Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Little Bump in the Road

Yes...a bump in the road on my trip to getting tons done on Random Thoughts. Seems my lovely, fancy shmancy ott-lite floor lamp decided to just quit working yesterday. UGH! I spent the afternoon calling around to numerous retail establishments looking desperately for the 18watt plug in spiral bulb....thinking perhaps I finally burned out the bulb. Keep in mind I have had said floor lamp for...oh....five, years maybe? And it is on a LOT...right over my right shoulder.....I live under the lamp. So it was entirely possible that the bulb was burned out. Finally....EUREKA! A bulb was found! Now..I know I've mentioned once or twice that I don't like cold weather...but I also tend to have an aversion for a certain undergarment on the weekends when I can get away with it....and if I don't have to put said undergarment on, I will take full advantage, and this means I do NOT go out in public! AND it's cold. Brrrrrr! So it was wonderful when dear son Brennan said he would go get the bulb for me. I hand over my keys and my debit card...and I wait. He finally came back...with the bulb! Hallelujah!!! I can get busy on Random Thoughts!

I pop the bulb in...I plug the lamp in...I turn it on....and NOTHING! NOTHING!!!! $32.00 less in my checkbook and I get nothing! No light! UGH!!!! The lamp has died. Hubby, of course, says I should contact Ott-Lite and tell them...see if they have a fix...did I mention it's a lovely fancy lamp? *SIGH* So...I have an email in to them, but that did not help illuminate the area over my right shoulder yesterday stitching to be done.

I did spend yesterday evening taking random shots of a few of my favorite things to look at around the house, and I added the Flickr widget doo-hickey over there with the pics. I think I shall take a photography class! Or find some good websites or bulletin boards on the subject! I do love the D40!

I did get to stitch on Random Thoughts for a bit today...when there was some reflection coming in off the SNOW! But now that time is over. So I think I shall knit. I don't need so much light for that huh?

In weather news...because I know you stop in to check the weather in South Dakota.....we are under a blizzard watch. Oh joy! NOT! Now...the hubs is trying to turn this in to a positive by saying I'll probably get to stay home tomorrow. Now THAT would be heaven! Another day doing fun creative stuff!! Yeah! However....we live within the city limits....and just guessing here....but I'm sure I'll be expected at the office regardless of the weather outside. Did I mention I need to find a new thing to do with my time Monday thru Friday? That's high on my to-do list! :o)

So I'm off to work on another dish cloth. Mindless knitting cannot be beat sometimes. Especially with no light over your right shoulder! ;o)

Have a great evening!



Tolentreasures said...

What a shame about your lamp, I hope that it gets resolved for you! I am with you on the undergarment, first thing to be removed when I get home from work and hope that no one stops to visit so that I have to put it back on!

Danielle said...

Kim, I sympathize with your lamp dying. I had to replace the bulb in mine last year after about 5 years of having it on a lot, just like you, and I prayed it wasn't the lamp, as mine cost, at the time $200, and I'm sure they're more expensive now since I have the fancy schmancy brushed nickel designer one. Good luck and I hope there's a quick fix for it.

Melissa said...

Kim-I built my own "ott" light. If you go to Walmart there's a floor lamp with a gooseneck reading lamp midway down it's $13, then buy a package of those GE 26watt screw type daylight bulbs-mine is supposed to be equal to a 100watt bulb. I've never had an ottlite or daylight lamp so I can't compare the quality of the light but it has been a life saver for me while I'm saving up for my Daylight floor lamp. It might be a good alternative until JoAnn's runs the lights on sale.