Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nene Rocks!

OMG if you caught Bravo's Atlanta Housewives Reunion tonight.....oh my...then you may agree! Nene does keep it real! And Lisa too! "I'll flip you over the couch"..OMG!!! Too funny!!!! Sheree and Kim....ick pooey! Both fake and gold-diggers. YUCK!

I DVRd the Housewives of OC and will settle in maybe late tomorrow evening and watch! So wickedly wonderful! :o)

Thanksgiving prep is in progress! A couple side dishes are baked and in the frig....tomorrow evening will be pies and dessert. Unfortunately no 'early release' from the office tomorrow....DAMN! So my tomorrow evening will be full of cooking, baking and Housewives watchin'!!

How about you? Are you in prep mode? What's on your menu? Any good desserts to share?



TamboinMO said...

I stayed up until 1 last night watching the reunion show....too good!!! That NeNe is something else!!
I do have a good recipe to share....I'll post it on my blog today.

Melissa said...

We watched the Reunion show twice, the 13 yr old son enjoys the Atlanta Housewives more than the OC. Why? Well they are athlete wives and are more real, WTF?

NeNe...OMG! Kim--the girl can't sing, I can't begin to imagine any record that woman records remotely resembling anything like music.

Sheree, a fashion designer who doesn't sketch or sew? Didn't even choose her own fabric for her samples? Too much money, too rich for real work, delegated her "passion", srsly?

The OC Wives, going to be an interesting season, I think, and no I didn't admit to watching this before, I own up to way too much trashiness as it is...LOL.....

Getting ready to make pies now. Yes, I have wasted this day, totally, watching Top Chef, Law & Order and crocheting on Bella Dia's Vintage Vertical Stripe afghan. I did make cornbread for dressing. So there's that.

Happy Thanksgiving Kim!