've been tossing that idea around....or just a big scrappy nine patch....similar to Miss Rosie's Loose Change pattern. Haven't decided yet, but that's another quilt on the agenda for early this year! It's always exciting planning new ones! Don't you agree? :o)

I plan to end my day by turning a few pages in The Shell Seekers too! So a new sampler, a new quilt, a new book......gotta love a new year!!!



Tolentreasures said...

Sounds as though you are off to a great start, never can have too many of those UFO's. When I get low on them, I create more! The quilt looks beautiful, can't wait to see it "on it's way"

Karoline said...

Great choices on stitching, quilting and reading.

Happy new year Kim

Kim said...

Oh, I agree with Karoline, you did choose some delightful things. I loved Shell Seekers! I adore that quilt that you are making, love it!! UFO's? What UFO's...

Melody said...

You will love The Shell Seekers. I did. Be sure to read September also. same author.

Happy New Year.