Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Tree's Coming With..'s been a hectic hectic week....and it's only midweek! But, alas, the tree is still up, still glimmering in the evenings, still bringing joy. And so it will be coming with us....

in to 2009! Can you believe it's time for a new year already? Man! This year just FLEW by! We won't even discuss the fact that I looked back on some of my "goals"...loose term apparently....creative goals...and I didn't accomplish a single one! EEEK! NOT good! I told my dear friend, Paulette ( ) that I'm sick of being that person with all of these ideas and goals and dreams and not going after them! 2009 will be different! It's THE YEEEEAAAAAAARRRRR of CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANGE !! Did you use a big booming movie-trailer-type voice when you read that? If not, you didn't get the full effect...let's try again...It's THE YEEEEAAAAAAAAAARRRRRR of CHAAAAAAAAAAAAANGE!!! Yes...full impact! I can't wait to share with you my dreams and goals and the changes I have planned for the coming year! It's going to be so much fun!!! More on that to come!

One thing I'm going to commit to do is READ MORE BOOKS!!!! And look! Look what my coworker friend, Tracy, gave me today as my Christmas gift! Her all-time favorite book

She was aghast that I hadn't read it before! So she promptly went out and purchased a copy for me....hardback because she's most certain I will want to read and re-read this book several times in the future. She says it's THAT good! I can't wait to dig in!

Since I plan to get my nose back in the books....I'm going to revamp the blog and add a bookshelf thingamajig or something similar. The blog will be changing in 2009 too! More content...more pics....more good stuff!!!

And so 2008 is winding down, and I could beat myself up a little for all the stuff I SAID I was going to do and didn't do...but instead I'm going to just move on and make certain 2009 is a great year! I'm ALMOST brave.....almost! :o) It's so exciting!

If your tree's still up....enjoy the glimmer and the continuing holiday season. I know we are....even this gal...

Nobody could be more thrilled that the tree is still with us then Miss Ellie Mae the fat really..she is FAT and a cat! and she LOVES the tree. Just laying under it when the lights are on. It's her most favorite thing to do! I'm sure the view from underneath is magical, but there's no way I'd fit under the tree to check out her's a low-to-the-ground tree. ;o) So I'll just enjoy watching her enjoy being under there.

Time's ticking's almost time to say
Adios 2008!


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Melissa said...

Happy New Year Kim!

We just took our tree down this morning. There was a bit of discussion yesterday as to whether it was bad luck to leave it or take it down before the New Year, we decided after doing some wiki research it couldn't hurt luckwise to leave it up one more night. Can't tempt the gods you know.