Sunday, December 14, 2008

Blustery Cold Sunday, Treasures & a Winner!'s AWFUL outside! Seriously! below zero temps....howling wind.....brrrrrrrrrrr! Good thing I'm in for the day! I have a pot of white chicken chili on the stove...Mexican Wedding Cake cookie dough chilling in the frig, waiting for baking, the tree is lit, the dogs are napping, Christmas cards are waiting to be's a busy day!

Friday night I made the annual batch of fudge, the rolo pretzel candy, and whipped up the dough for chocolate crinkle cookies. Saturday, it was a morning out pal'n around with my buddy, Kimm. We hit up Goodwill and found tons of great things! Photographic evidence below:

I spent less than $25 for all that! WOW! That's a Princess House crystal chip-n-dip...perfect condition...three bucks! And I snagged that lovely crocheted tablecloth for another three bucks! Granted, it's needing laundered, and if the stains don't come out, I plan to overdye it and just prim it up! A Frankoma pottery gravy boat in perfect condition...great jars, and a cool pottery acorn..never mind that's it's an ashtray...I LOVED that fire red and I collect acorns, so it was a score! That's a Pier 1 sun mirror...with the $35 price tag still on the back...four bucks! I plan to plant a terrarium in that large open glass container! And the jars are always useful! I was pleased with my finds this time around! Kimm scored some great things too! We always have so much fun. Then lunch afterwards and home in time to bake the chocolate crinkles. Then the hubster and I went to the mall for a bit to try and get some gift shopping done. Dinner out..and we're nestled all snug inside today.

BRRRRRRRRRRR! Hmmmm.... -1 temp in Sioux Falls right now....or 72 in Dallas? Gee...I wonder what sounds more enticing!?!?!?! :o/'s Sunday and time to draw for the Nest charm squares! I asked Jake to pick a number between 1 and 10 and he chose 7. Soooooooooo....Melissa!!! You are the winner! Thanks for everyone that left a comment. I'll try and do cool giveaways every now and again. They're always fun!!

I hope you're warm wherever you are and enjoying the season!



Kim said...

Fabulous Thrift Shop finds! What are Chocolate Crinkle cookies?

Melissa said...

Great thrifty finds! I love that tablecloth. And wow! I won? Thank you! Thank Jake too!