Saturday, January 31, 2009

Almost!! didn't get all pieced today. Life happened, in the form of dealing with a kid drama, overseeing a front door installation (40s today so the contractor decided today was a good day to replace the front door for us), baking and semi-entertaining DD and her boyfriend, and Miss Ellie Mae the Fat Cat impeded progress as well.

But I did make some headway and could get this all put together tomorrow!
I've only got 5 rows to put together and then it'll be done!

As if that's just gonna be a walk in the park and quick to accomplish! Lots of pinning....and loooooooooong rows! I like the odds though. As long as I get it done in the morning....I've got lots of appetizers to fix for the big game!

And so...I've turned the lights off in the sewing studio for the night...and bid Ellie Mae the Fat Cat adieu!

Until tomorrow.........


Will I Finish?????

Good morning Blogland! Today's the day.....I'm going to 'hunker down' in the sewing studio...and hopefully all of this....

Will turn in to THIS!

Stay tuned! Happy Saturday!!!


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hump Day

Man...can Friday get here fast enough? I think not! I'm ready! Gotta spend some quality time finishing up the quilt!

This morning, while waiting for the laundry to fluff in the dryer before I dressed for work, I quick sewed the 5 strip sets I need for the sashing......gotta make the most of my time! That's about it for quilt work this week so far.

I've been stitching just a little on Random Thoughts. No way will IT be done by month's end, but definitely by end of February! So that's good!

Here's my progress

It's moving along at a pretty good pace, I must say! Heck...when I finish this in February.....maybe I'll start the MAMMOTH SDW A German Band Sampler !!! I've got the linen AND the DMC (thanks, Paulette!)...just need to start it. Can't get it finished until I start...right? What's one more BAP!? Seriously.....may as well start it!

And I already know my next's gonna involve those Moda jelly rolls with the civil war feel.....and scrappy backgrounds......and lots of Thangles and that's all I'm gonna say for now. ;o)

Okay---I need to try and get some sleep. And thanks, by the way, for the personal emails received regarding my dilema. Yes, I have been tested for hypothyroid....negative. Damn...that would have been a handy excuse for the weight gain! ;o) It's the whole age thing creeping up.....I'm in week 3 of my Women to Women Personal Program.....would like to think I'm feeling some relief....but I'll wait for it to get a LOT better before I go singing the praises of the holistic approach. I have great faith though! :o)

Okay---Off I go! Hope your week's going great! :o)

9 Days til Dallas! YAY!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Heritage Progress on a Lazy Sunday!

More progress on the Moda Heritage quilt today...not last night...but today.

Last night...I ended up picking up my knitting and watched the Miss America pageant in lieu of heading back downstairs for some cutting, etc. I picked the top 2 from the was pleased with the outcome. I don't usually watch the pageants...but this one kept my attention for some reason. Clinton Kelly perhaps? I love him!!! Sooo....I finished up another dishcloth and watched Miss Indiana be crowned instead of working on the quilt.

This morning, I was up at 6:00 (WHA? What's wrong with me? It's SUNDAY!)...anyhooo...I was up at 6:00....then the hubs made us a lovely breakfast....I lounged....and lounged...and surfed....and watched a movie on HBO....and lounged....and then I took a nap until 12:30. Whew! What a morning! Then I decided to lounge some more. about lazy! But it was so great to just veg out with the hubs and do not much of anything!

Well...about 2:30 I decided to head downstairs and work on the quilt. Otherwise I'd be kicking myself for wasting the day away! So I cut and cross cut and sewed....took a break....sewed some get the idea!

Anyhooooooo...I got all the blocks put together! 60 of them.

Then it came time to admire and fawn over the yummy bird fabric! I LOVE this fabric!!!

Didn't think I could cut into it....but eventually I did. So now I have some strip sets to do..

And then can start putting this together!!!

I could beat myself up over how much time I wasted away today, because in reality I could be farther along on this quilt! But was a pleasure to do nothing for a while! I may still be able to get this quilt done by February 1! It's possible. Of course if I had just one more day at home, I'd have it done tomorrow...but that's not gonna happen. So...we'll shoot for having it put together by February 1st! It would be nice to have a start/finish in the first month of the new year!

Tonight we're settling in with The Office dvds.....I picked up the first four seasons on dvd for the hubs for Christmas. We love the show! Dwight.....LOL I'm going to work on Random Thoughts a bit tonight and relax the rest of the night away and get ready for another week in the exciting world that IS commercial insurance. (PLEASE note the HEAVY HEAVY sarcasm in that sentence!)

