Sunday, December 28, 2008

Finding Solace In Needlework

Okay...I think I'm over it...the Dallas loss.....I'm over it. I found some solace in my needlework...specifically Ann Rayner...I worked on this lovely sampler for quite a while this evening, though you probably can't tell much progress...

trust me....I made a very small dent in this beautiful sampler! may even see a finish in 2009!

I played around with the new camera for a bit...trying to capture some lovely pics of the tree ornaments close up...

Obviously I have a lot of learnin' to do! But it's so fun to get close-up clear pics for a change!

I'm hoping the guys will undecorate and dismantle the tree at some point in the next couple days while I'm at the office. I don't think I want to go in to the new year with tree up...some years I do....and some years I take the tree down the very next day after Christmas....this year is a happy medium apparently.

When do you take your tree down? Do you go with the whole 12 Days of Christmas and leave it up into January or are you a Christmas Night The Party's Over Take The Tree down kinda person?



Tolentreasures said...

Your sampler looks very nice...a big project though. Pics look great also. I take the tree down somewhere around New may come down tomorrow though.

Karoline said...

The sampler is gorgeous, nice progress.

I take my tree down on the 6th January but it doesn't go up until Christmas Eve

Jeanne said...

That sampler is going to be lovely Kim. As to taking the tree down - it's just when I get in the mood. Frankly I don't want to waste my vacation time packing up Christmas stuff this week so I probably will do it the week of Jan 5th when I have to go back to my "normal" life of work , etc. :) That was a tough loss for your Cowboys.

Leah said...

Beautiful sampler!

I like to keep my tree up for as long as I can get away with. I usually buy new decorations for it right after Christmas, and I like to enjoy them a bit before packing them away for the year.

My husband is a big fan of the Cowboys, and he is pretty distraught over the loss.