Sunday, November 09, 2008

Last Week's Treasures, Today's Agenda?

So Thursday night, the hubs says "Let's go out for gyros"...and so we did. and still my beating heart...he said "Wanna go over to the Goodwill and see what we can find?".....Oh joy! He's in treasure hunt mode!'s cheap and entertaining FUN! And look what I found this time around....

It is no secret to those that know me, that I am a SUCKER for nice handmade kills me to no end that they end up in thrift stores! So I adopt nice ones and bring them home! This reminded me of something I would have made in girl scouts, but I loved it and it was a buck:

Okay--and I will admit this...only after I washed it up when I got it home did I realize it has a cross pattern! LOL I was looking at it from a side view and just loved the randomness...and then BAM! Whapped me right upside the forehead...duh! Oh was a long day at work on Thursday...that's my excuse! LOL

And then I found this lovely little piece....for FIFTY CENTS ....and it's professionally framed (sticker on the back from a framing studio in Chicago)...

I thought it would look lovely mixed in a table vignette for the holidays.

And then found ANOTHER "Peru" picnic basket...yep...same Goodwill that I found the other one! This one...four bucks!

It's taken it's rightful place stacked on top of the other in my sewing studio and is functioning wonderfully holding a quilt kit or two!

So....a gyro plate and $5.83 at date am I! Oh! and the hubs did find a very nice Coleman cook stove for four bucks! Perfect for ice fishing season! It was a great evening!

And I ponder what I will do today....the Cowboys have a bye week...I'm thinking maybe I need to head to the east side of the city to the new large bright Goodwill and see what I can find THERE today! We'll see if I can get the urge to go out in the cold to get there! Maybe I'll just nest in the sewing room! We'll see!



Kim said...

You find the best Goodwill finds! It has turned cold here too, 25F this morning, but no snow. Good day for sewing.

Anonymous said...

Great finds! I need to start doing some thrift shop hunting, I haven't done that in ages!

Raggedy Angel said...

Our Men are lucky it does not take much to turn us on! Beth