Hope you had a restful Sunday!


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Building Some Moda Heritage

Last night was spent watching What Not To Wear and rip, rip, rip, ripping triangle paper from all the half square triangles.

This morning...late morning I started pressing the triangles....

This afternoon I trimmed dog ears...and sewed...

and sewed.............

and sewed......

And I have all the pinwheel blocks done!!! Woooohoooo!!!!!

I tell you what...these fabrics are GAAAAWgeous!!! Moda always seems to have the most beautiful fabrics...and this collection does NOT disappoint! The blue...and the browns...oh my...they are wonderful! I can't wait to get this one put all together!!!

I'm taking a little break, but will head back down and start cutting the next phase...the setting squares and then that BEAUTIMUS bird fabric!!! still my beating heart......this quilt is a joy to work on!

I hope you're finding your own joy today!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Midweek Check-In

Yep...that's tired today. Actually, I can say I'm pretty much tired every day! UGH! I blame part of it on the's gray and there's dirty snow on the ground....and dirty slush on the sidewalks and's just gray and ick. I could suffer a bit from Seasonal Affective Disorder....I'm quite happy and chipper when the sun is shining.

But...I do blame part of it on hormones. Yes...I believe I'm in that lovely peri-stage we read so much about...and I'm not handling it well. I have been tired for what seems like FOREVER! I can't remember a night that I have slept thru..without catching the time on the bedside clock each and EVERY hour...seriously. And that makes me tired too I'm sure. I long for quality sleep time!!! But that's apparently not going to happen for a while. So I've decided to try and DO something about it! I'm in week two of an all natural vitamin/supplement regimen that promises change. Of course I'm supposed to give it longer than 2 weeks.....but I am impatient.....and tired! and gaining weight when I've NEVER had a weight issue...and did I mention I'm tired? and feeling cold and clammy and sweaty, yet I'm dry to the touch? and I'm tired. But I'm also hopeful that I will find some natural relief soon!

Haven't done much in the studio...but I did get all the triangles on a roll sewing cut apart...and they're sorted into medium lights, mediums, medium darks and darks and are ready for pressing/paper tearing! Have you used the triangles on a roll before? And if so, did you press BEFORE you tore the paper off...or did you tear the paper off and THEN press? It's been so long since I used these, and I think I maybe tore the paper off and THEN pressed...but then I read somewhere that that really stresses the bias on the half square do YOU do it?
I'd love to hear from you!


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Circuit Creativity've heard of circuit training....and that's sorta what my day was like but it was circuit creativity! I had a leisurely morning with my coffee and blog a little late start on the Heritage quilt....but around noon....I gathered the necessities

and started on the quilt. Note the tunes of the day....Motown's 50th....yeah! Talk about sewing tunes! Gotta love the Motown!

It's quilts like this that make me truly appreciate my Bernina!

Gotta love the ease of shortening the stitch length...the needle up/down AND the KNEE LIFT!! With all the maneuvering around the triangles on a roll paper...the knee lift is a must! I've had this machine for...oh......12 years now...and I still love it.

Okay---so it made pretty quick work of the triangles on a roll section of sewing! A couple breaks to get up and dance around a bit when a groovin' mood struck...and walaaah!

After some cutting.....the wrists were asking for a upstairs I went....stitched on Random Thoughts for a bit while watching the playoffs. Whenever I'd go downstairs to switch laundry loads, I'd cut some more. I'm about half done with the cutting apart of the that means there'll be lots of paper-tearing in my future this week too...but that's easy and mindless!

I did make a little more headway on Random Thoughts...

Yes indeed...a fine Sunday. If only it wasn't ending. current reality is back to the job tomorrow. Can't wait until things change in that department! :o)


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ready! Set! Go!!!!

That'll be my mantra in the morning! I am ready to hit the floor running and get started on this beauty!

Yeppers! Triangles on a Roll arrived Friday! YAY for fast prompt shipping! The sections are cut...the fabrics are layered with a sheet on top of each...bobbins are wound...the Bernina is cleaned and lubed and ready to GO! Heck...I may even start tonight....but I really wanted to get all the prep work done so I can just sit and sew...and sew and sew and sew and sew....there are a LOT of half-square triangles in this lovely! a LOT. a l-o-t. LOTS! Not looking forward to the ripping of the paper....but it'll be worth it!

