Tuesday, December 02, 2008

El Yum-mo Dallas Memories!

I transplanted up here to South Dakota about 16 years, 7 months, and 27 days ago from the Dallas area. You know...that place down south that's WARM most days of the year!

There are lots of things I miss about the DFW area.....concerts....nightlife...flea markets....family...friends...and good food! When I lived in Dallas...my bestest friend down there, Edie, and I would frequently go to lunch at a Mexican chain restaurant...El Chico. We loved lunching there and I was EXTREMELY addicted to their yummy relish that they would bring out with the chips & salsa. It was heaven!

So imagine my surprise, when late one night, I was thinking of the things I miss about the area and thought of lunches w/Edie at El Chico and then the relish, and decided to email El Chico himself (ha! okay..it's not a HE...but go with me on this)...I decided to email El Chico to see if they ever jar up, sell and ship their relish. And I got a reply...the very next morning......with the answer that NO they do not jar up, sell and ship their relish. HOWEVER, their chef was happy to share his recipe! OMG! Look what I've been making!

We are on our second large batch...and I do mean large. The recipe starts out "Take 1/2 gallon of sliced carrots...."....so yeah...it makes a large slightly spicy and tangy batch of El Yum-Mo RELISH!!! It's so super easy and oh so super yummy...and the perfect way for me to reminisce about the good ol' metroplex! Here's how you make it:

Place in large container 1/2 Gallon sliced carrots (Here's the best part! It says FROZEN carrots! How flippin' easy is that! Frozen sliced carrots! I used 2 bags)

On top of the carrots, add 1 Quart of onion cut in about 1" chunks.

On top of THAT, add one large jar/can of jalapenos WITH the juice.

Add 1 Cup white vinegar

Add 1 Quart water

Add 1 tsp salt

Mix and let marinate in frig for at least 24 hours (yeah right....like a person could wait that long!). Stir and enjoy!

We enjoy it with chips...and also..the way my bestest DFW pal Edie & I would eat it....warm up some corn tortillas...put a little butter on the tortilla....add some relish...roll it up and OMG......fabulous!!! It's completely addicting...and a great way to get your veggie servings in each day! ;o) Enjoy!



Marjean said...

OMGoodness, I can so totally relate to this. I grew up at El Chico, in fact, mom tells me when I was a baby I would sit in my high chair and cry for chips and salsa. There is only one restuarant in town that serves this mix and I never get there. I have hunted and hunted in the grocery, it isn't there either. Thank you so much....I eat it just like you do, rolled in tortillas with butter and a little salsa on top....YUMMY!

Beth said...

Oh I love that stuff too, but I live in the outskirts of L.A. and there is a Mexican joint on every other corner, so I can get that stuff whenever I want. But thanks for the recipe!

Tolentreasures said...

Looks delicious! How lucky for you and food memories are the BEST!

Melissa said...

YUM! I'm going to make up a batch of this relish this weekend. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Tracy said...

You nailed! I worked there and that's exactly how we did it. Those orange Home Depot buckets?? We had that size in white and would keep them "brewing" in the walk-in cooler. LOVED that stuff ♥