Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hump Day

Man...can Friday get here fast enough? I think not! I'm ready! Gotta spend some quality time finishing up the quilt!

This morning, while waiting for the laundry to fluff in the dryer before I dressed for work, I quick sewed the 5 strip sets I need for the sashing......gotta make the most of my time! That's about it for quilt work this week so far.

I've been stitching just a little on Random Thoughts. No way will IT be done by month's end, but definitely by end of February! So that's good!

Here's my progress

It's moving along at a pretty good pace, I must say! Heck...when I finish this in February.....maybe I'll start the MAMMOTH SDW A German Band Sampler !!! I've got the linen AND the DMC (thanks, Paulette!)...just need to start it. Can't get it finished until I start...right? What's one more BAP!? Seriously.....may as well start it!

And I already know my next's gonna involve those Moda jelly rolls with the civil war feel.....and scrappy backgrounds......and lots of Thangles and that's all I'm gonna say for now. ;o)

Okay---I need to try and get some sleep. And thanks, by the way, for the personal emails received regarding my dilema. Yes, I have been tested for hypothyroid....negative. Damn...that would have been a handy excuse for the weight gain! ;o) It's the whole age thing creeping up.....I'm in week 3 of my Women to Women Personal Program.....would like to think I'm feeling some relief....but I'll wait for it to get a LOT better before I go singing the praises of the holistic approach. I have great faith though! :o)

Okay---Off I go! Hope your week's going great! :o)

9 Days til Dallas! YAY!



Littlebit said...

Hey Kim! TGIF! Your Random Thoughts is coming along nicely. Can't wait to see what you're going to do with the Civil War! MM

Fran in Indiana said...

Hi Kim, Long time no see! I ran across your blog and just had to stop in to say "Hi."

The pic of your Random Thoughts makes me want to dig through my stash for a Drawn Thread design to stitch!