Sunday, January 25, 2009

Heritage Progress on a Lazy Sunday!

More progress on the Moda Heritage quilt today...not last night...but today.

Last night...I ended up picking up my knitting and watched the Miss America pageant in lieu of heading back downstairs for some cutting, etc. I picked the top 2 from the was pleased with the outcome. I don't usually watch the pageants...but this one kept my attention for some reason. Clinton Kelly perhaps? I love him!!! Sooo....I finished up another dishcloth and watched Miss Indiana be crowned instead of working on the quilt.

This morning, I was up at 6:00 (WHA? What's wrong with me? It's SUNDAY!)...anyhooo...I was up at 6:00....then the hubs made us a lovely breakfast....I lounged....and lounged...and surfed....and watched a movie on HBO....and lounged....and then I took a nap until 12:30. Whew! What a morning! Then I decided to lounge some more. about lazy! But it was so great to just veg out with the hubs and do not much of anything!

Well...about 2:30 I decided to head downstairs and work on the quilt. Otherwise I'd be kicking myself for wasting the day away! So I cut and cross cut and sewed....took a break....sewed some get the idea!

Anyhooooooo...I got all the blocks put together! 60 of them.

Then it came time to admire and fawn over the yummy bird fabric! I LOVE this fabric!!!

Didn't think I could cut into it....but eventually I did. So now I have some strip sets to do..

And then can start putting this together!!!

I could beat myself up over how much time I wasted away today, because in reality I could be farther along on this quilt! But was a pleasure to do nothing for a while! I may still be able to get this quilt done by February 1! It's possible. Of course if I had just one more day at home, I'd have it done tomorrow...but that's not gonna happen. So...we'll shoot for having it put together by February 1st! It would be nice to have a start/finish in the first month of the new year!

Tonight we're settling in with The Office dvds.....I picked up the first four seasons on dvd for the hubs for Christmas. We love the show! Dwight.....LOL I'm going to work on Random Thoughts a bit tonight and relax the rest of the night away and get ready for another week in the exciting world that IS commercial insurance. (PLEASE note the HEAVY HEAVY sarcasm in that sentence!)

Hope you had a restful Sunday!



Danielle said...

The quilt looks fab! And The Office is my favorite show of all time, next to Seinfeld. The things they do on that show are just priceless! My favorite line is when Dwight says there's too many people in this world, we need another plague. Or when Jim says he wants to clamp Michael's face in the George Foreman grill.

Siobhan said...

That quilt looks fabulous!! It's going to be incredible when finished. I'm glad you had a lazy day... sometimes it's good to veg. We love The Office over here, too. We watched one episode the other day that was hysterical, Dwight thought this guy was a hobbit and kept asking him if he had magical powers, etc. It is just too funny.