Sunday, January 18, 2009

Circuit Creativity've heard of circuit training....and that's sorta what my day was like but it was circuit creativity! I had a leisurely morning with my coffee and blog a little late start on the Heritage quilt....but around noon....I gathered the necessities

and started on the quilt. Note the tunes of the day....Motown's 50th....yeah! Talk about sewing tunes! Gotta love the Motown!

It's quilts like this that make me truly appreciate my Bernina!

Gotta love the ease of shortening the stitch length...the needle up/down AND the KNEE LIFT!! With all the maneuvering around the triangles on a roll paper...the knee lift is a must! I've had this machine for...oh......12 years now...and I still love it.

Okay---so it made pretty quick work of the triangles on a roll section of sewing! A couple breaks to get up and dance around a bit when a groovin' mood struck...and walaaah!

After some cutting.....the wrists were asking for a upstairs I went....stitched on Random Thoughts for a bit while watching the playoffs. Whenever I'd go downstairs to switch laundry loads, I'd cut some more. I'm about half done with the cutting apart of the that means there'll be lots of paper-tearing in my future this week too...but that's easy and mindless!

I did make a little more headway on Random Thoughts...

Yes indeed...a fine Sunday. If only it wasn't ending. current reality is back to the job tomorrow. Can't wait until things change in that department! :o)



Tolentreasures said...

Can't wait to see your quilt progress, I love that you sewing table looks like mine with odds and ends bits of stuff at the edge holding odds and ends bits of stuff.
Go Steelers!

Karoline said...

Yay for crafty Sundays! Looking forward to seeing you progress on the quilt. Random Thoughts is looking gorgeous.

Jeanne said...

This is strange Kim, I was just catching up on your blog tonite and couldn't believe you are making the Heritage quilt. My friend and I took a road trip to the annual quilt show in Tucson Arizona on Saturday and we both fell in love with it on display at one of the vendor booths. We are both going to order the kit to make it so I will be following your progress. :) I want to make it for our bedroom which I hope to re-paint in a pale blue/green next year. I think the quilt would be lovely in there. We have good taste, right? P.S. we are still in shock that the Arizona Cardinals are going to the SUPERBOWL!

Siobhan said...

Random is looking great, Kim! Great quilt progress, too. I envy you your Bernina! Before we moved, I had a cheapie $60 Singer that worked well enough for a straight stitch but sounded like a Mack truck was rumbling through the room. If I ever get back into quilting, I am treating myself to a Bernina!