Thursday, January 08, 2009

Progressing Nicely!

Here's my progress thru this evening on Random Thoughts. As I suspected, it's a most interesting and fun stitch! I would love to have this done by the end of the month! Hmmmm....not sure if I want to but the stress of a deadline on myself, so I'll just continue along and enjoy the process without worrying about a finish date. :o)

The week's progressing nicely....heck...tomorrow's Friday! When you're not quite content with what you do for a paycheck, Fridays are uber important! My Fridays are a goal.....isn't that sad? I need to find a different gig that feeds my creative side. Otherwise I fear I will go mad!!!

Wanted to leave you with some pics of sweet Mister Emmitt! Emmitt is a miniature schnoodle...using the word miniature in the loosest way possible! The breeder contacted me this week and asked for pictures of she could see what he looks like and so other prospective schnoodle owners could see what they grow up to be like. Well......Emmitt, we believe, is an exception to the rule.

First of all he is the perfect dog. And I'm not biased at ALL. ha! But...she thought he would be 9 to 12 lbs fully grown. Dad's a miniature toy poodle...6's a miniature schnauzer...11 lbs. Emmitt...well....he was just at the vet and he weighed in at a whopping TWENTY POUNDS! And I'm telling you...he is SOLID MUSCLE! They weren't even concerned at the vet....they said he is clearly more schnauzer than poodle...has the same muscular and bone structure...he's a 'footstool'..that's what the vet assistant called him. A footstool! :o) But he's sheer joy and such a pretty guy! Love that salt & pepper coat!

So...there's your gratuitous Emmitt shots for the day!

Hope your week's going swell!



Paulette said...

What a sweet boy he is!! Love that curly coat. :)

P.S. Random Thoughts is looking gorgeous!!!

Kim said...

Emmitt is such a pretty combination. Does this mean no shedding? Footstool, ROFLOL, that's so funny!

Your Random Thoughts is coming along nicely. How is that quilt project coming along?

Littlebit said...

Random Thought is going to be stunning! I only know this because I've seen Paulette's in person.

What an adorable boy you have there. :)