Today was a busy day.....morning trip to Sam's Club with the hubs...his fav' place to shop. Go figure. ;o) Then it was a mother/daughter afternoon...DD and I had a late lunch at HER fav' place--The Olive Garden....ran and returned the $32 Ott bulb to Hobby Lobby....hit the mall and picked up a NEW FLOOR LAMP !! YAY! Got a great deal (50% off) at JC Penney for a great dark metal pharmacy floor lamp...very me. Candles were purchased at the Yankee Candle sale....mmmmmm.mmmm...Harvest and Autumn Woods on SALE! Can't be beat! Old Navy for DD for some jeans etc...stopped off at Walgreens for a Daylight bulb for the new floor lamp. Came home and put the lamp together...screwed in the bulb and walaaah! A new stitching light that works like a charm and looks great too! Then I was down in the studio doing the prep work for the Heritage quilt and getting some laundry going. Now I'm settled in to my chair for a bit and starting to go thru the quilt books I got the other day.

If you have the chance to pick up the book *Designer Quilts* Great Projects from Moda's Best Fabric Artists, do it! There are fabulous 'interviews' with some of their more well-known fabric designers...and LOOK! This is truly the main reason I picked this book up....

Jan Patek's Low Burn Farm quilt!!! Oooooh....aaaaaah!!! I have KICKED myself for years for not picking this up from Jan when she had it kitted.....and of course by the time I was ready to bite the was gone. Long gone. *sigh* But now....I can make the quilt! Thank you Jan and thank you Moda for putting it in the book!!! So excited!!!!!!!

Another great quilt caught my eye too...which will cause me to purchase mass quantities of brushed homespun plaids...(Oh darn!)

This is Sandy Gervais' quilt in the book! Stunning!

There's lots more in the book, including a rug by Polly Minick and some stitchery....a great read!

I'm off now to delve in to the Blackbird Designs book! Looks like a winner too!!!

I hope you had a productive Saturday!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Good Quilty Inspiration!

Look what Mr. FedEx brought yesterday! Lots of quilty goodness!!! I can't wait to have some time to go thru the books and get inspired!!! I was so excited to see the box when I got home from work yesterday....but.........................................where were the Triangles on a Roll that started this whole order anyway????? :o( Backordered! UGH!!!! I can't stand it! I need to start the Moda Heritage quilt!!! So I went on the ebay and found some...purchased late last night and am hopeful they'll arrive by the weekend. *SIGH*

No lamp yet...maybe today. Temps have been just brutal...coupled with blizzards and then wind....I don't want to be out in that any more than I have to, so I came straight home this week without even going to the post office, grocery store, or JoAnns for a lamp! We'll see...but today's super cold too. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr....I hate it!!!!

27 Days Until Dallas!!!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Little Bump in the Road

Yes...a bump in the road on my trip to getting tons done on Random Thoughts. Seems my lovely, fancy shmancy ott-lite floor lamp decided to just quit working yesterday. UGH! I spent the afternoon calling around to numerous retail establishments looking desperately for the 18watt plug in spiral bulb....thinking perhaps I finally burned out the bulb. Keep in mind I have had said floor lamp for...oh....five, years maybe? And it is on a LOT...right over my right shoulder.....I live under the lamp. So it was entirely possible that the bulb was burned out. Finally....EUREKA! A bulb was found! Now..I know I've mentioned once or twice that I don't like cold weather...but I also tend to have an aversion for a certain undergarment on the weekends when I can get away with it....and if I don't have to put said undergarment on, I will take full advantage, and this means I do NOT go out in public! AND it's cold. Brrrrrr! So it was wonderful when dear son Brennan said he would go get the bulb for me. I hand over my keys and my debit card...and I wait. He finally came back...with the bulb! Hallelujah!!! I can get busy on Random Thoughts!

I pop the bulb in...I plug the lamp in...I turn it on....and NOTHING! NOTHING!!!! $32.00 less in my checkbook and I get nothing! No light! UGH!!!! The lamp has died. Hubby, of course, says I should contact Ott-Lite and tell them...see if they have a fix...did I mention it's a lovely fancy lamp? *SIGH* So...I have an email in to them, but that did not help illuminate the area over my right shoulder yesterday stitching to be done.

I did spend yesterday evening taking random shots of a few of my favorite things to look at around the house, and I added the Flickr widget doo-hickey over there with the pics. I think I shall take a photography class! Or find some good websites or bulletin boards on the subject! I do love the D40!

I did get to stitch on Random Thoughts for a bit today...when there was some reflection coming in off the SNOW! But now that time is over. So I think I shall knit. I don't need so much light for that huh?

