Saturday, November 01, 2008

Okay...I'm back!

Wow! There's been a lapse in the ol' bloggin'! Sorry about that! Truth be power cord for my laptop took a aside from running this baby out to the car and charging it up with my car adapter, I've been off the computer for quite a few days!! EEEEK! I've been beside myself! BUT...Dell to the power cord will be here Monday! YAY! Until then...spotty surfin' for me!

It's been a crazy busy week at work....I need to stop having those! LOL And then your typical life happenings...all keeping me busy!

Look what I got! Some Blackbird Designs goodness!

My dear, dear friend Paulette (Hi Paulette!) and I couldn't stand it and had to get both! LOVELY projects! Oh my goodness! Must APPLIQUE! Must APPLIQUE! That's what these books sing to me! AND must buy RICK RACK...and WOOL. Oops..wait a sec...I've already got the wool thing down for a bit I'd say! But if you haven't must check these two titles out! Fabulous reading and drooling is afforded by those Blackbird Designs gals every flippin' time!!!

Tonight, after a day of errand running, the hubs and I enjoyed a fabulous dinner of ribeye steaks and the best baked potatoes....a few glasses of was nice. And now I sit stitching on my Carriage House Samplings's the progress...

I do believe I can finish this ....heck..maybe even tonight! I DO gain an extra hour at some it's completely long as I don't spend too much time on the 'net!

I'm hoping I get it finished and then tomorrow I can devote my time to doing the handwork on the binding of my fav' nephew's quilt! YAY! Picked it up from the Miss Twyla's today....he's going to be so thrilled! Of course it's that means it's going to have like 8 or 11 sides by the time I finally get finished with the binding! I'll have to remember to start on a long side.....then that last side won't seem like it'll take so long! Weird, I know...I know it's the same length regardless of which side you start on...but's a game I play. ;o)

So..I'm off to get busy some more on the CHS piece...hoping I can get it done..and heck, maybe even use that extra hour I get tonight for sleep or something! Have a great night...and don't forget to turn your clocks back!


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