Saturday, January 31, 2009

Almost!! didn't get all pieced today. Life happened, in the form of dealing with a kid drama, overseeing a front door installation (40s today so the contractor decided today was a good day to replace the front door for us), baking and semi-entertaining DD and her boyfriend, and Miss Ellie Mae the Fat Cat impeded progress as well.

But I did make some headway and could get this all put together tomorrow!
I've only got 5 rows to put together and then it'll be done!

As if that's just gonna be a walk in the park and quick to accomplish! Lots of pinning....and loooooooooong rows! I like the odds though. As long as I get it done in the morning....I've got lots of appetizers to fix for the big game!

And so...I've turned the lights off in the sewing studio for the night...and bid Ellie Mae the Fat Cat adieu!

Until tomorrow.........



Siobhan said...

Okay, I'm sorry, but your cat pics are hysterical! Clearly your quilt already has the 'grab a quilt and hunker down' effect. She's too cute! And that quilt--beautiful! I can't wait to see the top finished, it's going to be stunning. YGG!

pammyjo said...

Love your color choice. It's going to be an amazing quilt. Fun to watch it coming along. Yes sampler picture on my blog is incredible. They would have to bury my needle with me to complete it. I can't imagine. But I loved seeing it too. LOL

Littlebit said...

That cat cracks me up. He already likes my quilt! LOLLL! I can't wait to see this finished. I think you should stay in the sewing studio while the games are on, no? OUCH! Was that a full popcorn bowl you just threw at me??? MM

Paulette said...

LOL - my mother jests. She meant to say that Ellie Mae is on MY quilt. I expect to see that beauty boxed up and sitting on my porch as soon as it's bound, okay? It's gorgeous, and so goes with my personality! LOL

Ellie cracks me up!!!

P.S. Forgive Mom, I tried to explain to her that NOTHING gets in the way of your football games. Not even quilts.