In weather news...because I know you stop in to check the weather in South Dakota.....we are under a blizzard watch. Oh joy! NOT! Now...the hubs is trying to turn this in to a positive by saying I'll probably get to stay home tomorrow. Now THAT would be heaven! Another day doing fun creative stuff!! Yeah! However....we live within the city limits....and just guessing here....but I'm sure I'll be expected at the office regardless of the weather outside. Did I mention I need to find a new thing to do with my time Monday thru Friday? That's high on my to-do list! :o)

So I'm off to work on another dish cloth. Mindless knitting cannot be beat sometimes. Especially with no light over your right shoulder! ;o)

Have a great evening!


Friday, January 09, 2009

Ready for the Weekend!!!!

Man...this has been the longest work week ever...the first full one in quite a few weeks. It royally sucked! LOL it's over...aaaah! Relaxing Friday evening!!!!

I must tell you, I came home to a cleaned and vacuumed house....dinner was done (well, okay, I put it in the crockpot this morning)...and the hubs had a fire going downstairs in the sewing studio! What a guy!!!

So I just whipped up some egg noodles to go with dinner. Which, by the way, if you're a busy quilter, knitter, rug hooker, or just a busy PERSON, I'm sure you love the crockpot! This is one of our favorite crock pot recipes. Be forewarned....Pioneer Woman I am not! Ready?

Here's the ingredients:

One beef roast...any cut...cheapo cheap is fine. And a jar of pepperocini peppers...I like the dill & garlic flavor. here's what you do...

Plop the roast in to the cold crockpot and dump the entire jar of pepperocini peppers on top of it...juice and all.....and it will look like this... the lid on the crockpot's the important part........make sure you do this.....

Turn the crockpot on low! ;o) Hey..sometimes people forget (ahem...not saying I've forgotten, but...uh...yeah). Low temp for the day and you will have the most yummiest slightly spicy roast that falls apart. We take egg noodles and make a bed in our soup bowls...then we add this yummy shredded roast complete with peppers and juice and it's oh so good! I hope you try it and like it!

After dinner...I decided to head downstairs....and possibly sew. But..alas...I'm so very sad because I can't work on this yet...

No Triangles On A Roll to be found in any of the local quilt shops!!! I've got them on order...and they should be here Monday. Then look out! Pinwheels will be flying!!

So then I thought maybe I'd just start another quilt....made from some more Moda goodness...

Louisa & Civil War Crossings jelly rolls! Oh be still my beating! *SIGH* But...I decided I must forego beginning anything, as I have the lovely pinwheel quilt cut and waiting....waiting waiting waiting for Triangles on a Roll! I can't cheat on the New Year's Day quilt. Sooooo...I'm back upstairs getting ready to work on what I DO have here ....Random Thoughts.

Between football this weekend and...well...the fact that it's the weekend...I wonder how much I can get done on it! Since there's no Moda pinwheels to distract me just attention will be on my Random Thoughts!

The snow was flying again today.......the hubs just proclaimed his utter disdain for the snowplow driver....he's outside moving his pickup...and getting ready to dig out the driveway again. AGAIN! Only 32 days until we'll be back down in Dallas with the fam! We can hardly wait!!!!


Thursday, January 08, 2009

Progressing Nicely!

Here's my progress thru this evening on Random Thoughts. As I suspected, it's a most interesting and fun stitch! I would love to have this done by the end of the month! Hmmmm....not sure if I want to but the stress of a deadline on myself, so I'll just continue along and enjoy the process without worrying about a finish date. :o)

The week's progressing nicely....heck...tomorrow's Friday! When you're not quite content with what you do for a paycheck, Fridays are uber important! My Fridays are a goal.....isn't that sad? I need to find a different gig that feeds my creative side. Otherwise I fear I will go mad!!!

Wanted to leave you with some pics of sweet Mister Emmitt! Emmitt is a miniature schnoodle...using the word miniature in the loosest way possible! The breeder contacted me this week and asked for pictures of she could see what he looks like and so other prospective schnoodle owners could see what they grow up to be like. Well......Emmitt, we believe, is an exception to the rule.

First of all he is the perfect dog. And I'm not biased at ALL. ha! But...she thought he would be 9 to 12 lbs fully grown. Dad's a miniature toy poodle...6's a miniature schnauzer...11 lbs. Emmitt...well....he was just at the vet and he weighed in at a whopping TWENTY POUNDS! And I'm telling you...he is SOLID MUSCLE! They weren't even concerned at the vet....they said he is clearly more schnauzer than poodle...has the same muscular and bone structure...he's a 'footstool'..that's what the vet assistant called him. A footstool! :o) But he's sheer joy and such a pretty guy! Love that salt & pepper coat!

