Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Midweek Check-In

Yep...that's tired today. Actually, I can say I'm pretty much tired every day! UGH! I blame part of it on the's gray and there's dirty snow on the ground....and dirty slush on the sidewalks and's just gray and ick. I could suffer a bit from Seasonal Affective Disorder....I'm quite happy and chipper when the sun is shining.

But...I do blame part of it on hormones. Yes...I believe I'm in that lovely peri-stage we read so much about...and I'm not handling it well. I have been tired for what seems like FOREVER! I can't remember a night that I have slept thru..without catching the time on the bedside clock each and EVERY hour...seriously. And that makes me tired too I'm sure. I long for quality sleep time!!! But that's apparently not going to happen for a while. So I've decided to try and DO something about it! I'm in week two of an all natural vitamin/supplement regimen that promises change. Of course I'm supposed to give it longer than 2 weeks.....but I am impatient.....and tired! and gaining weight when I've NEVER had a weight issue...and did I mention I'm tired? and feeling cold and clammy and sweaty, yet I'm dry to the touch? and I'm tired. But I'm also hopeful that I will find some natural relief soon!

Haven't done much in the studio...but I did get all the triangles on a roll sewing cut apart...and they're sorted into medium lights, mediums, medium darks and darks and are ready for pressing/paper tearing! Have you used the triangles on a roll before? And if so, did you press BEFORE you tore the paper off...or did you tear the paper off and THEN press? It's been so long since I used these, and I think I maybe tore the paper off and THEN pressed...but then I read somewhere that that really stresses the bias on the half square do YOU do it?
I'd love to hear from you!



Tolentreasures said...

You have many of the symptoms of underactive thyroid...tired, cold and clammy yet dry, weight gain. You should get it checked, simple blood test and simply daily pill. Mine started at 35 and I let it go too long as just the "age" Google it and don't let it get ahead of you...get checked.
Word of the day from MOm.

Jeanne said...

Kim, I've used Triangles on a Roll for like 13 years now (they originated here in Phoenix). Always take the paper off first and then open each one and press. I use my rotary cutter just before I take the paper off to slice off those little dogtail ends on the pieces if you know what I mean. Also hope you are using a small stitch length which helps the paper tear off better.

pammyjo said...

I've just stumbled across you blog from Tolentreasures. I so identify with the not sleeping. I love your cross stitching it is so pretty. I'm in a stitching mode lately. Thanks for sharing you and your art.

Kim said...

I agree with Cathy. You should not assume anything at this point. A few blood tests should help you figure this out, go on now, scoooot off to the doc's office and have a little check up! Let me know how it turns out. Either way, you will be feeling more comfortable if you deal with whichever this turns out to be.

Totally love your Moda fabrics - share the love and email me the names of that particular fabric line. Jeanne shared some good tips here, too.

Anonymous said...

When I was snowed in for three weeks I ran out of my supplement, Hot Flash, and my sleepless nights were back within two weeks. I can sympathize. Hot Flash has soy, black cohosh, dong quai root, licorice root and chaste tree berry - just the usual health food store goodies. I hope you find relief soon.

julieQ said...

Can we say thyroid issues, anyone? Sounds pretty classic...hope you are wellest soonest! I am enjoying your blog so much.