Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Good Quilty Inspiration!

Look what Mr. FedEx brought yesterday! Lots of quilty goodness!!! I can't wait to have some time to go thru the books and get inspired!!! I was so excited to see the box when I got home from work yesterday....but.........................................where were the Triangles on a Roll that started this whole order anyway????? :o( Backordered! UGH!!!! I can't stand it! I need to start the Moda Heritage quilt!!! So I went on the ebay and found some...purchased late last night and am hopeful they'll arrive by the weekend. *SIGH*

No lamp yet...maybe today. Temps have been just brutal...coupled with blizzards and then wind....I don't want to be out in that any more than I have to, so I came straight home this week without even going to the post office, grocery store, or JoAnns for a lamp! We'll see...but today's super cold too. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr....I hate it!!!!

27 Days Until Dallas!!!



Kim said...

I'm in the same boat here with the temperatures. It is severe, but I'm tucked away up here in my sewing room working on my Midwest Pride quilt. Looks like you found yourself some nice quilts for framing. I have some waiting on the to do list. Always something on that list. Nice! Stay warm and safe.

Paulette said...

Ooooh, you lucky lucky girl!!!! I'm so envious!! Don't you just LOVE the Fed Ex guy? He should be sainted.

Sorry about the backorder. :(