So...there's your gratuitous Emmitt shots for the day!

Hope your week's going swell!


Sunday, January 04, 2009

Say Hello To My Little Friend....

No...not a gun (if you're a Scarface fan)...and not that cute little pottery frog....that other thing....the Blackberry! Who KNEW a crackberry addiction would facilitate extra time for me!!! Who KNEW!!! It's so true though! It's like I've been freed from the laptop-in-lap affliction I had previously! And I'm getting lots more done! Not to mention brushing up on those texting skills! My dear friend, Paulette, and I have been BB Messenging and it's too flippin convenient!

Sooo...since I haven't felt the sick need to have the laptop in my lap so often, I've gotten so many things done this weekend!

Though I had to work the whole day Friday (YUCK!)...on Saturday morning down came the tree and the house was back to preholiday decor. The typical laundry and cleaning, and I also got some stitching done!

You may recall that I chose Random Thoughts as my New Years Day start...and I did get the tree trunk and branches stitched on New Years Day to make it official. Between Saturday and today, here's my progress...

It's moving along nicely, and due in good part to my new Little Friend! I'm already so addicted to THE DEVICE.....mwaaaah hahahahaha.........

As is evident by these pics, I need to do some homework on the Nikon D40 and get used to the fancy schmancy camera! I feel like I'm not living up to its potential with it always on "Auto"....and I'd really like to be taking some awesome photos soon! I'll make that another January learn 3 new things the D40 can do. Any suggestions or enlightenment you can lend on the subject would be appreciated!

I'm also enjoying The Shell Seekers....I've been reading a bit before I drift off at just on Chapter 3, but so far so good!

I hope this first weekend of the New Year has been good for you! The weather's been say the least. Cold....bitter cold........and I remind myself there's at LEAST a 40 degree differential between here and Dallas.....The Big D is looking more and more enticing! I think we may even plan a little road trip down in February to visit family and friends. Exciting!!!!! I usually go in March alone, and my mom and I go to the Dallas Quilt Show, which is always fun! But the Jakester has quite a few days off in a row in February, so we're thinking of trekking down there in February. Maybe I'll still go back down in March for the quilt show....we'll have to see. Though it's technically not a "tropical destination", it'll be warmer than here so that counts for me! ;o)


Thursday, January 01, 2009

Random Thoughts, Pinwheels & Pages

Happy New Year!!! It's been a rather relaxing first day of 2009....perfect!!!

We stayed up and brought in the new year with party hats, horns, and sparkling cider......Jake loves the stuff! 2009 is here!

Today is the day when I typically begin new projects! YAY for new projects!! Last year, you may recall that I opted to NOT start a new stitching project because I had so many UFOs. Well...a lot of good that did's not like I got ahead or a handle on those. Heck...I don't even think I had many finishes last forget about the 'let's not start any new ones until the old ones are done' philosophy! I'm starting a new one!

Drawn Thread's "Random Thoughts" is the chosen one. A great spot motif sampler...

The different stitches should hold my interest....and I'm doing in on 32 ct Maple Sugar Lakeside Linen...with the silks and charms as kitted. I'm excited to start it! I've only done one other Drawn Thread design....Marriage of Minds...and I loved working on that! So I'm guessing this one will not disappoint either.

And this morning I started cutting for my first quilt of the new year

These fabrics are gorgeous!! I was going to use Thangles for the half square triangles...but have decided that I will go ahead and pick up some Triangles on a Roll, since the cutting directions are specific for those....and I just don't feel like cutting 2 1/2" strips in lieu of the 7" cuts.

I can certainly use the Thangles for another project..and you know what! Since they finish at 2"..and you need 2 1/2" strips.....these will be PERFECT to use with the two Moda jelly rolls I purchased roll of the Civil War Crossing fabric collection, and the other roll of Louisa.....if I decide to do a quilt of nothing but scrappy half square triangles!!! I've been tossing that idea around....or just a big scrappy nine patch....similar to Miss Rosie's Loose Change pattern. Haven't decided yet, but that's another quilt on the agenda for early this year! It's always exciting planning new ones! Don't you agree? :o)

I plan to end my day by turning a few pages in The Shell Seekers too! So a new sampler, a new quilt, a new book......gotta love a new year!!!